Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ripping off the Federal Government

Is also about ripping off taxpayers.

Corruption makes the old money even richer.

Federal tax dollars are used by state corrupt officials to imprison and ruin those who speak out and expose their criminal behavior. The judiciary and law enforcement have to have top officials as part of the official crime syndicate for the whole process to work.

Your federal tax dollars are being ripped off by individuals that feel they were born to steal from the rest of us.

The way ‘Connecticut Yankees’ are portrayed in the Sleepy Hollow movie staring Jeff Goldblaum tells me that the graft in Connecticut and other ‘old guard’

Not all corporations and local governments operate this way.

Follow the abuse of your Federal Tax Dollars and you’ll find the culprits.

Breaking up families, seizing small businesses, assets, homes, cars, building prisons, youth detention centers, arresting, confining, imprisoning, cataloging, serving with papers, and raking in profits from tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and shepherding prostitution, illegal drug trafficking, and other crime is going to be the downfall of the US if these State Government officials and their corporate criminal cronies are allowed to plunder to infinity.

What are we as a nation producing and what is our major industry?

Look around, there are huge mansions being built and even though we have the most jails cells per capita of any 1st World country, we are expanding the number of prison beds geometrically.

The latest ‘button’ is building more prisons and cells for illegal aliens. What crap, if laws were enforced targeting criminals and bad behavior, not our wallets and purses, this issue and others, wouldn’t be issues.

Who are the prison cells really for?

Turn in a corrupt official, exposing rogue judges, cops on the take, and their corporate criminal friends and maybe you’ll find out too.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

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