Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why Join the Ranks of the Military?

Well, many would ask that question.

David Mark Tracy at age 17 was put in prison for $100 worth of drugs found near him, but not on him. Tracy was murdered in prison. ( post with link to David's story)

Whether or not you agree with the logic of a ground war in Iraq, you’d have to agree that the military is necessary for any nation to have. What is happening in N. Korea, Venezuela, and other countries regarding nuclear weapons and the building up of a military, not for defense, but for offense, sound minds need to make sure that vast areas don’t end up being wiped out in massive flames with humanity in those areas being starved, raped, tortured, and killed.

Many that would do best in the military learn social and job skills, aren’t joining.

Drug Laws are enforced and not enforced to exclude segments of our population from the better jobs, housing, and helps deny them their right to vote, by labeling as many of them as possible as felons.

Most of those that would be best to join the military as an average soldier, have a very bad impression of authorities, courts, police, and of the government for good reason. Being lied to, targeted unfairly because of your economic status and geographic location is obvious bias to even the most casual observer.

Fairness and accountability has to come back into play in the military, police, American Courts, and in local and federal government. That is a daunting task, but if we want out troops to fight for freedom and American values, we actually have to have freedom and American values.

What if for certain drug crimes, property crimes, and other offenses, citizens that would otherwise be suited to join the military were given the option of having their arrest, criminal, and prison records erased?

Getting any job, or getting ahead, or in buying a house and providing for yourself and family is almost impossible if you have any kind of criminal record.

At least 2/3 of those that are in prison are there because of bad policies regarding poorer residents. We as a nation could do much better. Too many that are in prison on false arrests, manufactured and omitted evidence, officials acting illegally, and courts that are nothing more than a rubber stamp on abuse, we need to right too many past wrongs.

All those with criminal records should have there case reviewed for erasure. Rapists, pedophiles, and murders, if there cases were the result of good police work and processed justly through the judicial system, should stand.

A youthful indiscretion, or an adult’s falling down, should not cripple an individual and his or her family forever, for life.

Let’s have some compassion, consideration, and policies that unite, bolster our economy, and foster faith in the system rather than the reverse.

Conservatives, Liberals, Republicans, and Democrats might just come together on the logic as cited above.

Officials should let the people know and the people should let the officials know, that there aren’t just gripes, complaints, and abuse, there are solutions.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

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