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From 'The Martin Report' blog:


Thursday, September 1, 2005
8:44:00 AM EDT

Feeling Anxious Hearing "summer breeze, makes me feel fine..."
Hartford No. 1

Today, Hartford is the only place on the planet where you can; and the Travellers Insurance building, the Hartford Insurance building, the Aetna building, the Bushnell, the Wadsworth...and Mark Twain's house. My apartment is literally one block away from where he lived and I've never been there, not for a visit, not for a tour, nothing more than a "walk by."

Then there's the people...the very multicultural Hartford and the very prominent, predominantly Jewish, areas that surround this tusk of an insurance mammoth.

If you walked from the West End at Farmington Avenue, half a mile directly north of that you'll find the University of Connecticut Law School...and a guy named Joshua Keenan.

Who the hell is that?

Just some guy who thinks the biggest fraud in this town is the former governor [thief], John Rowland, and he says he can prove it.

The former governor was sentenced earlier this year to 1 year and 1 day in prison for witholding information from his probation officer about his retirement account, which was nearly half a million dollars, and a rumored additional $50 million in assets from a separate business venture during his tenure as governor.

What says Keenan?

The 62-year-old Captain Obvious says: "That man shouldve been in jail a long time ago, look how much time Martha Stewart got for not stealing, and this man gets petty this town, the corrupt people always get an easy way out."

Sometimes people talk so much you have to put elipses between their sentences to narrow it down.

Speaking of "the corrupt people," if you took a five minute drive northwest from Keenan's house near UConn Law, you'd end up at the largest university in the city, the University of Hartford, my school. ^_^ Where there's never enough alcohol, the riots and fights are always against the cops, and buildings are ablaze, but only on days in October, particularly if the Red Sox win the Series and if it's Halloween.

One of the many stories here: Sunday Incident Leaves 4 Injured, 8 Arrested - Informer - News 'Nuff said!

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From 'The Politics Stuff' blog:

Monday, August 29, 2005

Kentucky Republican Governor Pardons his staff of ALL crimes committed through Monday.

We get to see what Republicans consider rule of law. When the law gets too close, Pardon all your subordinates of ALL CRIMES they have committed.

This from the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Gov. Ernie Fletcher tonight pardoned nine current and former officials who have been indicted along with anyone who "might" be charged.

Although he has the authority to do so, Fletcher said he will not pardon himself. Consequently, Attorney General Greg Stumbo's office could prosecute Fletcher if the special grand jury investigating his administration's actions were to indict him.

Scheduled to appear tomorrow before the grand jury, Fletcher said he would not answer questions.

These people seem to think that if they get elected to office, they have property rights in that office and no one can tell them not to steal the silverware.

This goes along with the criminality of

the Republican Taft administration of Ohio,

Last year, Connecticut GOP Governor, John G.
Roveland resigned on July 1, 2005, due to a federal corruption probe. At the
beginning of the year, Rowland admitted in a televised address that he lied
about who paid for renovations to his summer home.

Congressman Bob Ney who was associated with a
mob hit as well as criminal activity, and of course,

Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham who has
been selling his office for cash and real estate for the last several years.

New campaign advertisement for 2006 - For more blatant graft, elect your local Republican!

They are already such blatant thieves that they might as well advertise their skills. They clearly can't govern. Graft they are good at.

More from Bluegrass Report.Org.

The pardons may be unconstitutional since no one has been convicted, and each pardon is required to be filed with a request from the person pardoned and the governor's written explanation of the pardon. This was a blanket pardon that does not meet those requirements.

The Pardon also pardoned all people who "Might" be indicted.

This does not meet the requirments for any form of pardon.

Then there is already talk of impeachment.

The fun is only just beginning.

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