Tuesday, September 06, 2005

LT. Gov. Sullivan


I posted the below comment on Connecticut LT. Governor Sullivan's blog:

Connecticut has way more to complain about than just gas prices. Although the gas prices are a solid sign that corporations are just plain out of hand and abusive to the common man and woman.

I can’t imagine former Governor Rowland or even current Governor Rell having a blog that allowed anyone to comment, stating their names or anonymously. Why?

Well, so many people have been wronged and have gripes, especially in Connecticut.

Lt. Governor Sullivan, I assume you might be clean and smart enough to turn the tide of sleaze in Connecticut.

Connecticut has led the nation in what can be gotten away with by authorities- rich stealing from the poor, and just how much sleaze, robbing, raping, and pillaging authorities can get away with.

Minorities and other groups don’t have autonomy and a voice or any way up and out, unless they have independent entrepreneurs, investors, and the self-employed in their ranks.

What is not safe for local business is not safe for homeowners and their families is not safe for a free society. Connecticut is a prime example of Jim Crow laws not on the books, but enforced as policy to keep those perceived as riffraff, down and out.

Average citizens of Connecticut are better off moving to a state that isn’t so parasitic to families and individuals that aren’t corporate or government employees, nor the connected Connecticut criminal elite.

Having just corporate workers and government employees is not a sign of a free society or health in a government. In America, the patient is sick, and Connecticut is the prime example of a Satanic path that will ruin America if not corrected.

Family bonds and independent spirits are being broken and those that dare expose this absolute Un-American injustice lose everything financial, anything having to do with one perceiving he or she has any rights, family ties, credibility, tranquility, faith in government, and ultimately end up in a State of Fear, or in prison.

I have been all over the US, top to bottom, side to side, and even was in many Hawaiian Islands. I was in the former USSR, not Russia, witnessing countries going from the nightmare of communism to trying to emulate us, or should I say what we as a nation once were.

It is safe to walk around in Paris, London, Warsaw, Vilnius, Copenhagen, Riga, Tallinn, and so many other cities I have seen.

I came home to downtown Connecticut and soon was assaulted by a paranoid, very large, and violent drug dealer that thought I was an undercover cop, so he beat me, picked me up in the air by my neck, pummeled me with his other hand, bit into my ear, and threw me down.

Dialing 911 and demanding that my assailant be arrested, ended up in my being arrested as the drug dealer was being used to ruin business and home owners not affiliated with the corrupt town and state authorities, and I was merely in the way of the asset and property confiscation frenzy.

Those that have spoken out about corruption, have proposed laws requiring ethics and accountability of officials to their representatives, have been critical of the Connecticut powerful, have threatened to sue for civil rights violations, and/or have lodged a complaint against an official are followed around by police, threatened, stalked, arrested, maliciously prosecuted, and have an extremely high rate of incarceration on questionable charges prosecuted in a corrupt Connecticut court.

Americans are actually seeking political asylum in other countries as oppression in Connecticut is that bad. Try putting any of these word strings in a search engine without quotes and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, “Connecticut State Police misconduct”, “Good Ole boy network”, “Rowlandgate”, “Ritt Goldstein”, “Steven G. Erickson”,”Arthur L. Spada”, “Connecticut Injustice”,”Rockville Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan”, or many other strings of words implying corruption, bribery, and political abuse of citizens and anyone can plainly see the evil trends most prevalent in Connecticut are contaminating our nation and our forefathers’ vision of good government and a free people.

I am posting this comment to you in my Stark Raving Viking blog.

Sir, I hope you can turn the Tide of Evil in Connecticut, too many have suffered, and too many want to escape Connecticut, and for many such as me, it was too late and we were ground to a pulp for having tested Free Speech in exposing citizen abuse by authorities.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas
September 06, 2005 7:14 AM


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