Friday, January 27, 2006

What's up with

Yes, the site has been down off and on.

Many of the links here at SRV refer to posts at

It seems whenever I have some damning accusations with proof attached, goes down, coincidence?

With the absence of, this post tells the what I have had to say all along, with pictures:

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

My story and more on

* * * *

Telling the Town Selectman/Police Chief to go 'F' himself- PRICELESS
Warning: graphic language, names named of citizens and officials in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and others in the State of Connecticut.

If you click on and put my name, “Steven G. Erickson” without quotes with key words such as “Chris Kennedy”, “Arthur L. Spada”, “Governor John G. Rowland”, “Rell”, “Connecticut”, “Connecticut State Police Misconduct”, “Class Action Lawsuit”. “Attorney Michael H. Agranoff”, “Peter Coukos”, “Rape Rob Murder”, “Police Informant”, “Korruptikut”, “Corrupticut”, “Corruptikut”, “DCF Abuse”, “Jeffrey R. Yeaw”, “Kathleen Dickson”, “William Mulready”, “Rich Murzin”, “Ritt Goldstein”, “Donald Christmas”, “Don Christmas”, “Enfield Connecticut”, “Stafford Springs, CT”, Prostitute, “Common Criminal Parasite”, “What is prison really like?”, etc, and then click on the cached version in the yahoo search engine you’ll see the post as it was minus any attached photos. also allows searchers to click on cached posts

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