Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Debating the Patriot Act

The below from NPR

The Senate has rejected attempts to reauthorize key surveillance provisions of the USA Patriot Act, dealing a major setback to the Bush administration. The 16 provisions in question, including those authorizing secret searches of records and roving wiretaps, are set to expire Dec. 31. The House approved the provisions' renewal with some modifications, but Senate opponents said those changes didn't go far enough to protect civil liberties

Patriot Act Remains in Senate Limbo
December 20, 2005 ยท As the holidays approach, Republican leaders in the Senate are trying to push through some of the year's most controversial legislation. One measure at stake is renewal of key provisions of the Patriot Act, which are encountering bipartisan opposition over privacy rights concerns.

Senate Fails to Extend Key Parts of Patriot Act


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