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No Jail For Ex-Wife In Hit Plot
January 8, 2006 Associated Press

LITCHFIELD -- A Torrington woman who repeatedly told a neighbor she wanted to hire someone to kill her ex-husband avoided jail and was sentenced to a special form of probation Friday.

Court records indicate that Heather Hall, 31, was jealous of Dan Hall's relationship with his 10-year-old daughter by another woman.

The Halls, who were divorced in April 2005 after three years of marriage, had two children. They continued to share a home and a bedroom after their divorce.

Under the conditions of Heather Hall's probation, she can now have no contact with her husband and she does not have custody of their children.

Dan Hall told police he learned from a neighbor in July that his ex-wife wanted him dead.

Documents indicate that Heather Hall wanted to collect on a $200,000 life insurance policy and rid herself of jealous feelings.

"There was an issue of jealousy here, an unhealthy psychological view held by the defendant of Mr. Hall and the minor child," said State's Attorney David Shepack.

"The impression one gets after listening to the tapes is that there was venom; a situation the community has a right to be concerned about. She evinces an intent to do harm."

Dan Hall said he didn't believe the warnings but was sometimes afraid to eat at home because his ex-wife might poison him. He realized he was in harm's way when he heard tapes of near-nightly conversations between Desanti and Heather Hall that police recorded with Desanti's cooperation.

On the tapes, Heather Hall says that the perfect thing would be if something happened to the small plane Dan Hall owns and flies.When she learned that Dan Hall planned to change the life insurance policy, Heather Hall told Desanti she needed to act more quickly to "whack Danny."

"If she could have gotten away with this, she would have," Dan Hall said. "I was always hoping to hear her say something like 'This is crazy, why am I thinking this way."

'Judge Charles Gill agreed to the special probation because Heather Hall is a first-time offender, but he said he had reservations.

"There is an old expression of man's inhumanity to man, which is in this case a woman's inhumanity to man and child," Gill said.

If Hall abides by the conditions of accelerated rehabilitation imposed Friday in Superior Court in Litchfield, a charge of inciting injuries to persons will be erased.


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