Thursday, September 01, 2005

Telling the Town Selectman/Police Chief to go 'F' himself- PRICELESS


September 1, 2005

First Selectman Gordon Frassinelli Jr.of Stafford Springs, Connecticut,

I’m posting this open letter to you in the "Read More" section on a post with text and art regarding, "Pandora’s Box," on FreeSpeech (dot) com. I have finally discovered why things are the way they are in Stafford and why the infection of tyranny seems to be spreading as a disease to the rest of America out of Connecticut.

Let’s start to understand the American Government by looking at the beast in its smallest form, a town hall government in an average mill town USA, Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

The selectman acts as ruler and police chief. Those friendly with the Monarch or his/her family are granted free reign upon the dominion. Those wanting to have business, a home, a relationship with a significant other, custody and contact with their children, or to have any quality of life, keeping a few pennies from their hard labor, do so with the permission of the town royalty and each police officer.

The selectman, John Julian, your predecessor, told me that I should sell my rental properties on 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, CT, to somebody more important, one of his friends, at a huge financial loss where I’d have to go bankrupt to sell at that ridiculous offer, or I could have some real problems and that I should come to him and make the deal before I had "problems".

Julian also told me the way to keep niggers and spics out of Stafford was too squeeze landlords and other businesses that houses them and gave them comfort. John was angry about ‘spic food’ being sold at the Stafford Food Center and whenever ‘Nigger Drug Dealers’ went into the Arizona Restaurant or were seen downtown.

David Hayes, a known drug dealer, openly sold drugs in front of John Julian’s law office for possibly over a decade, even holding up traffic on the major RT 190 through town. Money and cash were exchanged in full view. It was rumored that drugs from David Hayes were used to get Julian high and to get various mistresses to perform sex acts on Julian. David Hayes allegedly got vocal about that fact and is now doing 15 years in prison.

I recall Stafford Police Officer John Desso and other Stafford Officers beating the crap and kicking the shit out of Brian Caldwell while he was in handcuffs. I was a founding member of the Stafford Crime Watch and walked upon the officers in the center of town. I was asked for my license while being pushed around and roughly handled by the officers to see if I would fight back, as I told them I was a on the Crime Watch, and they asked me what I had seen afraid I would report them. Caldwell is a known Connecticut State Police Informant, alcoholic, violent criminal, drug user so no charges were filed against Caldwell for "Assaulting a Police Officer."

Mr. Frassinelli, I understand you were a liaison to legislators, were you the past liaison to elected officials for the Connecticut Police?

Mr. Frassinelli, it seems you knew who I was when I tried to speak at a public forum for the public to speak at a Town Hall meeting and you rudely interrupted me and tried to deny my Free Speech at the public forum, and you were so rude and out of line that you got ink in on the Front Page of the Journal Inquirer for being such a horse's ass. If you can be such a jerk publicly, I can't imagine what you are capable of behind the scenes. Do you intend on becoming the liaison to elected officials for Connecticut Police again?

I found out I was being investigated by the Connecticut State Police, using an undercover informant, allowing drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine to be sold near and off my property with dealers and customers not getting busted until my property could be seized and that of two bar owners that did not eat lunch and play cards with Stafford First Selectman, John Julian. Teen prostitutes and their missing teeth tattooed older counterparts openly plied their trade and seemed overly friendly with police officers.

Try Googling "Good Ole Boy Network" without quotes for more of the informant story.

I didn’t think Police Officers should be able to commit crimes, file false reports, harass, threaten, and terrorize residents based on what corruption they exposed, what they wrote printed in newspapers, what they owned that someone ‘more important wanted’, dated someone ‘more important’ wanted to date or screw, proposed legislation to elected officials that police didn’t like, or just simply was a minority or other person that didn’t have a grandfather in the local cemetery that rising up the ranks in status and cash.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to keep Stafford and other Connecticut cities and towns from being run like they were under a Mafia Don’s control. I also was sickened at the young girls being raped by older parasite, common criminal drug dealers, about kids getting addicted, being vandals, and starting out in crime and prostitution right in front of police that seem to help the process along for revenue collection, property and asset confiscation, sexual gratification, and in setting up innocent citizens for a fall when they get in the way.

Representative Modasky’s aid Rosemarie told me I should sell my property and leave Connecticut before it was too late after I had told her that I had proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, and been critical of police and the courts in newspapers, and had told her that I intended to sue Police for violating my 14th Amendment Rights having been denied equal protection and service because I was a landlord, lived downtown, and had no political juice.

Brian Caldwell attacked me on my property when I returned home from a long day of work. Connecticut State Police Troopers Amaral and Langlais were there to arrest me, refused to arrest Caldwell, refused to take tenant statements that Caldwell had been threatening me, stalking me, and told them he would kill me when I arrived home, and then committed perjury regarding whether or not I tried to have Caldwell arrested at a Kangaroo trial.

I got a year in prison, 3 years probation for having used pepper spray to end the beating I was taking, and was convicted of ‘overreacting’ to be beaten during a robbery attempt on my own property. Self-defense isn’t legal so Caldwell was given immunity for his serious crimes to maliciously prosecute me to prevent me from Free Speech and in proposing laws to make police act in the public’s best interest, protecting and serving all, equally.

Stafford Officer Desso is also the Lt of the Guards at Bergin CI prison in Storrs, CT. Desso illegally opened and read my legal mail to see if I was going after police that had committed crimes, left me to suffer in cold winds for hours on a prison loading dock in the middle of winter, mocked and verbally degraded me, told me I wasn’t allowed in Stafford when I was released, and told my parole officer Eric Ellison to abuse me and keep me from contacting reporters and complaining about police officers threatened with 3 to 5 more years of prison if I exposed the crimes of officials that railroaded me to prison on perjury and illegal collusion.

Angela K., of Manchester, Connecticut, Adult Probation, told me that I could spend another 3 to 5 years in prison if I did not leave Connecticut, be packed up and out within the hour. I was told if Massachusetts didn’t accept my probation transfer I would spend years in prison. What!!!???

Frassinelli, Fuck you and Eat shit.

I emailed former Governor John G. Rowland and Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada my suggestion that they Eat Shit and go Fuck themselves on the Internet when each was still in office.

If the words "corruption police prosecutorial judicial misconduct Stafford slut criminal Mafia Don Selectman Frazzinelli blowjob, prostitute, crack, cocaine, drug dealer, naked, nude, women, young, girls, pizza, restaurant, for sale, cars, trucks motorcycles, for rent, rental Connecticut, sex, asshole, vandal, vandalism, blight, downtown, Main St. Town Hall Library lakes boating skiing lottery results Steven G. Erickson Christopher Kennedy Jeffrey Yeaw Attorney Michael H. Agranoff Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Rockville conspiracy theory illegal collusion graft gift bride cronies Mafia crime street locator Stafford Wal-mart opposition protest food stamps aid elderly housing medicade insurance bank account local band music DVD CD movie theatre paint garbage, unexplained illness Lyme Disease Kathleen Dickson Chronic Fatigue Syndrome nuclear waste environmental activist green peace republican democratic voting ballot crisis Katrina Hurricane national disaster relief emergency vegetarian vacation crab cakes lobster Maine beach blanket Governor M. Jodi Rell bestiality marijuana reform tax Chevrolette Corvette cable satellite dish network service complaints complain restrictions medication alert program current temperatures news reports stories obscene acts pedophile sex offender registry fine arrest conviction expose exposure men seeking women dating marriage divorce attorney wedding event planning camping snow removal landscaping Home Depot" ect., in a search engine, more and more people might be reading this after 2 or 3 weeks as more and more search engines recognized these word strings.

I spent 100’s of thousands of dollars fixing up boarded up properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, after years of saving, paying bills on time, paying taxes, maintaining credit, and I get thrown in prison losing everything as a result. Brian Caldwell, Stafford prostitutes, drug dealers, common criminal parasites, town hall, police, and others all had a big laugh.
Well, assholes, I warning all that I can of Stafford and Connecticut Nightmare Trap of immorality and sleaze.

Stafford used to be America’s first Spa health healing natural springs resort, bed and breakfast, gambling prostitution and vice Mecca.

I am on probation and will end up in prison for any vague or made up violation and I feel I went to prison for having a ‘Big Mouth’ and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. All that I know that have proposed Civilian oversight of Police ended up being stalked. Try googling Ritt Goldstein or Don Christmas with my name and see what comes out.

So Dickhead, Frassinelli, do you have the juice to initiate me being railroaded to prison again. I was label a snitch to guards and inmates and took my first shower after processing a week later with 9 African Americans that spent as much as 23 hours chained down in a cell alone with bright lights on them all the time, and the one Hispanic guard took off to leave me alone with them. What type of crap were you all trying to pull?

I am 100 time more a pain in the ass exercising Free Speech and trying to get some of you shithead official criminals prosecuted and I am still trying to get what you maniacal assholes can’t stand, Civilian Oversight to make sure Connecticut’s police, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and other elected and unelected officials are acting in the public’s best interested, lawfully, ethically, Constitutionally, and to see that complaints against officials are taken, thorough, and that transgressors are punished not the whistleblower or the public that are in the way.

If you want to have me arrested for typing this letter, emailing it, and posting it to see what a complete asshole dickhead you are, email me and I’ll turn myself in. You can warn all your friends to bring their blankets, bats, and rope.

Fuck you again, you worthless, arrogant piece of shit.

-Steven G. Erickson
People’s Republik of Korruptikut Political Prisoner # 305662

P.S. I was told by police I wasn’t allowed downtown if I wasn’t an alcoholic or drug addict I wasn’t allowed downtown and I could be arrested for ‘interfering with police’ reporting crimes, drug activiting, vandalism etc. if there was a revenue collection and asset and property confiscation scheme being hatch by the Connecticut’s Armed Revenue Collectors, or should I use the term, "Police"?

Peter Coukos told me he was using crack cocaine with alleged HIV Stafford Springs prostitute Vicky Tamaro. So that is how I found out that alleged prostitute, Vicky Tamaro, that had moved into my apartments without permission and was turning tricks and using and selling crack cocaine. Peter Coukos is alleged to have attended Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous to try to kick his cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and abuse of prescription medications.

Coukos allegedly was playing bumper cars smashing into an African American woman in a drunken road rage incidents over miles of public roads.

I saw Vicky Tomaro on her knees giving ‘Juan, the drug dealer’ a blowjob in an alley on W. Main St., Stafford Springs with her on her knees, Juan’s shirt open as he used a torch to light a substance in a glass smoking pipe.

Peter Coukos bought the properties I was forced out of at a bargain basement price. Police Stafford Police Officer Prochaska and Connecticut State Resident Trooper allegedly offered Coukos help getting a pistol permit to carry for sexually harassing and threatening my daughter and terrorizing me out of Stafford. I played the recorded voicemail of Coukos telling my daughter that she was dead if she didn’t come to him and call him Mr. Coukos and left 40 or so messages threatening me. I was told by Trooper Mulcahey that if I didn’t leave Connecticut and if I tried to pursue charges against Coukos, I’d be arrested, not Coukos.

Is it Connecticut policy to give gun permits to alcoholic, drug addict, sociopathic, psychopaths that help retaliate against whistleblowers or those proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials?

Imagine if someone started punching you, and you couldn’t fight back for fear of another arrest and someone asked you to tell your daughter to give the guy a blowjob as I had to endure.
Peter Coukos asked Ed Whipple (?) formerly of apt 6, 103 W. Main St., $100 for Amanda F., and underage girl to have sex with him, also paying Amanda $100 for sex.

After Peter Coukos told me that Stafford Officer Prochaska and Trooper Mulcahey had given him immunity suggesting he torment me out of Connecticut, he told me he wouldn’t make a false allegation against me and wouldn’t try to extort $30,000 out of me after the sale of the properties to bring him to a foreign country, as I have been oversees, to find him 6 to 9 year olds to have sex with. Pete told me that he wanted me to arrange a trip quick as the cops had told him I was going to prison before the trial even happened.

I’ll take a lie detector test against anyone I have named here or any of my posts regarding any information or allegation presented that I have ever written if it pertains to the allegations.

If you officials cover up this kind of illegal behavior and antics to retaliate against whistleblowers and those that expect to get actual value, protection and service for their tax dollars and that you officials act as advertised should sell their houses, quit their Connecticut jobs, and move to a more American State that isn’t so immoral and Satanic.

I lost 100’s of thousands of dollars, years of my hard labor, my family, the $60,000 my father lent me, my daughter’s trip to Paris with my 100,000 plus Amex points, contact with most family, friends, and business associates, my retirment, my credit, my home, my health insurance, my clean records, the rights I thought I had as an American, and completely have lost respect for Connecticut authorities and police- OBVIOUSLY!

I didn’t get prison and all the abuse for pepper spraying a violent criminal that attacked me in my dark driveway, I got it for testing Free Speech in Connecticut, and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials.

Again, Eat Shit and Go Fuck Yourself.

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