Monday, January 23, 2006

Eminent Domain

In Defense Of Private Property (click for link) - a July 6, 2005, Stark Raving Viking Post on Eminent Domain

From the Creative Justice Blog:

January 23, 2006
Creative Justice

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A interesting turn of events in the news. The current Supreme Court is more in tune with corporate interests than it is with the rights of citizens. One of the recent decisions regarding Eminent Domain allowed the government to seize pribvate property and then give it to corporate interests and private developers, allowing commercial induistry to get rich on the backs of private citizens.

This was certainly not the intent of the framers of our constitution. Eminent domain was intended to allow property to be purchased from the owner at a fair price to allow for construction of roads or other uses that benefitted the public welfare. Somehow hotels don’t seem to fit this idea of the public god except with an extreme stretching of logic.

How does a landowner that has lost their family homestead benefit from a hotel that they could never afford to stay?

WEARE - Activists who want U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter to pay a personal price for ruling New London, Conn., could seize private property for a development project rallied Sunday in Souter’s small hometown, arguing the town should take Souter’s home to build a hotel. More

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