Friday, January 06, 2006

Questioning Authority

Assault on Small Business and the Individual

(Text of a FAX)

To Whom It May Concern: 06 January 2006-01-06

Who is the preferred citizen in Connecticut?

Are families being broken up for profit?

Are those that speak out about corruption, maliciously investigated, followed by Connecticut police and then put in prison after ‘show trials’?

My friend, Chris Kennedy, was stabbed by his wife during a time they were arguing about financial and child custody issues. His wife, in the medical field, probably had more political power and connections.

The charges against Chris’ wife were dropped, she was awarded complete custody and Chris faced arrests, malicious harassment by legal authorities. After lodging a complaint against Judge Jonathan Kaplan, Chris faced a $500,000 bond and facing 3 decades in prison. Exposing corruption in Connecticut can mean losing everything and more.

My activities and that of others may have stopped the ‘normal’ retaliation progression to happen. Chris Kennedy’s cell phone number is [snipped, email: ]. He has been acquitted but still can’t see his kids and has lost his rights to them for RETALIATION.

I came to Connecticut and invested 100’s of thousands of dollars in Connecticut real estate. A Stafford selectman told me to sell my property at a $100,000 loss or else. I then had a police informant investigate me with a reward for setting me up. She failed, but I had to rent cars and hide inside for years from the Connecticut State Police that threatened and harassed me. I should have fled Connecticut for America, then.

I was arrested for using pepper spray to end an attack where I received injuries during a robbery attempt. The attacker, Brian Caldwell, is missing his front teeth and is a known violent, drug using, alcoholic criminal with a record. He urinates and passes out in public. Peter Coukos, the new owner of my Connecticut properties, has abused crack cocaine, hires prostitutes, propositions underage girls for sex, and was charged with a DUI after repeatedly bashing an African American’s car as he became upset after she had pulled in front of him.

These are 2 citizens the Connecticut authorities must prefer to an honest taxpaying citizen that gets in the way of the corruption-fest in Connecticut.

Don Christmas, also a landlord, also got mouthy to reporters about the lack of police protection and service, also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, and ALSO had planned on suing Connecticut Police for abuse ALSO BEFORE he was attacked on his property where the attacker received immunity to prosecute Donny. In Donny’s case he was attacked by a police officer’s 16 year old prostitute girlfriend.

Ritt Goldstein was a Connecticut small business owner and wanted Connecticut police accountability. After fearing for his life, being ruined financially, he fled to Sweden to seek political asylum from the abuse in Connecticut.

Jeffrey Yeaw lodged complaints against DCF workers. He was the better parent based on reports, but the kids were kidnapped by DCF. Jeffrey Yeaw took them out of DCF care and triggered an Amber Alert. Jeff was toyed with by Connecticut courts being led to believe he was going to spend the rest of his life in prison as court dates were played with and childish games went on with the Connecticut Courts. Jeff allegedly fled to avoid the malicious prosecution.

Phil Inkel and a Connecticut Narcotics cop’s son witnessed a police beating of a suspect. Both of Rich Murzin’s sons were arrested, beaten, and charged with crimes for retaliation for having lodged complaints against police. Officer Murzin was then maliciously investigated and faced felony charges. Former State Police Commission Arthur L. Spada was never charged for fraudulent records for accounting for taxpayer services. Murzin faced felony charges for how he spent his lunch time, going home, as many officers did.

Connecticut police officers allegedly hired hit men to kill Phil Inkel to shut him up. The case and investigation that had probable cause to arrest the officers was squashed.

Connecticut gets federal tax dollars to take children away.

Connecticut gets federal tax dollars to put as many citizens in prison, guilty or not.

When I was released from prison I was told I was not allowed to reside in Connecticut. I was given an hour to pack up and be out of Connecticut or automatically be violated on probation and immediately placed back in a Connecticut prison.

I could have spent the rest of my life in a Connecticut prison as a political prisoner.

Kathleen Dickson had her children taken away and was thrown in prison and made to sign an agreement not to expose corrupt officials as terms of her release. What!!!???

Legislators need to pick up where police and the courts have failed. There isn’t supposed to be encroachment between the branches of government, BUT you are mere puppets if they can operate Connecticut like is described above. There have been too many abused to even count. Connecticut courts are a sham and officials can lie, steal, rape, murder, and commit perjury at will with little fear of punishment.

We need YOU to help us clean our records and to prevent this abuse from being business as usual in Connecticut. I am placing links to my accusations on, I fear being again being put in a Connecticut prison for my views, outspokenness, and political activities.

-Steven G. Erickson, cell [snipped]

* * * *

More Connecticut Sleaze Fest?

My picture and links in a post blasting former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada and Police, Judicial, and Prosecutorial Misconduct

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