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Typical Connecticut?:

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New London County, CT courts covered up (Murder For Hire) case?
CT is corrupt.

The Norwich, CT court officials have a record of cover-ups, especially Court Inspector James Dignoti. It has been alleged that Mr. Dignoti accepted sexual favors in the past from a Chris Bruno (an ex-drug user and prostitute.) to fix criminal cases against her.

Claims are that his policy is to accept these types of favors. It is also believed Dignoti conspired to cover up the Phil Inkel (murder for hire) case in 1994. Sources say that Colchester Police officers James Nardella and Charles Scott Thomas hired a Todd Vachon and others for 10,000.00, a car, a boat and official favors—to kill Phil Inkel after he was instructed by U.S. attorney John Durham to gather affidavits for alleged victims of Police abuse. Phil inkel originally witnessed an assault by officers James Nardella and Mark Gendron of a juvenile (Michael Sienkiewcz) in 1994 and just wanted justice for any victims.

Philip Inkel was later assaulted in the McDonald’s parking lot on May 21, 1994 by Colchester officers Charles A. Thomas Jr. (aka Scott Thomas), James Nardella, CT Trooper Norman Seney III and an off duty Norwich police officer Joseph Jones. Mr. Inkel’s paperwork was confiscated and destoryed by the order of Colchester resident State trooper Fred Brigger.— all were addressed to U.S. attorney John Durham for an investigation into the alleged brutality.

A public defender actually decided to lend a vehicle to Mr. Inkel for several months because the public defender believed there was a plot to murder him. It was said that the plan was to run Inkel over while he was bike riding at night with a stolen vehicle and plant alcohol in the vehicle to then make it appear to be a hit & run by a drunk driver.

Despite the fact probable cause existed, the officers were never prosecuted. Many believe Norwich Court Inspector James Dignoti conspired with officers James Nardella, Charles Thomas, and prosecutor Tom Griffin to hinder prosecution. Later the case was transfered to the New London court under the jurisdiction of the late and corrupt prosecutor C. Robert (do nothing) Sotti.

Prosecutor Sotti was well known for covering up crimes of politicians. The Inkel case is just another tail of decades of corruption in New London County. It has been alleged that Dignoti and prosecutor Dave Smith may now be railroading a mentally handicapped man.

It doesn’t seem to be a good year in Norwich, CT. When will the corruption stop and justice begin? Phil Inkel was finally awarded little justice in March 2000 by winning a federal lawsuit. Inkel story can be found on the Hartford Courant website. archives::: Story

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