Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shutting up complainers with E-Bombs?

To ignite an E-bomb, a starter current energizes the stator coil, creating a magnetic field. The explosion (A) expands the tube, short-circuiting the coil and compressing the magnetic field forward (B). The pulse is emitted (C) at high frequencies that defeat protective devices like Faraday Cages.


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Would it be cheaper for authorities to E-Bomb those that could win civil suits in the tune of millions of dollars or to send out an operative in a cable or utility van in proximity of your house?

How great is the individual authorities drive to not get caught for wrongdoing, silencing whistleblowers, and keeping their taxpayer paid job at all costs?

The technology has definitely been out there a while.

Do governments not use such a useful tool when they have it?

Bloggers can be on the frontlines of the Free Speech battle. As soon as America is unplugged from the grid, the true nature of the beast will be exposed.

More on E Bombs


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