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The below was posted May 11, 2006, at approx 6:30 PM EST:
Note: I have done some research, seen a number of documents, and others that were higher functioning, highly paid, highly educated professionals went from status and intact lives to being called nuts. They're not all crazy. If they are separated by oceans, never met each other before their own ordeals, something is fishy. Please take the time to investigate the meat of the matter, not the way it is being presented. Being angry about such horrific crimes is hard not to let show.

Waking up, your life wrecked, feeling sick, wondering how soon you might die, knowing that you were intentionally ruined, your family ripped apart, by lying, sociopathic, greedy Commercial Elite parasites.

Just because I post something, does not mean, that I support or do not support, what is posted, but merely found it interesting for debate. But, what has been cut and pasted below has many facts I believe to be true, other assumptions I would need solid evidence, and some of the political assertions I agree with, others, I do not.
-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

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Embassy of the People's Republic of China 11 May 06 (2006)
in the United States of America
2300 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20008

Embassy of the Russian Federation
2650 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.Washington, DC 20007United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland

Human Rights Abuses, Stalking, Phone Bugging, Anonymous Internet Harassment bythe NIH’s Edward McSweegan, and other info on this great big pile of bovineexcrement which calls itself a “democracy”

1) Note that Edward McSweegan is part of the NIH’s vaccine program and hasspent time in Russia examining Russian bioweapons (or so he claims).

In thefollowing post, he posts anonymously as Jwismille@aol, when the real GeorgiaWissmiller’s email address is (Georgia is a Lyme victim andactivist).

He posts about himself, bragging that he is “hung like a horse.”Disgusting.

2) Meanwhile McSweegan stalks Lyme disease victims in the US and even contactedmy sister MaryJane Schade of Milford, CT, to try to find out information aboutme.

3) McSweegan posted to the Lyme disease newsgroup ahead of my knowing it, thatmy ex-husband was going to falsely accuse me of threatening to drive my kidsinto a lake, on Nov 21, 2003.

Note that he has no other topics besides myself, on the Lyme disease newsgroup,and that he now accuses ME of stalking HIM.

4) Note that on June 1, 2001, at the Pierre Hotel in New York City, while wewere at a protest over the’s “GALA,” Edward McSweegan was seen acrossthe street in the park, snapping picture of us.

Note that Mortimer Zuckermandrove up in his limo to attend this “GALA” but then got back into his limo anddrove away when he saw our protest. Zuckerman was in candidacy for USAmbassador to Israel.

There is more here:

Note the lack of response by“Homeland Security.” Note the connections to the Bush Family Bankers.5) Note that Mark Klempner of BU- who now heads a CDC Level IV bioweapons laband program in Boston, at that time (June 2001) declared that he had no findingswith his 4.7 million dollar NIH scam over the treatment of Lyme disease, but what he did not reveal was that he found a genetic susceptibility to the moresevere form of Lyme that presents as Multiple Sclerosis.

We captured this talkon audiotape and you may listen to him discuss it here:

Klempner's Multiple SclerosisHaplotype The link is case sensitive.This information – the discovery of the genetic haplotype susceptibilityHLA-DQB1*0602- we paid taxpayers paid for, but was not revealed to us.

Willy Burgdorfer, by the way, the man who discovered the Lyme spirochete, was recruited from Switzerland to work on US bioweapons programs because he was an expert in Relapsing Fever Borreliosis.

This I know because he said so. Additionally, the NINDS’ Roland Martin was recruited from Germany because hediscovered the other MS haplotype in neurologic Lyme patients.

So we know that Lyme borreliosis, or just borreliosis, is a cause of multiplesclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s disease, etc., because these facts are eitherpublished or secretly captured on audiotape. Yet we Lyme victims are harassed,stalked, declared crazy, and our kids are taken away.

The children were takenaway from my friend Judi Karol in Waterford, Connecticut. The CT “ChildProtection Services” said she did not have Lyme- that she was just crazyinstead.They do this routinely.

They accuse us of Munchausens.

They stalk us.

They threw me in jail and called me a terrorist. They took the children away fromLisa Masterson in the UK, accused her of Munchausen’s by Proxy, and laterchanged that to “causing psychologically induced symptoms in her children”- Theabsolutely lamest excuse and example of the abuse of this non-medical practice, Psychiatry, to date.

Lisa was kidnapped and placed in a mental hospital this week. She was beingstalked, hacked and harassed constantly. She is in this place:

Dr. Ranger Pond WardCenter for Mental Health Central WayLondon NW10-7 WS

The “hospital” does not return phone calls, nor do they let me speak to LisaMasterson.

6) After I was falsely accused of being a Unibomber terrorist, and was told Ibetter plead guilty or I would be committed for life, I was released with a gagorder not to “criticize the government.” Since that means my right to freespeech was removed, the United States is not a democracy.

7) When I tried to call and fax the country of Qatar, to send information to AlJazeera about how this country is a cartoon of a democracy (no freedom ofspeech, falsely accused of being terrorists, kids fraudulently kidnapped), and that this INSANE kind of democracy we intend to export to other countries, mytelephone connection to Qatar and Al-Jazeera was cut off. Once I made a stink about my connection being cut to Qatar, it was turned back on.As of today, we know the whole country was bugged. We knew that before.

The Mossad has previously bugged the whole country and Jack Abramoff gave a contract to an Israeli company for the wireless communications antennae for the House(Congress).

That means all wireless and all telephone communications in an outof this country is already bugged by Israel.

Someone planted Thermite explosives in the World Trade Center prior to September11, 2001. That is so obvious it is ridiculous. Are we to believe WTC building7 went down due to psychologically induced symptoms?

ALL OF THIS INSANITY, the United States intends to export. I will tell you whythat is, at least as regards Lyme disease and the harassment of we sick people. [The “war on terror” insanity, we all know is about taking away our rights andusing the US military as the free private security firm for US Multinational Corporations- witness the fact that Anthony Walton is the Vice Chair of this“front” the ]

The US Centers for Disease Control has decided that we can only have Lymedisease if we have a genetic susceptibility to having the arthritis kind. Yale University had 2 biotech spinoffs: L2 Diagnostics and another one whichintended to look at blood from across the nation to look for new diseases, andthe genetic susceptibilities to them.

Bioweapons potential?

I think so.

Capitalizing on the international commercialization of vector borne diseases? Absolutely.

When we undid that monopoly for them, which is explained in the video here: and in my testimony to the FDA 5 years ago,

they were very, very angry. McSweegan is very, very angry. It was his idea in the first place to give all this vector borne diseases vaccines work to Yale and BigPharma in the first place, as you can see from his letter to Senator BarryGoldwater in 1986:

8) Notice how McSweegan trashed his bosses at the US Department of the Navy. The Navy, together with Russia, converged on Unit 731 in Manchuria after WWIIand discovered all the bioweapons being used by the Japanese against the Chinesepeople. Russia and the US Navy split up that booty. This we all learned fromMcSweegan’s old Bioterror website.

Had he not posted the information, we mightnever have known.I explained to the FDA vaccine committee that Yale’s LYMErix vaccine was neverproven to be a vaccine. I informed them that the blood testing standard forLyme was FRAUDLENT, and that Yale and SmithKline were not reporting adverseevents to the FDA.

LYMErix coming off the market undid the whole monopoly, or “enterprise” which is a crime that should be charged under US racketeering and fraud, organized crime statutes, but instead I went to jail, being falsely criminally charged as beinga terrorist and my kids were given to a violent and insane man, Donald G.Dickson.

9) The New Haven FBI is incompetent. They’re arrogant. They put you on holdindefinitely. They yell at you on the phone, and they will not investigate orprotect us from this harassment and abuse.

10) The Connecticut police and State’s Attorney’s office is as corrupt as athree dollar bill. The Chief State’s Attorney, Christopher Morano allowed hisprosecutors prosecute the wrong teenager for an arson case, and instead ofprosecuting the prosecutors who were protecting the boys they knew were guilty,charged the boy with the crime of falsely admitting to a crime.

I am SURE that did not happen. The cops probably tortured the kid. That’s whatthey have ALWAYS done around here. ßThereis the published account of Morano’s gang’s crimes and their cover-up.

The rest of the videos which explain these RICO crimes are here (remember- casesensitive):

The fraud in the testing for Lyme Disease

Valid Markers ofIllness

Klempner's Multiple Sclerosis Haplotype

Psychiatry- bogus MDs, andtheir brain damaging "medicine" - DCF

The RICO Patents that went with the Lyme and LYMErix scam

Corrupticut Bags Steve Erickson

Corrupticut Bags the Inkels - DCF

Corrupticut Bags Chris Kennedy -DCF WTNH NEWS

Corrupticut Bags Jeffrey Yeaw - DCF "Helped" -
DCF "helped" put my kids in danger

11) So, if the United States dares to make any claims about “democracy” pleaseheed this: An attorney named Jim Brewer was physically assaulted by a policeofficer, and when he responded in kind, he was arrested, charged, disbarred, andthe latest news from the Corrupticourts, is that the Connecticut judges arebarring people from even taking notes in court.

So THERE IS NO FREE SPEECH or DEMOCRACY, nor is their law enforcementprotection. They throw whistleblowers like myself and Lisa Masterson into jailor the psych klink as punishment for being a crime victim.

12) Lisa is in the “hospital.” I can’t talk to her. They took her childrenaway. They do that all the time here. There was another woman named LynnaeLake who accused a chemical company of dumping illegally into the nearby watersupply and what do you think happened? Yes.They took her kid away and tortured her. Pepper spray, cops breaking down doorsto “get them” and the whole nine yards.

13) A few months ago some strange man named “Vince” called me and wanted toknow more about Lynnae Lake and “FamTrak” or the “underground railroad” which isa national network set up to help parents who are being harassed by these phoney“child protective services” – state sanctioned kidnappers.

I said I did not know anything about it.Who do you suppose that was, who would not identify himself and gave some reallystrange story about his girlfriend being involved in that, and had I ever heardof her? This is CRAZY!!!

14) This entire country has gone completely insane and we have no protection,no safety, no avenue to seek redress of grievances, my friend Steve was banishedfrom the State of Connecticut after serving jail time for defending himself froma mugger on his own property.Steve made the mistake of requesting civilian oversight of the police. Thus, hewent to jail for being mugged.

15) Google “Ritt Goldstein” He is our most famous Connecticut escapee andasylum seeker. He was so harassed by the State of Connecticut, he fled to Sweden. You can now read his stories and publications from anywhere in theworld, but it was not safe for Ritt here in the United States.

CONCLUSION: Don’t believe a single thing you hear from any American on anyissue, especially if they are in receipt of a paycheck with their name on itthat says “dot guv.”Our country will not defend and protect us, because it is not our country anymore. I hope you can protect us from more of this abuse. The intent is forthe world to belong to certain individuals who are allegedly smarter than us, like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, William Kristol. Dick Cheney, Douglas Feithe, Lewis Libby, Mortimer Zuckerman, Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein….

The FBI are a bunch of clowns who are completely set up to ONLY chasepornography watchers. This should surprise no one, since we only have one thinggoing on over here: SLEAZE. To Wit- McSweegan claims to be “hung like ahorse.” And he was apparently in Russia. (Yuk)

Kathleen M. Dickson
23 Garden StreetPawcatuck, CT 06379


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathleen, for exposing this crime to the world!

Without your perserverance, this tragic Relapsing Fever(a/k/a)Lyme disease pandemic would still be hidden to our citizens.

We owe you, our own telling of the tale.

So others will make their own sites and form groups with the data.

Then soon everyone will know how they spun the web of lies and deciet against humanity.

"It takes two to speak truth -- one to speak, and another to hear."
-Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) American naturalist, poet and philosopher.

Monday, May 26, 2008 9:57:00 AM  

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