Friday, October 07, 2005

Blasting Connecticut out of America

From :
Steve Erickson
Sent :
Friday, October 7, 2005 3:58 PM

To : , ,
Subject :
Fixing corruption in Connecticut?

To Whom It May Concern:

I am working doing disaster relief in Mississippi and Louisiana.

From having chosen to invest in Connecticut downtown real estate, my life is still absolutely ruined.

I need to go on with my life.

I saved my entire life to buy a house. I worked like a dog fixing up boarded up Connecticut houses I had bought in a boarded up condition for 5 years. When I was done, instead of getting a trophy, reward, or recognition, I got ripped off by Connecticut and then put in prison for having dared to complain about by terrorized and ripped off, officially.

The former selectman of Stafford Connecticut told me to sell my rental properties that I had fixed up from a boarded up condition at a loss of over $100,000 to one of his friends that was more ‘important’ or I would suffer consequences.

Should Connecticut citizens be thrown in prison and have criminal records for life for having stood in the way of being officially ripped off of their lives and property by the Connecticut Official Mafia?

I did suffer as the Connecticut State Police maliciously investigated, stalked, harassed, and threatened me if I didn’t leave Connecticut. This is a pattern and so many others have been abused in the same way. A prominent Connecticut small business owner even fled to Sweden seeking political asylum as Connecticut courts, officials, and police are just THAT BAD.

Arresting and prosecuting people out of their businesses and homes in Connecticut if they don’t have official criminal connections is an absolute sickening disgrace. I am glad to be out of SLEAZE CENTRAL.

I was brought up on charges that no one in the history of Connecticut has gone to prison for with no previous record. Crime victims beaten on their own property don’t go to prison, except in my case of my getting in the way of others ripping off my property. I didn’t roll over and go bankrupt so they ruined my life, railroaded me to prison, and now I’m bankrupt anyway. Don Christmas of Enfield, CT, almost went to prison for a year and a half for being attacked by a police officer’s 16 year old prostitute girlfriend, and wasn’t as I exposed that injustice nationally on the internet and 100’s of letters poured into Enfield Court. Donny proposed Civilain Oversight of Police and got ‘mouthy’ to reporters about being ripped off and ALSO threatened to sue Connecticut and police, and was nearly railroaded, carboncopy, as I had been.

The Judge, Jonthan Kaplan, in my case brings up someone’s race and doles out punishments based on racist stereotypes. Kaplan, a judge, I had tried to have removed for bias against the self-employed and landlords, before my kangaroo criminal trial or false arrest, for at least 2 years before my false arrest.

I can’t get a decent job. My retirement, home, credit, dog, contracting business, Corvette, family unity, health insurance, savings, and sum total of my life were ripped off by Connecticut corruption and rogue officials making themselves and their cronies rich, arresting and throwing in prison, anyone that dared expose them, complain, or just plain get in the way of their rip off the public FEST has gone on too long, too often, and has ruined too many lives.

I would not have been ripped off and thrown in prison by ANY other State.

I am in a decent place, helping those in need. I deserve to get on with my life. I did nothing wrong, just had assets and a life to rip off and wasn’t part of the Connecticut Mafia, so I was ripped off and labeled a criminal by official criminals.

If you and your staff actually care about corruption, then please do something about corruption. I want my life back. Very few officials are investigated, never mind punished, so going after the official criminals in the courts that are rigged in Connecticut is not any way to get justice either.

It is just plain ridiculous. Where is ANYTHING AMERICAN in CONNECTICUT???

I paid my price of hell on earth for being so stupid and naïve to invest and live in Connecticut without official criminal connections, so I have paid the price for my stupidity of not listening to others that were ripped off and ruined by the Connecticut corruption machine.

I shouldn’t have to come back up to Connecticut to file a lawsuit in a Connecticut court, Federal or State, that is filled with more corrupt officials covering for other corrupt officials, not in anyway acting Constitutionally or legally. The way Rowland got a sweetheart deal is just more proof. That stain is permanent.

Too many Connecticut citizens are afraid to test Free Speech and know the courts and police are just out for retaliation and revenue collection. Eminent Domain and nationwide ripping off of property becoming precedent out of Connecticut has not evaded national scrutiny.

Please pardon me or have my record wiped clean. There was Connecticut State Police perjury that Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs refused to investigate and threatened me for trying to make a complaint, I wasn’t offered AR for $100 as police and others were bragging I was going to be sent to prison and lose everything before any trial, and the Judge Jonathan Kaplan is known for helping to retaliate against citizens that lodge complaints against police, judges, prosecutors, and/or other officials. My lawyer was intimidated out of defending me to help prosecute and a tape was played to the jury on how to find me guilty without anything about reasonable doubt or finding me innocent. What!!!???

Connecticut courts have been violating ADA laws since 1990 or 1991, so therefore everything they have done since then is improper, illegal, and not valid.

If you are supposed to be doing something about corruption, prove it in my case.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

Cell [snipped]

P.S. I’m posting this letter to you on at least 2 websites. Please call me or email your response.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

Don't worry. The justice system in Corrupticut is about to get whacked in a big way, and not as a result of anything WE do.

These people will sorely regret their arrogance, just as Rowland surely does.

We still have the Ellef and Alibozek trials ahead, Steve. And they are looking at Mamma Jo McKenzie.

Guess where that will lead? Mamma Jo was on the phone with SOMEBODY as regards the Spezialski- Esposito case.

Hang in boyfriend, We're gonna win.

Saturday, October 08, 2005 1:50:00 PM  

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