Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sent out to US Representatives by FAX

Subject: Cops hiring Hit men and the Patriot Act

Human nature is human nature.

When officials are immune from prosecution and can secretly investigate and ruin lives, they do so.

On the local level some very disturbing activities are taking place.

Those that invest in downtown businesses and property are the targets of police for arrests and property confiscation if they aren’t connected to town hall corrupt officials.

Common criminal parasites are a revenue collection aid, so police and the courts treat them accordingly. The sign of a government, local or national, that has grown out of control, is its targeting of productive citizens, intact families, and those that contribute to the system.

Individuals that have expected their tax dollar’s worth or that have lodged complaints have been arrested on false charges, police officers manufacture evidence, perjure themselves, prosecutors, judges, and defense lawyers conspire together and profit.

Will cops hire hit men to cover their tracks when they’re committing crimes? Are productive, honest, taxpaying citizens being thrown in prisons, mental hospitals, threatened, financially ruined, children made to suffer, and are families being broken up as official policy to silence whistleblowers? Well, check out today’s

Police drive right on by prostitutes and teen crack cocaine dealers to knock on doors to threaten citizens with felony arrests and to collect overdue library fines.

Connecticut should be writing on the wall for what America can become without check and balances, with a greedy elite that will sell America’s soul and trash humanity in this sick process.

Those that have proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials get arrested, face prison, and might even have to flee the country to seek political asylum.

Names are named on the website.

Should Connecticut police, officials, and judges be able to break the law at will with no fear of prosecution or even losing their jobs? Should officials in any state? Should the Patriot Act be in place to allow waste, inefficiency, illegal behavior, and covert retaliation for political reasons with the Un-patriotic Patriot Act?

Steven G. Erickson, [address snipped] Email: , Cell [snipped],
FAX 504-324-0585


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