Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why not dig even deeper?

Connecticut might be our Union's most corrupt state. If trends start in Connecticut, as a dipstick for our nation, we are in for a world of shit.

Too many criminals that are officials and business Big Wigs, need to be fairly tried and then see the inside of a prison cell, not those 'little people' that speak out turning the bastards in!

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From the Hartford Courant:

Former Conn. CFO Indicted In Bank Fraud Scheme In N.H.
7:55 PM EST, January 17, 2006 Associated Press

CONCORD, N.H. -- The former chief financial officer of a Connecticut company has been indicted in a bank fraud and embezzlement scheme in New Hampshire.

U.S. Attorney Thomas Colantuono said today that John Carney, 56, of Worcester, Mass., has been charged with conspiracy, bank fraud and wire fraud.

Carney had been an executive of Bridgeport Metal Goods Corporation, which made packaging for cosmetics and toiletries at a plant in Hinsdale, Colantuono said.

The indictment charges that Carney and other unidentified employees of the company secured loans in excess of $2 million from Wells Fargo Credit Inc. with false sales invoices and inflated inventory. The indictment also accuses Carney of embezzling $76,000 from the Connecticut company.

Carney's trial is scheduled for trial on March 7.

Colantuono said that if convicted, Carney could be imprisoned up to 55 years and be fined as much as $2.25 million.


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