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Another Fed Up with CT BS Email


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"Steven Erickson"
Re: How is your "complaint"going?
Mon, 5 Sep 2005 10:02:52 -0500

My email that you put on FREE SPEECH generated alot of state employees calling and emailing me about their retaliation for COMPLAINING about corruption on the job. One lady is a nurse and was threatened to have her nursing license revoked!! She asked for a "permission to sue letter" from the CHRO to go to FEDERAL COURT.

As you read, I am now in a collection agency after finding out that the DEPARTMENT of Mental Retardation terminated my health insurance while I WAS EMPLOYED THERE and I have the pay stubs to show the deductions. I just paid BUTLER NORRIS & GOLD $1,500.00 retainer. DMR and ANTHEM ARE BEING SUED for this as it was during the settlement process of my CHRO complaint against them!!!

I have THE BEST EVIDENCE. I got ahold of ALL my DMR records through CHRO and found a MARCH 23, 2004 email written by Kathleen Incandella and Gerry Daley acknowledging that they indeed knew I was coded incorrectly (WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN?) and was no longer insured. That was over 18 months ago and they DID NOTHING!!!! My credit is ruined and it is showing up when I apply for jobs. Employers now do very extensive background checks on potential employees.

Anthem told me "we have never seen such an incriminating piece of evidence (the email) but until they (DMR) pay your premiums, it is out of our hands." Anthem also stated, "we have NEVER seen this happen to anyone before."

So, what did DMR do with the money they deducted???? I believe in "laymans terms" it's called STEALING!

The nurse that emailed me, was also SUDDENLY accused of improper sexual contact with a patient which was EXACTLY what happened to me!!!

Apparently, they use that criteria when trying to discredit an employee that complains or is a "whistleblower". She is filing a "whistleblower" complaint and plans to go to the State's Attorney's office not the A.G.'s office since they PROTECTand condone this action.

FREE SPEECH did good posting my story. There are many of us getting screwed...some are too scared to take action so they just resign~

I am asking for attorney's fees and "mental anguish" and any other loss since this IS HAVING A DIRECT EFFECT on not geting ANY EMPLOYMENT!

I am so full of rage and have no idea.

Better still, I filed a CHRO against the SECRETARY of the State's office for firing me for leaving work to go to a doctors appointment for my work-related back injury. The SOTS office missed their response deadline, so I wrote a letter to CHRO and the EEOC and told them that I will not respond to a LATE response after they were granted a 2 week extension. I just received a letter from the CHRO that they ARE RETAINING MY COMPLAINT for a FULL MERIT ASSESSMENT review....YEAH!!!

So, if you want to post the above, BE MY GUEST....make people know they are not alone, they need to take a stand collectively, file the complaints and ruffle some feathers over there in the State's Attorney's Office.

Butler Norris & Gold are pitbulls and my mother, who inherited a huge settlement from her cousin who died is FOOTING THE BILL for me. She is a retired nurse and knows DMR is trying to make me homeless and ruin my once "squeaky clean" credit rating!

Nice to hear from you again. Stay in touch and I'll let you know what happens. The attorney I hired said this could take well over 6 months to resolve and may go to court.

ONE PEACE~ Kristine

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Steven Erickson
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Subject: Re: How
is your "complaint"going?
how is everything

I am thinking that there are more officials crooked in
Connecticut than are honest
. The retaliation I see is just

Chris Kennedy is facing 53 years in prison after his
last round of complaints. Jeff Yeaw, the amber alert father, might have taken
off to avoid 30 years. My buddy Bill that was also there is probably going to
jail in 2 weeks.

I'm wondering how much longer I can wear a feather
in my cap and not get arrested again on bogus charges and be thrown away for


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