Thursday, September 01, 2005

American Kings and Queens


I was asked a number of questions lately, like, “Would you want your kid fighting in Iraq?”
Asked pre 9-11, I would have a different answer.

And for me, it what is I saw deep down in what is running this country. Not everything can be blamed on any one woman or man, and that includes President George W. Bush.

There are those that don’t consider laws and other rules apply to them. They can lie and connive and your life and what you have and the people you once knew, including family, can all go poof when an asshole with power and connections decides to make it so. Have something someone powerful wants, be business competition, or just try and get a connected bastard punished for crimes committed, then it is time to wake up and smell the coffee, as there just ain’t any ethics or rules in this country any more.

Many Viet Nam Vets have told me, if they were to do it all again, or have to fight now, they’d have gone to Canada or just plain left for somewhere else.

So, what are people to do?

Are those that are watching what is going on telling their kids to learn a foreign language and keep their options open?

The consensus is, that this country is for a privileged few, and those little people that get in the way or are useful as tools, get swallowed up, used and abused, and are tossed aside when their purpose of serving American Royalty is complete.

There are many kingdoms called, “Towns.”

What you see, including the corruption and backroom dirty dealing is how the system works all the way up.

It is about favors, lies, robbing, raping, and shutting those up that learn what is going on and try to inform others.

Things have gone almost beyond what common men and women will tolerate.

At some point, if things don’t change, men and women in the field, will turn around, weapons in hand, and fight the real enemy.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

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