Friday, January 27, 2006

Is the State of Connecticut Defrauding the I.R.S.?

Fax to Governor M. Jodi Rell:

January 27, 2006

To Governor M. Jodi Rell and to Whom It May Concern:

I invested 100’s of thousands of dollars and years of my sweat and hard labor to fix up Connecticut rental houses I fixed up from a boarded up Condition in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I couldn’t make money in rents if there were teens and other non-tenants selling heroin and crack cocaine off my front yard and near my property, teens were drinking beer in lawn chairs and selling drugs off my front yard 24 hours a day, prostitutes would move into my apartments without my permission and the Connecticut State Police refused to do anything but threaten me with arrest or worse for complaining about crime and criminals, and my windows were being smashed and I was going without sleep. I went to State Senator Tony Guglielmo and former Rep. Mordasky regarding my concerns and proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. There was a conspiracy to set me up for prison and to be thrown out of Connecticut wrecking my life, my family unity, credit, retirement, and making me lose my small business of 22 years. Why won’t any of you that are officials, stand up to the plate and help right a wrong that was due to out of control corruption in Connecticut?

Should proposing Civilian Oversight of Police and pissing off Arthur L. Spada, the former Police Commissioner of Connecticut State Police have caused me to be harassed by police, my false arrest, fixed bogus criminal trial, my false imprisonment, and the threat of more prison and arrests if I didn’t pack up and leave Connecticut in an hour after I was placed on probation after serving time in prison for being a beating and mugging victim in my own Connecticut dark driveway???!!!

Selectman John Julian of Stafford told me to sell my property at a loss to one of his friends as I was told he was more ‘important’ and if I didn’t sell it then to come back and see him as I was going to sell it at a loss, it was just a matter of when. What!!!???

That was probably ground zero for the State Police going after me to ruin me and run me off my property.

Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and he later fled the official Connecticut abuse and corruption seeking asylum in Sweden.

Should Rich Murzin a former Hartford Police Detective’s sons have been arrested and beaten for one son having witnessed a police illegal beating of a suspect, and then the former detective suffering a felony arrest in retaliation for complaining about the illegal arrests and beatings of his sons?

Should Phil Inkel be retaliated against for reporting the same criminal police behavior and not have his accusations that Connecticut Police put out a hit on him when he lodged complaints against police???!!!

Rich Murzin faced a felony arrest for going home for lunch a common police procedure in his department, for getting pay while not working.

Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada was using paid drivers to take him out golfing while he was supposed to be working and Spada falsified records, demoted the highest ranking police woman for being a woman, and was a general little racist, thin skinned little pipsqueak criminal piece of crap unelected official?

I emailed Spada the day before I was to be sentenced by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for being found guilty of ‘overreacting’ to being beaten on my own property while I was being mugged, by having used pepper spray.

A lawyer can be put in prison and lose his/her law license for actually defending their client. Attorney Michael H. Agranoff seemed to aid the prosecution and prevented me from defending myself. This seems to be policy in Connecticut.

I asked Spada to remove the US Dept. of Justice Community Policing webpage called, “COPS,” on community policing policies, citing the policies were not being followed, I indicated that I was sending hardcopy of the email to the USDOJ.

Kaplan freaked out on me the next day, screaming at me, asking who the hell I thought I was. It is illegal for police and a judge to conspire behind the scenes to sentencing or fixing the case of an accused. Everything that has happened before and after is ridiculous and beyond belief, so I ‘marked’ my case by having sent that email to Spada of the police, to view the reaction of Kaplan, a Judge.

Should Chris Kennedy have had his kids taken away, faced numerous arrests, a $500,000 bond, 30 years in prison for complaining about Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan and trying to expose Connecticut’s corruption and flagrant abuse of hardworking Connecticut citizens that dare speak out about Connecticut Official abuse.

Should Don Christmas get arrested and face prison for having threatened to sue Connecticut Police for civil rights abuse and for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police as I had.? Should a police officer’s 16 year old prostitute girlfriend face no punishment for attacking Donny on his property, while Donny faced a year and a half in prison, no deals, for being slapped in the back of the head and yelled at by the Enfield Police Officer’s prostitute 16 year old girlfriend?

Should Kathleen Dickson have been thrown in a mental hospital and prison and made to sign a paper to “not criticize the government” to silence her after she exposed Rowland administration era corruption?

Should victims of Connecticut corruption still suffer?

Two Connecticut State Troopers committed perjury to get me convicted. Troopers Amaral and Langlois under oath, said I never tried to make a complaint against Brian Caldwell a front teeth missing, drug using, violent alcoholic who admitted on the stand to threatening to kill me and demanding money after he jumped me on my property at night during a robbery attempt.

If there isn’t still corruption being covered up and vocal citizens being retaliated against, why won’t you do anything to help correct the past abuse which is still continuing?

I await action and consideration for myself and others that still suffer for having lived in Connecticut and speaking their minds and exposing the truth.

There are so many people that have come to me about their abuse in Connecticut, including police officers abused by their own, officials abused, military people abused returning from war, etc.

I wanted to join the ranks of the Vermont or Massachusetts State Police before having moved to Connecticut, investing in rental property. Those departments don’t disrespect and abuse citizens based on their zip code, economic status, type of employment or lack thereof, or race, as is the case in Connecticut.

I have been a disaster relief worker in the aftermath of Katrina in Mississippi and Louisiana and met police officers from all over the country, I can’t say that I met one that was disrespectful, not upstanding, nor from all that I saw day after day, seeing so much, did I once see a police officer do ANYTHING questionable or illegal.

I can’t say the same thing for my observing officers in Connecticut, in as little as one day going by, that have no fear of oversight, nor punishment for retaliation, misconduct, being highly disrespectful and downright rude, and illegal behavior as unwritten Connecticut State Police policy.

It all can make sense after one realizes that Connecticut police and courts are all about revenue collection and criminal correction is just a sideline around the main task.

The population has stayed the same and so has growth, unlike almost all other states that are growing, that aren’t as blatantly corrupt. In over a decade the amount of State officials being hired and revenue collected has gone up 25 to 30 percent, with no growth.

How can it be justified for State Government to be more and more of a pig, parasite on the people? When there is corruption and government growth out of control, good working people have to be targeted for their assets and cash to feed a revenue collection system out of control.

Connecticut gets money to take away children in federal tax dollars, whether the parents are good to their children or not. Connecticut gets federal dollars to lock up citizens guilty or not. Connecticut gets federal dollars to ‘process’ citizens for restraining orders and other ‘processing’.

So, how much longer will Connecticut get away with defrauding federal taxpayers nationwide?

How long will taxpayers be taken offline, being ruined, whenever they speak out about the abuse in Connecticut, or try to propose laws to elected officials to correct the abuse? Should the IRS investigate Connecticut for ripping them off by taking federal taxpayers offline?

Should families and individuals continue to suffer because of the abundance of sociopaths in the DCF, Police, and Judiciary in Connecticut that have no oversight and quality control?

I’m posting this Fax to you on

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
Fax 504-324-0585

Fax numbers and other IRS information (click)

Pictures and more of what I lost:

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

* * * *

Text of a Fax I sent to the IRS regarding Connecticut defrauding the IRS and Federal Taxpayers. cc Governor M. Jodi Rell
additional text was faxed 01-30-06 (fax did not go through as someone picked up the phone during transmission)

* * * *
* * * *

The below faxed to 1-212-436-1442, Northeast USA IRS center, at approx 1 PM EST:

January 30, 2006

To Whom It May Concern at the IRS (fax 978-474-9405):

I believe the State of Connecticut is defrauding Federal Taxpayers and the I.R.S.

Those within the official system in Connecticut are targeted for job loss and retaliation if they complain and/or expose corruption and/or officials involved in corruption. Please request the transcripts of a CHRO (Commission of Human Rights) special meeting at the Capitol Building of Hartford Connecticut, 7 PM, April 14, 2005, for more on how federal taxpayers and the I.R.S. are being defrauded.

Taking workers off of the tax roles and out of their jobs based on retaliation for whistleblowing defrauds the I.R.S. and Federal Taxpayers in taxes not collected due to illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral behavior. Good behavior is punished in Connecticut, bad, parasitic, illegal behavior is rewarded with federal tax dollars.

A State hording federal tax dollars to break up families to get the reported $90,000 in federal funds for each child taken away and throwing more and more citizens in prison for the $75 plus/inmate/day in federal tax dollars is an abomination. Former Governor Rowland of Connecticut seemed to be part of an organized crime outfit in trying to build “Juvie Jails” and more and more adult prisons so he and his cronies could profit in bribes and skimming off funds, federal tax dollars.

The former Connecticut State Police Commissioner allegedly helped hide corruption and helped fix State Police investigations to silence whistleblowers, for retaliation against those that dare speak out or complain, and to protect official criminals. Spada allegedly turned in bogus records regarding how Homeland Securtiy funds were spent and for his “playing hookey” out playing golf, submitting fraudulent records.

Spada also allegedly tried to shield his Chief of Staff from being prosecuted for fraud, theft, and other crimes blatantly committed. It all would be comical if it wasn’t so darn appalling.

Federal and State Courts are also fixed to protect official criminals in Connecticut and for retaliation. The ADA rules aren’t followed in Connecticut courts and if you are the wrong race, sexual orientation, or if you complain about corruption, the courts in Connecticut are a rubber stamp on abuse.

RICO Statutes need to be used to fix Connecticut.

I came to Connecticut, invested in boarded up rental property, spent 100’s of thousands of dollars and years fixing up the properties. Police aligned themselves with prostitutes, drug dealers, and other criminals to retaliate against me for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, for my being critical of police in newspapers, and because I did not sell my property at a loss when the Stafford Springs, Connecticut selectman told me to sell my property to someone “more important”, his friend at a loss, or else. What!!!???

Because, Connecticut Officials, Police, and Members to the Judiciary illegally and unconstitutionally harassed and threatened out of my home, out of my investment property, credit, retirement, family unity, health insurance, in my being a productive/taxpaying citizen for years, wrecking me financially, 22 year career as a contractor, and my life as I knew it, I feel that that because I did not make a profit, but lost money, and haven’t been able to earn a living that I do not owe the $10,000 plus in federal taxes mistakenly assessed on me.

Please investigate the criminals in Connecticut for fraud, federal income tax payer abuse, and for other federal crimes committed in defrauding the I.R.S. and Federal Taxpayers.

Connecticut is an example of what might be a future national nightmare. Connecticut has lead the nation in testing the Constitution and seeing what can be gotten away with by officials for centuries. The party should now be over for Blue Bloods, Racists, and Corrupt Career Criminals in Corruptikut, and the IRS is the answer.

Population and business in Connecticut has remained stagnant for over a decade, but because of corruption and the lack of checks and balances and the obeying of laws by police, elected and unelected officials, and members of the judiciary in Connecticut, the amount of personnel and money being spent by the state and the size of the State Budget has increased by 25 to 30 percent with ZERO GROWTH. What!!!???

Police partnering with criminals is the result to parasite off the middle class and anyone owning property and assets that lacks political power is a way to wreck America. Connecticut police are being sent to doors to collect library fines allegedly under the threat of felony arrests citizens are being terrorized into paying money they may not even owe. What!!!???

Did the Connecticut State Police change an investigation’s results because rich and politically powerful Connecticut residents asked them to? Did Connecticut police put out a citizen that saw police illegally beating up a citizen and then daring to lodge a complaint?

A small business owner giving awy faree coffee is more at risk of arrest and being ruined than a prostitute, teen drug dealer, and common criminal parasite.

Thank you,

Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730
Enfield, CT 06083

Fax 1-504-324-0585
SS# [snipped]

P.S. I finally got some work as of September 2005 and have been working in Hurricane Katrina devastated areas as a disaster relief worker in Mississippi and Louisiana and don’t have regular access to post mail. Please put, “Arthur L. Spada” in a search engine for more information. I am going to post this fax to you on

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