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Civilian Oversight of Police

Civilian Oversight of Police from the Vera Institute

Civilian Oversight of Police in Democratic Societies PDF

Proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to Elected Officials

How non-whites are put out of business in ‘White Only’ areas

Racism and Assault on Small Businesses of non-connected owners

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I complained to LT Wack of Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs and he threatened me for having lodged complaints and refused to take a complaint regarding Sgt. Sticca who said I ‘confessed’ while being held at Troop C HQ, and then recanted, liar, liar. Wack refused to investigate his ‘friend’. I talked with Carol Amino of Governor Rowlands Officer, now Gov. Rell’s aid and she threatened me with more arrests and more prison if I lodged complaints as it would further piss off former Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Arthur L. Spada, whom I blame for ordering police to threaten me, set me up, and railroad me to prison. More

Why am I posting this? Well, New York State Police Internal Affairs is now investigating Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs, I want to put the NY police investigators on notice that putting a rubber stamp on abuse won’t be tolerated. Serpico, which spawned a movie, couldn’t find a single cop on the NYC force to go regarding bribery and severe police misconduct. Cops cover for cops. Prosecutors cover for all officials and so do judges. Pedophile priests should not be overseen by other pedophile priests.

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network

The text below emailed to:

I wish to propose Civilian Oversight of Police and of the Judiciary.

I had proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and told Connecticut elected officials in the Stafford CT area that I intended to sue police for Civil Rights abuses.

Police had refused to give me protection and service and heroin and crack cocaine dealing went on unabated on and near my rental properties. For being outspoken I faced a false arrests and prison after being threatened by police if I did not leave Connecticut. Police can be rude and unprofessional on the phone and in person.

Police refusal to follow up on lead to teens dying in a high speed rollover involving alcohol and drugs because their illegal behavior was not addressed before the deaths. Another teen almost beat a man to death with a baseball bat after I had named the individuals involved in other strong are robberies involving teens and baseball bats.

Judges and prosecutors act with police to cover up police and judicial misconduct and different Unconstitutional sentencing and court behavior is rampant as there is no civilian oversight of the courts and police.

Police officers feel free to go to a person’s place of employment and get an individual fired based on police vendettas. Evidence is manufactured and police have no fear of punishment blatantly perjuring themselves.

Children are taken away from those that lodge complaints against officials and that are whistleblowers. Federal taxpayers are being defrauded.

I have explained how a Mafia-like town hall is run on Racism and enforcing a “Whites Only” unofficial policy is also described in the post.

Criminal misconduct of police, prosecutors, and judges should no longer be tolerated.

New York State Police Internal Affairs is investigating Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs for inconsistencies and abuse. This is proof positive that legislators need to act. Citizens should not face malicious arrests, prison, loss of jobs, family unity, and all they have ever worked for just for having proposed laws such as Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials and blowing the whistle on corruption to news reporters.

After I had proposed Civilian Oversight the Police Liaison bragged to elected official’s legislative staff that I would be targeted for arrest and retaliation. Is that American behavior and should the legislature address this across the board abuse of citizens and families in Connecticut?

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson, PO box 730, Enfield, CT 06083, Cell [snipped]

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From the Sunday Oregonian:

Report: Police need civilian oversight
An outside reviewer finds Portland police have inadequate rules on investigating officer shootings and in-custody deaths

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Outside experts, having now reviewed five years of Portland police shootings and deaths in police custody, are calling on the city again to provide civilian oversight of police use of deadly force.

In its second report in two years, the Los Angeles-based Police Assessment Resource Center found that the Portland Police Bureau's investigations were inadequate in determining whether officers' actions were tactically sound.

"A recurrence of biased investigations, as we have now seen from 1997 through 2001, raises the questions as to whether a fair and balanced process and result can be reached without oversight by an outside agency," the report said.

The 76-page report on 14 police shootings from July 2000 to December 2001 also revealed a litany of problems that the Police Assessment Resource Center said placed police and others in unnecessary danger. It cited an absence or inability of sergeants on the scene to supervise officers; officers leaning through windows, or acting alone without backup, to try to remove unarmed drivers from cars; a lack of officers trained in crisis intervention to handle dangerous encounters with the mentally ill; and an unnecessary delay in rendering first aid to wounded suspects. (The report noted a 90-minute delay in one case.)

Mayor Tom Potter, through a spokeswoman, was noncommittal Friday about civilian oversight, saying he had questions that he wanted answered before taking a stand.

City Auditor Gary Blackmer, who released the report Friday, said the City Council would have to provide additional funding to permit the civilian oversight that the Police Assessment Resource Center wants.

The consultants pointed out that the 14 shootings reviewed this time occurred before their first report was released in 2003. The first report included a review of 32 police shootings and two deaths in police custody from January 1997 to June 30, 2000, and a list of 89 recommendations.
Former Chief Mark Kroeker was ousted partly because of his poor response to the first report.

In contrast, the Police Assessment Resource Center applauded Chief Derrick Foxworth for responding to many of the recommendations made two years ago.

The consultants said Foxworth has made "serious good-faith efforts" to make changes. However, they said the chief has not gone far enough, and they identified several policies that could be improved.

Although the chief appropriately revised the bureau's policy on deadly force to stress the sanctity of human life, the consultants said they found it "puzzling" that Foxworth did not state that deadly force should be used only when no alternatives are reasonably available.

Foxworth said that Portland officers generally use deadly force only as a last resort, but to demand a "last resort" standard would be inappropriate and dangerous for officers because it would complicate their thinking during such difficult events. The consultants found the chief's argument unpersuasive.

Guidelines for weapons
Although the bureau now requires officers to file a report when they point their guns at someone, the consultants said the bureau still needs to draft guidelines identifying when police should draw, point and reholster their weapons.

One of the 14 shootings studied was the April 1, 2001, death of Jose Victor Santos Mejia Poot. Police shot Mejia Poot, 29, when he escaped from a room in a psychiatric hospital in Sellwood and threatened staff, who called police. He advanced on officers with a metal rod he had ripped from a door, and they shot him twice.

Four years later, the consultants said police should never respond to routine patient management problems in mental health facilities. They should not have been called to the hospital in 2001 when Mejia Poot walked out of an isolation room with a faulty lock on it.

Foxworth, in response to the report, said, "Not showing up is not an option." He added the bureau is still working with county officials to ensure that mental health staff call police only for crimes in progress, armed individuals or serious assaults.

Police shooting investigations
The consultants are still not satisfied with the bureau's practice of having homicide detectives investigate police shootings, followed by an internal affairs review, with input from training officers, to determine whether policies were violated. The report suggests that criminal and internal investigations proceed at the same time.

Foxworth and Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk said legal concerns made the simultaneous investigations impractical.

Regarding the investigation of police shootings, the Police Assessment Resource Center found detectives had a "strong disinclination" to find an officer ever acted wrongly. In some cases, the consultants said, detectives asked leading or biased questions to civilian witnesses. In others, they failed to examine discrepancies between officer accounts and evidence.

In one case, for example, detectives did not explore a discrepancy between an officer's claim of self-defense and medical evidence that showed a suspect killed was shot in the back and back of his arm.

Foxworth said he has created a Use of Force Review Board of community members and police to evaluate police shootings.

Dan Handelman, of the watchdog group Copwatch, said, "There's a lot of good that comes out of these reports. Many of the ideas are things the community has been saying for years."

Maxine Bernstein: 503-221-8212;

Faulty Crime Labs

I’m watching CNN live right now. It is amazing the shoddy work coming out of crime labs and what ‘experts’ can do to innocent people’s lives. Victims are victimized again when the wrong person is doing serious time in prison. The public has a false sense of security.

There needs to be Civilian Oversight over Police, Crime Labs, and the Judiciary.

CSI type shows give the public a false sense that lab workers and their results are professional and accurate. Reality is completely different, and way too many innocent people are put in prison for long periods of time, ruined, and there is no need for this sloppiness.

There is also intentional framing of suspects and manufacturing of evidence.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lead Bullet Analysis

It is just one more example of a bogus field meant to falsely imprison the innocent. On CNN a report was done that DNA and other Crime labs lack quality and credibility.

The Lead Bullet Analysis test does not prove anything and many bullets that are even decades apart in manufacture can be deemed, identical. That is BS.

Why Police need Civilian Oversight

Police Station Intimidation-Parts 1 and 2
Undercover Video You'll Find hard To Believe
I-Team Uncovers Imtimidation In Complaint Process
See The Reaction From Police Officials

Look for Mike Kirsch's Follow-Up report later this week on CBS4
Most police officers are a credit to the badge, serving the community and the people who pay their salary, getting criminals off the street, making the community safer for everyone.

But on occasion, a police officer and a member of the public they serve don’t see eye to eye, and the citizen feels a need to complain. In many departments around the country, the process starts out simply: a person just requests a complaint form.

Police departments around the country, like here in Tallahassee, give citizens police complaint forms all the time, no questions asked. But walk into a police station in South Florida, trying to find out how to file a complaint, and watch what happens.

Erickson letter to Connecticut Attorney General
(Nov. 12, 2003)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Connecticut State Police, Too Corrupt to Run their own Internal Affairs?

From the Hartford Courant:

State Police Inquiry Ongoing 170 Interviews Held On Internal Affairs
February 19, 2006 By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer

New York State Police have conducted more than 170 interviews and have reviewed nearly 40 cases as part of a broad inquiry into allegations of questionable tactics used by members of the Connecticut State Police internal affairs unit.

And four months into the investigation, multiple teams of investigators from New York continue to arrange interviews with troopers and delve into the cases, some almost a decade old.

"No end date has been established," Lt. Glenn Miner, a New York State Police spokesman, said Thursday.

"The investigation is still ongoing."

The scope of the investigation ranges from allegations of tampering with investigations to punishing some troopers while excusing others for the same offense, a source close to the investigation said.

In some cases, troopers have alleged that top managers within the department were directing or influencing the outcome of the internal affairs inquiries.

"Based on the information we have gotten, it appears to me they are looking into even more information, more cases and more incidents," said David LeBlanc, president of the Connecticut State Police Union.

"It appears to us they are going even stronger, not wrapping it up.

The New York troopers are occupying space in two buildings in the state police complex in Meriden, and several weeks ago, six more investigators arrived to help organize the information.

"There are a lot of people wondering what is going to come out of this," LeBlanc said.

"No one really knows where it is going."

Public Safety Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle said he is directing the scope of the investigation, and that some cases have been brought to his attention.

"There have been isolated incidents I have asked New York to look into," he said.

Boyle said the investigation is beginning to wind down, although no date has been set for when it will conclude or when he may receive a report from the investigators.

The findings of the investigation will help Boyle decide what action, if any, to take, he said.

"These findings will tell me whether there was any misconduct, or whether bad judgments were made, and whether we need [to make changes] to internal affairs," Boyle said.

Meanwhile, an investigation by the attorney general's office into the practices of the internal affairs division continues, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said. He declined to comment on that investigation.

LeBlanc said there has been rampant speculation within the department on what the outcome is going to be.

Fueling rumors have been retirements of some high-ranking state police, including a major.

Boyle, however, has said the retirements had nothing to do with the investigation.

"I believe there will be strong and bold recommendations," LeBlanc said.

"I think if top managers are involved in inappropriate actions, that needs to be dealt with appropriately by the commissioner or the governor."

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My May 23, 2005, letter to Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

My March 11, 2005, letter to the Commissioner with loads of links

ethics, shmethics ...

The Fix is in

Just Plain Disgusting

My letter to President George W. Bush on 09-15-2001

Friday, February 17, 2006

Able Danger

Three Stooges National Security Service

Congressman Says Unit Foreshadowed Attacks
By KIMBERLY HEFLING, Associated Press Writer Wed Feb 15, 7:46 AM ET

WASHINGTON - Pre-Sept. 11 intelligence conducted by a secret military unit identified terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta 13 different times, a congressman said Tuesday

During a Capitol Hill news conference, Rep. Curt Weldon (news, bio, voting record), R-Pa., said the unit — code-named "Able Danger" — also identified "a problem" in Yemen two weeks before the attack on the
USS Cole' News News Photos Images Web' USS Cole.

It knew the problem was tied into the port of Aden and involved a U.S. platform, but the ship commander was not made aware of it, Weldon said.

The suicide bombing of the Cole killed 17 sailors on Oct. 12, 2000.
If anyone had told the Cole's commander that there was any indication of a problem in Aden, "he would not have gone there," Weldon told reporters. "He had no clue."

Weldon would not say who provided evidence of such intelligence to him.
Since August, Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has pushed Congress and the
Pentagon' News News Photos Images Web' Pentagon to investigate the workings of Able Danger, which used data mining to identify links that might indicate the workings of terrorists. If he is correct, it would change the timeline for when government officials first became aware of Atta's links to al-Qaida.

Former members of the Sept. 11 commission have dismissed Weldon's findings.

Cmdr. Greg Hicks, a Pentagon spokesman, released a statement saying that Pentagon officials welcome the opportunity to address these issues during a hearing scheduled Wednesday before a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee.

The above found here on the web

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No Confidence

Violence Draws Attention

Gov. M. Jodi Rell held a closed-door meeting at the Capitol Tuesday with more than a dozen mayors, including her two major challengers, on how to curb urban violence

When Police enforce ‘Jim Crow’ unwritten laws in Connecticut, when cops can be abuse, rude, racist liars and perjurers, when an informant system is designed to keep ‘riffraff and niggers’ in their place, to keep them from integrating into the white, suburban neighborhoods, why ask why?

Try filming an African American driving into Wethersfield or West Hartford from Hartford, Connecticut and see a pattern. An invisible fence exists around the white, upper class, suburban neighborhoods.

Could an African American suspect be chased down by a white officer in any other state where the white officer stands on the African American back and fires a round into the suspect’s back and the white officer gets a one year suspended sentence for the murder/execution of a minority suspect on Appeal.

The informant system is meant, not to help white trash, minorities, and riffraff, it is meant to lower the quality of life in the containment areas and label these people felons, robbed of their vote, their voice, and their way up and out.

Shame on you, you Connecticut Blue Blood Bastards!

The slave ship Amistad was not seized for any revulsion to the institution of Slavery it was just an early indication how much Connecticut corrupt officials enjoyed taking other people’s shit and thumbing their noses at any other authority.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?


Police in the USA concentrate on Revenue Collection Areas, not Crime Areas

Urban Violence Drawing Attention Rell Meets With Mayors, Including Political Challengers

February 15, 2006 By MARK PAZNIOKAS, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

Gov. M. Jodi Rell sat at one end of a long table. Her Democratic challengers, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and Stamford Mayor Dannel P. Malloy, sat on opposite sides at the other end.

The topic Tuesday at Rell's closed-door meeting at the Capitol with more than a dozen mayors was how to curb urban violence. Participants said the tone was polite and the conversation direct, even with three major gubernatorial candidates seated at the table.

"We all agree this is something we have to work on together," Rell said after the meeting, as Malloy peered over her shoulder and DeStefano stood to the side.

"It is not about politics. It is about doing something to protect our children."

The Republican governor said she was open to revising her proposed budget to respond to mayoral concerns, including a complaint by DeStefano that her budget would provide $750,000 in new anti-crime funds, yet end an effective $850,000 youth program.

"I think he brings up a good point," Rell said.

"Maybe we will go back and take a look."

The Democrats said the meeting was an appreciated gesture, but Rell's budget will be a better measure of her commitment to fighting urban crime, especially involving the young.

"I appreciate the meeting, but the direction and vision of the state gets shaped in the budget, and it wasn't there," DeStefano said.Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez handed Rell a petition from civic leaders in Hartford who are asking Rell for more resources to fight a recent spate of shootings. Rev. Cornell Lewis and other activists marched to the Capitol to present the petitions.

Before the meeting, Malloy and DeStefano each released similarly named anti-crime plans directed at keeping young people from trouble.

With his "Connecticut Youth Action Plan," DeStefano would use expanded youth employment and counseling to attack teen violence.

Malloy issued a "Connecticut Youth Development Initiative" that focused on mentoring, youth employment and partnerships with community organizations.

The two mayors called for the passage of legislation that would require the reporting by gun owners of lost or stolen guns, a measure that Perez asked Rell to endorse during their meeting.

Rell said she would study the measure, but sounded a skeptical note:

"Most of the guns [traced to violent crimes] are not necessarily falling in the category of lost or stolen guns."

In separate interviews, DeStefano and Malloy said that Rell missed the point of the legislation, which they say is intended to strip criminals of a defense when their guns are traced to crimes.

"The reality is they currently have a defense," Malloy said.

"Their defense is, `Oops, I lost it.' What we want to do is cut that line of retreat off."

"She didn't get it," DeStefano said.

Rell said the meeting Tuesday marked the beginning of a dialogue with the mayors.

"This is not an issue that is going to be solved in one meeting, on one day with one press release," Rell said.

"We need to continue this dialogue."

Her dialogue eventually will include a series of gubernatorial debates with either Malloy or DeStefano, but Rell said the candidates ignored the politics for the day.

Rell insisted that talking policy with her opponents presented no awkwardness.

"I think it was fine working with them," she said. Then glancing over her shoulder, she added, "I hope."

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Fax to Rell's office at 11:54 AM EST:

To Governor M. Jodi Rell and Staff: February 15, 2006

I saw a Hartford Courant piece asking what can be done about urban violence in Connecticut. Well, maybe if there was even a small hint of ethics in Connecticut government, with police, and in the Courts, there would be less, a lot less.

Judge Howard Scheinblum can tell minority defendents to take a deal, guilty or not, or really suffer serious consequences without a lawyer present. That is unconstitutional. The same Judge seems to be able to rent out a Court House for a lawyer’s retirement party charging admission. Doesn’t seem improper that prosecutors, judges, and defense lawyers meet this way? Is it ethical?

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan can bring up a person’s race and gloat, banter with glee about taking their kids away. Two individuals, including myself, have faced malicious investigations, false arrests, and faced prison for upsetting Kaplan. Chris Kennedy faced a $500,000 bond and 30 years in prison for retaliation. How do his 3 kids and Connecticut benefit? Why should there be political prisoners being held in Connecticut prisons?

Crime is down, child abuse is down, and the population is either stagnant or down in Corruptikut. Why is there a Rowland style corruption machine effort to keep building more and more prison and mental hospital beds for children and adults? Are they more and more for individuals that complain about official abuse and corruption? Are kids and adults to be put in prison to defraud Federal Taxpayers, not for other reasons?

DCF is such an embarrassing mess, it needs to be under federal control. Official lying, perjury, and manufacturing is basically not enforced against any Connecticut official, elected or unelected.

The Connecticut State Police can’t run their own Internal Affairs department, it goes to New York. I was printed in the Courant yesterday in the Letter to Editor section regarding that issue. Gay bashing, racism, and sexism is more the rule than not.

The informant system is meant to keep ‘uppity’ minorities and white trash in their place. The Connecticut police tax the drug delivery system as a business. Informants can continue to rob, do drugs, sell drugs, prostitute, pimp, and commit other crimes with police knowledge to collect as much revenue as is possible. Confiscation of cash and assets of middlemen does not solve the problem. Why should criminals be allowed to keep half the drugs and money in illegal narcotics transactions when they ARE WORKING FOR POLICE? Should police get away with arranging ‘hits’ on those that lodge complaints against them? Abuse in prisons is not investigated, I can attest.

Nailing minorities, riffraff, and white trash for felonies, not for entry level crimes and fixing a social problem, allows Connecticut to have ‘Jim Crow’ style ghettos that are separate and unequal. Those that are labeled felons don’t get the better jobs, homes, and have no voice. The education system is separate and unequal.

Too many liars, perjurers, and criminals that are elected and unelected officials, their families, and cronies are still under the impression they can plunder and abuse at will.
More on, so this is my answer why there is so much urban violence, ‘Official Abuse.’

-Steven G. Erickson Fax 504-324-0585

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Should proposing Civilian Oversight of Police Legislation to Elected Officials Land You in Prison?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Ribbing Cheney?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

What warning signs are there we are headed towards a Police State?

Well, all one has to do is look at the tactics of the Connecticut State Police.

From the Hartford Courant:

Change Afoot At State Police Front-Line Managers Decide To Unionize
February 12, 2006 By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer

Connecticut State Police front-line managers have decided to unionize, citing concerns about pay, morale and poor planning within the agency.

After a meeting of the department's 44 captains and lieutenants, the majority last week signed a letter of intent to unionize, sources within their ranks said.

This unprecedented move by the upper ranks is another blow to the state police administration, which has been shaken by recent arrests of troopers and an investigation by New York State Police into the department's internal affairs division.

"A significant portion of the lieutenants and captains, whose ranks make up the core of the department's managerial front line, generally feel that top management does not support them as much as they should," Capt. Scott Martin said in a written statement.

Martin said concerns include lower ranks who are paid more than managers, mandatory compensatory time rather than overtime, a general lack of communication on important issues and unequal treatment of managers.

He complained that micro-management "is rampant throughout the agency."

"Politics and the appointment of unqualified persons to certain positions is a major issue that affects both morale and the forward progress of the agency," Martin said.

Several captains and lieutenants began meeting with Public Safety Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle several months ago, but said they decided to proceed with plans to form the union after they saw no progress in having their concerns addressed.

The decision to form a union follows questions raised by Lt. Gov. Kevin B. Sullivan about the department's management and long-term planning.

Sullivan said last week, "There is a lack of confidence in the management capacity of the department," and there has to be an outside evaluation of the department.

Boyle said captains and lieutenants are within their legal rights to form a union, and that he met with state officials about some of their concerns.

Boyle said he and Col. Edward Lynch, commander of the state police, met with lieutenants and captains on several occasions and had expressed their pay concerns to the state Office of Policy and Management.

"OPM has determined that because management pay compression is an issue that affects all state agencies, it will not address the issue on an agency-by-agency basis," Boyle said in a statement.

"This is not a matter that any individual commissioner can independently rectify."

Regarding claims of micro-management, Boyle said supervisors have been "given unprecedented administrative and operational autonomy."

"Our first obligation is the public's safety, not our own job satisfaction," Boyle said.

He pointed to the fact that several important cases have been solved this year and there was a 9 percent decline last year in the number of fatal accidents on state police-patrolled roads as evidence that the administration's priorities are in the right place.

"If someone wants to call that `micro-management,' so be it," Boyle said.

"I call it sound management that is accomplishing our mission: protecting the people of the state." Currently, the state police union represents troopers, sergeants and master sergeants.

The new bargaining unit would probably fall under the Connecticut State Employees Association union.

Several years ago, lieutenants in the Department of Correction were successful in forming a union.

State Police Union President David LeBlanc said he is not surprised the managers decided to unionize "because there is a lot of hopelessness out there.

"What it says to me is that finally the front-line managers, the captains and lieutenants, are seeing the frustration we have seen for years," LeBlanc said.

"There is a lot of frustration out there and I hear it every single day."

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My letter to Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

A previous and more sarcastic letter to the same Commissioner

Text of my fax to US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York found here on

My Fax to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumnethal

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

* * * *

added 8:20 AM Feb. 14, 2006, my letter to the editor printed in the Hartford Courant:

State Police

Get Low Marks

This is in response to the news story "Change Afoot At State Police" [Feb. 12, Connecticut section]: There have been many stories in The Courant regarding questionable police practices, and individual stories where troopers take the life of a loved one and themselves, run from other police when driving drunk, changed the results of a state police investigation based on pressure of the powerful, etc.

Connecticut state police officers also get low marks for being rude on the phone and disrespectful in person. If New York authorities have tobe the ones to straighten out the Connecticut State Police internal affairs, it is a plague of shame.

Steven G. Erickson

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dirtbag and former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland

gets released from Federal Prison.

Ex-governor leaves prison for house arrest
Items compiled from Tribune news services
Published February 11, 2006
HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Former Gov. John Rowland walked out of federal prison Friday after serving 10 months for corruption.Rowland, 48, was released from a prison in Pennsylvania before dawn. He will be fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet and spend four months under house arrest. He must also perform community service.

He offered no hint about his long-term plans."Actions speak louder than words, and I am going to try to be a better person and show my family and friends and the people of Connecticut how truly sorry I am for letting them down," he said in a statement.
Copyright © 2006, Chicago Tribune

* * * *

My letter to former Governor John G. Rowland for his first day of Federal Prison
Warning: adult language

My Oct. 2, 2003, letter to Gov. John G. Rowland
describes my nightmare saga in Stafford Springs, Connecticut

What Separation of Powers?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Typical Prosecutor Misconduct?

Or, is it just an aberration? In Connecticut, prosecutors, police, elected, and unelected officials can be under the impression they are invincible, that their friends in power will cover their asses, and if caught for over the top, out of control corruption and illegal acts, that they will have a soft landing, and maybe at most, lose their job. Arrests and prosecutions of officials that commit unspeakable acts is rare and an absolute exception.

* * * *

From the Hartford Courant:

Former Prosecutor Arrested
10:12 AM EST, February 10, 2006 Associated Press

NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- A former state prosecutor was arrested Friday on charges he pocketed money that was supposed to have gone to charity.

David Newman was a supervisory state's attorney for about a decade and a prosecutor for about 26 years before he retired last year amid the investigation.

State law allows the court to drop charges in some cases against defendants who made donations to charity. State Police say Newman was keeping those donations.

He faces six counts of larceny and two counts of fabrication of physical evidence.

"It's obviously a grave day for David," defense attorney Hugh Keefe said.

"He spent over a decade in that building, where today he's going to be arraigned. Everyone who knows David thinks the world of him."

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

The text of a fax I just faxed to Blumenthal, asking him if he is a friend or foe to the US Constitution, below.

Find fax numbers, etc. of a State’s Atty Gen here.

* * * *

February 8, 2006
CONNECTICUT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
55 Elm Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
(860) 808-5318 fax (860) 808-5387

Is an Attorney General of a State responsible for upholding laws and the US Constitution or is he/she responsible for obstruction of justice, retaliation against whistleblowers, and aiding malicious investigations/prosecutions and the holding of political prisoners in mental hospitals and Connecticut Prisons?

Please check out the accusations that I have made on and regarding Connecticut officials defrauding the IRS (Federal Taxpayers) and acting as a corrupt organization/syndicate.

Is there a reason that you allegedly won’t call back or write back to US Congressman Simmons’ office when they made a simple request that you just read over my Rockville Connecticut Court transcripts, docket # CR01-0074672?

If you are about enforcing laws and bringing relief to the legally abused, please look into abuse and court dockets of myself, Christopher Kennedy, Phil Inkel, former Hartford Narcotics Detective Richard Murzin and his sons, Kathleen Dickson, Donald Christmas, the woman who was thrown through the windshield of a Rowland crony’s windshield where the State Police investigation was changed due to the pressure/insistence of an influential family, Jeffrey Yeaw, and others.

Is there special harassment, the strictest conditions, and the harshest sentences doled out to those that propose unpopular legislation with legal officials to elected officials, those that lodge complaints of officials, those that get ‘mouthy’ to reporters regarding official corruption, those that threaten to sue Connecticut or police for Civil Rights abuse, are competition for a politically powerful official’s crony’s business, are targets of official abuse/vendettas/retaliation, piss off a thin-skinned official, and/or are deemed an ‘official pain in the ass’?

Are a target’s dates of court played with for additional harassment and intimidation? Are targets made to think they have no possible way of winning in a ‘fixed trial’ to be intimidated into becoming a fugitive from justice?

Is the general interpretation of anyone that has been through the Connecticut Court System, both State and Federal, to be unfair, based on race, and/or a political influence/popularity contest, not actually real legal, legal proceedings?

Should Connecticut be used as an example of what goes wrong when basic human nature takes over in the absence of accountability and oversight? Should Connecticut be the best example of how abusive and unfair all of America will become when the rest of official America uses Connecticut tactics with abuse of the Patriot Act?

Members of the Judiciary and law enforcement can commit perjury, make false statements, claim a suspect ‘confessed’ when there was no confession, manufacture evidence, violate citizen’s rights, file false official documents, lie, cheat, rip-off, assault, threaten, rape, and/or murder with almost immunity from arrests and prosecution.

Connecticut officials seem to have secret ability to investigate and abuse citizens, before and after, a citizen is to make or makes legitimate complaints regarding the illegal behavior of officials.

How is Connecticut to look like a legally run state if officials such as former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada can file false logs regarding a daily log, being out golfing, instead of working, and still not having to pay back for the theft and/or fraudulent practices and not get arrested for breaking laws?

How come an African American politician gets arrested and faces multiple years in prison, when a white politician, the former Governor of the State didn’t face arrest, and faces only one year after being one of the biggest rip off/con artists in Connecticut history? Rowland seemed to have been over a 1000x as sleazy, where’s justice?

Why can a Judge such as Jonathan Kaplan ridicule a person based on his/her race or country of origin, use racial stereotypes as a basis of a ruling, and then take away a citizen’s kids based on that citizen lodging complaints?

Why can a Judge, such as Scheinblaum, tell mostly poor and minority defendants in open court to take a deal, guilty or not, without the consultation of a lawyer to take a deal or face dire consequences. What!!!???

This goes on openly. When is the US Constitution going to actually apply in the Constitution State of Connecticut?

Are you a friend to the public’s best interest or foe?

Please either further illegally abuse me by falsely throwing me in prison for the rest of my life or go after and actually prosecute the official criminals that are lowering the quality of life for all and ripping us all off blind.

Why not start today and actually foster faith in Government in Connecticut, by actually doing something?

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson,, Fax 504-324-0585

P.S. For more information please google “Arthur L. Spada”

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My Fax to Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Gov. and Presidential Hopeful?

Subject: Presidential Campaign Issue

Text: Imagine Citizens that work hard, pay their taxes, mentor their children, pay their bills, maintain credit, save money, buy a home, and then are a target to break their families, lose their jobs, their retirement, their credit and the sum total of their life’s work, for a State’s sloth and greed in Federal Tax Dollars?

Take a child away and a state gets $90,000 in Federal dollars per child. Call the child disabled in anyway and the State gets $150,000 per child! $75/inmate/day in Federal tax dollars to imprison as many citizens as possible, guilty or not.

Speak out about this and Police will follow you around, you’ll be arrested on false charges, and you’ll be sent to prison based on police perjury and treachery in a fixed kangaroo court trail. This is Connecticut policy waiting to become national policy.

I was given a choice of spending the rest of my life in a Connecticut prison or to pack up in an hour and leave the state of Connecticut, after being placed on probation out of prison in Connecticut. I am at the tail end of 3 years transferred probation to Massachusetts from Connecticut and a year in a Connecticut prison for having used pepper spray against a mugger who was given immunity to prosecute me for self-defense.

3 people, including myself, proposed Civilian Oversight of Police in Connecticut, all 3 of us were arrested in separate concocted events of abuse and faced prison. Ritt Goldstein fled Connecticut and sought political asylum in Sweden. What!!!???

Chris Kennedy ( an engineer for a defense contractor that helps design and build fighter aircraft parts also complained against Rockville Connecticut Judge Jonathan Kaplan. Chris faced numerous arrests, a $500,000 bond, 30 years in prison, and loss of his home and life’s work, and even though has not been convicted of anything, Connecticut authorities still refuse to allow him to have access to his own children

My Point: Connecticut often has led the nation in Constitutional and Civil Rights abuse. Eminent Domain being National Precedent is only the most recent example.

There is not too much oversight and too little accountability of officials as evidence in the widespread official abuse of citizens and magnitude of corruption in Connecticut.

The Patriot Act would assume that all officials in power do not give into basic human nature. That is B.S.

There is virtually no checks and balances in Connecticut. Whistleblowers from within and outside the system face arrests, loss of their homes, loss of jobs, their freedom, credit, retirements, family unity, trust in government, and the sum total of their lives’ work, to spend possibly the rest of their lives as political prisoners.

Rich Murzin, a former, Harford, Connecticut, Narcotics Detective’s son coming home from war, witnessed police illegally beating a suspect of color. Phil Inkel also allegedly witnessed the same beating of the suspect.

Both of Murzin’s sons were arrested, beaten at the police station, and faced malicious prosecution and retaliatory official abuse. One of the sons was not even a witness to the police beating!

Murzin complained, and faced felony arrests and years in prison for fraud and theft for a common departmental habit, officers driving the police vehicle home for lunch. What!!!???

Phil Inkel faces loss of his kids and life as he knew it, possibly ending up in prison.

There is probable cause for Connecticut Officers to be arrested for arranging ‘a hit’ on Phil Inkel, but corruption is so widespread, even federal investigators and members of the federal judiciary in Connecticut are as dirty as too many State Officials.

Kathleen Dickson, a former Pfizer research scientist discovered a corruption link between Yale corporate interests and officials, and then found that she was a target. Her children were taken away, she was wrongly thrown in a mental hospital, placed in a prison without telling her what her charges were, and had to sign a paper not to criticize the government as terms of her release. What!!!???

Donald Christmas of Enfield, Connecticut, was also a landlord that complained about official abuse in the courts and by police, not getting equally protected and served, also threatened to sue officials and police for civil rights abuse, who also got ‘mouthy’ to reporters, and also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials also was arrested and faced a year and a half in prison for being attacked on his property. But, in his case he was attacked by a police officer’s 16 year old prostitute girlfriend.

I could go on and on. It is too ridiculous and widespread to even be believed unless you have seen this with your own eyes.

Is this what you want for the rest of America?

If not, please help Americans trapped in Connecticut to get justice and expose this abuse before it becomes the precedent in the rest of the nation.

One good note: Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland and his corrupt cronies got caught for their corrupt practices before they made their fast food franchise style Supermax Juvie Jails go nationwide to maximize on bribes and skim off of federal tax dollars while maximizing misery and the break-up of the American Family

Thank you, Steven G. Erickson cell 617-[snipped], Fax 504-324-0585
This fax to you to be posted on and

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

Is the State of Connecticut Defrauding the I.R.S.?

Sent out to US Representatives by FAX
Subject: Cops hiring Hit men and the Patriot Act

my email:

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Business as usual in Connecticut?:

A Hartford Courant piece from the online edition:

First Selectman Of Westbrook Arrested
5:39 PM EST, February 7, 2006 The Hartford Courant

The newly elected first selectman of Westbrook was arrested today on attempted larceny by extortion and coercion charges in connection with his efforts to use his office to derail a lawsuit brought against him in a private business matter, the chief state's attorney 's office said.

John A. Raffa, 58, of Westbrook, is charged with one count each of criminal attempt to commit first-degree larceny by extortion and coercion.

According to Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano, Raffa in his capacity as first selectman would not sign an agreement dealing with a development project in Westbrook unless a lawsuit brought against Raffa in an unrelated personal matter was withdrawn. The complaint against Raffa had been brought by an attorney representing the developer of the Westbrook project.

That attorney is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Raffa.Raffa was released on a $100,000 non-surety bond. He is schedule to be arraigned Feb. 14 in Superior Court in Middletown.

Raffa, a Republican, was elected first selectman of Westbrook Nov. 8, defeating Democratic incumbent Tony A. Palermo. Raffa is also a member of two limited liability companies: Raffa Realty and Development and Raffa Enterprises.

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My letter to former Governor John G. Rowland for his first day in Federal Prison click
Warning: adult language and all out verbal abuse of a former governor

Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

Monday, February 06, 2006

Incompetence and Egotism

are the causes of 9-11, not that our government didn’t have too little ability for secret surveillance and too much accountability.

The Below found here on the web

One investigator admitted to FRONTLINE that al-Quso's connections to the 9/11 conspirators was a staggering revelation, and he still had nightmares about it. When asked what might have been discovered if they'd learned of al-Quso's connections earlier, he responded, "the possibilities are mind-boggling."

So there was the trail -- the pieces of information linking the Malaysia meetings in January 2000, to the USS Cole attack of October 2000, to the 9/11 plot. At those meetings in Malaysia, it's believed both the 9/11 and Cole plots were planned, their operatives met with each other, and investigators suspect one or more Al Qaeda operatives at the meetings worked both the Cole and 9/11 plots.

The stunning and logical question that hangs in the air about John O'Neill's compromised USS Cole investigation in Yemen is, "What if?"

What if FBI headquarters had backed O'Neill and pushed the State Department to allow him to return to Yemen in January 2001 (over the objections of U.S. Ambassador Barbara Bodine) to continue his investigation?

If O'Neill had been allowed to go back, what could he have done that wasn't already being done? Given his aggressiveness in investigations, it would have meant more wiretaps, more surveillance of suspects, and pushing the government for more arrests. And as his colleagues like Barry Mawn, Clint Guenther and Mary Jo White knew so well, it all would have been done in the John O'Neill style:

-- wining and dining the head of Yemen's PSO, Yemen's equivalent to the FBI...
-- working with the CIA agents in Yemen and building on those past relationships from his Station Alex days...

-- holding the Yemeni officials' feet to the fire to get more access to those detained, and using the interrogations to slowly unravel the Al Qaeda network in Yemen -- especially, Fahad al-Quso, who O'Neill knew had been holding back ...

This is the scenario that might have played out in Yemen and the one that still bothers O'Neill's former allies and supporters. For them, it is conceivable that, in the end, John O'Neill would have been able to learn about that critical January 2000 meeting in Malaysia, and to start connecting the dots that ultimately led to Sept. 11, 2001.

Read this April 2004 update on Fahad al-Quso and Tawfiq bin-Atash.

Drawbacks of having sex with kids

Politicians, Police, and members of the Judiciary should not have absolute immunity from prosecution. That seems where we are headed.

Abuse like this is the result.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Kulaks, Genocide, and lessons not learned

Definition of Kulak

Kulak from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Kulaks were the middle and upper-class in the agrarian society of the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s.

The government of Russia during communist times maximized revenue collection, asset collection, asset confiscation, the rise of a powerful secret group of elitists that took all for themselves, all while terrorizing the common citizenry to shut up and like it.

Where is the middle-class today in America?

Are there any small business owners in America that are men after a divorce? Too many divorce proceeding liquidate assets and then leave the man to pay alimony and child support as if he still had the business leaving too many men unable to pay, possible tax burdens sentenced to prison unable to earn a living, and the wholesale closing of too many small businesses is hurting the American economy.

When the American powers that be ask us to trust us them to operate in secret and ‘investigate us’ should we trust them?

Will history repeat itself?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Weighing B.S.

Former Connecticut State Senator Ernest Newton

The former Governor of Connecticut, white and a Republican, was maybe 100 to 1000 times more corrupt than Newton ever was, and Rowland was a daily scumbag, all Rowland needed to do is get up every morning and do his usual corruption and sleaze routine as governor, daily, not the exception. Why then, did Rowland only need to serve less than a year in Federal Prison? Something stinks.

Newton was an outspoken critic of police and judicial misconduct ...

From the Hartford Courant:

Newton Sentenced To Five Years
1:05 PM EST, February 2, 2006 The Associated Press

Former state Sen. Ernest Newton, once one of Connecticut's top minority leaders, was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison and three years probation for accepting a $5,000 bribe and other charges.

Before U.S. District Judge Alan Nevas sentenced Newton, the Bridgeport Democrat apologized to his family and community.

Newton, known for his flamboyant suits and outspoken style, pleaded guilty in September to bribery, tax evasion and mail fraud. He resigned his Senate seat a day before his plea.

Supporters packed a courtroom in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport for the sentencing hearing, to which Newton wore a conservative brown suit.

"I apologize to this court, to the federal government, to my family, to my community and to members of the legislature," Newton said.

"Not only have I let you down but I've let myself down."

Nevas asked Newton if he stood by past statements that prosecutors targeted him because of his race.

Newton is black.

"This is not about black and white," Newton replied.

"It's about wrong and right, and I was wrong."

Newton's attorney, Salvatore DePiano, asked Nevas to sentence Newton to community service and home confinement. Federal prosecutors urged a longer sentence.

"We're talking about a long, pervasive, extensive pattern of corrupt conduct," said prosecutor James Finnerty.

"He sold his office. It was Newton Inc., open for business 24-7."

DePiano said that Newton admits his mistakes and apologizes to friends, family and legislative colleagues.

"The acts that brought him here today are serious mistakes in judgment that have already proven extremely costly," DePiano said.

Friends told Nevas that Newton is a good man who made some mistakes.

Among them was former state Rep. Annette Carter, a Democrat from Hartford who asked for a lesser sentence for Newton.

"Please let the punishment fit the crime," Carter said.

"I ask you to please be lenient."

Supporters applauded as Carolyn Nah of the Greater Bridgeport NAACP asked for mercy, saying Newton is not a career criminal.

But federal prosecutors painted a different picture, accusing Newton in court papers of accepting numerous other bribes and taking campaign cash for favors to a reputed mobster.

Newton has not been charged with any crimes related to the reputed mobster, who was not identified.

In seeking a lighter sentence, Newton cited 19 letters from political colleagues, friends and relatives attesting to Newton's good character, his struggle against drug addiction and his work on behalf of his constituents.

Newton also has rejected accusations that an FBI wiretap recorded him trying to obstruct justice.

Warren Godbolt pleaded guilty to paying Newton the $5,000 bribe in exchange for help from Newton to obtain a $100,000 grant to a job training facility in Bridgeport Godbolt ran. Godbolt is scheduled to be sentenced Friday.

Nevas said Thursday that Newton clearly obstructed justice by instructing Godbolt to lie to the FBI.

Newton is the latest in a wave of corruption cases in Connecticut that have sent former Gov. John G. Rowland and others to prison.

To comment on this story, or to request a correction click here to send a message to Karen Hunter, The Courant's reader representative. Click here to read Karen's daily Weblog. To view today's corrections Click here.

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My letter to former Governor John G. Rowland for his first day in Federal Prison
click Warning: adult language and all out verbal abuse of a former governor

Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?

Anatomy of the Good Ole Boy Network

My Live Call in to WRKO 680 AM Radio Boston

WRKO's De Petro webpage

I called into the radio station's 617 266 6868 #.

I was able to say live that I had bought boarded up rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and that you have to be ‘important’ to own rental properties.

I told how 5 families owned everything in town and that my problems began after refusing to sell my properties from the building inspector and police.

I claimed I was arrested and sent to prison for being attacked on my property and then De Petro said that is a little far or something to that effect and ended the live call.

Text of email to Mr. De Petro:

Mr. Depetro,

I'm the caller in frmo Stafford Springs, CT, today at about 11 AM to your show.

I called in from my cell phone 617 [snipped].

My friend Herb in Portsmouth NH called me here in New Orleans Louisiana where I have been working as a claims adjuster also doing video documentation of flood damage for the insurance company in case of mass civil suits.

I bought boarded up rental properties in Stafford Springs, CT, and didn't sell my properties at a loss under threat.

Police allowed prostitutes and crack cocaine and heroin to be sold off my property. I was told if I called Connecticut State Police for any reason, I would be arrested not the criminals calling in.

I spent years of hard labor and 100's of thousands to improve the qualtity of life and fixing those boarded up rental properties.

Pictures and story:

or try googling "What is prison really like?"

I got a year in prison, 3 years probation to serve in North Attleboro Massachusetts, for being beaten at night during a robbery attempt in my dark driveway.

There are facts that are easy to prove and witnesses.

If you want me to slowly and calmly explain this, I will. There is not a politician or police officer in Connecticut that does not know my name. Republican US Congressman Simmons office staffer Betty Wagner of the Norwich Connecticut office had a Simmons' letter mailed to CT Atty Gen.

Blumenthal asking him just to read my Rockville Connecticut trial transcripts.

Blumenthal refused to return calls to the Congressman's office, nor did he write a response to the letter. There are other victims of this exact scenario, including police officers abused by their own when they spoke out about the corruption and abuse in Connecticut.

Thank you,Steven G. Erickson

cell 617 [snipped]

* * * *

* * * *

My picture near New Orleans, Louisiana, when I was working as an insurance adjuster also in charge of video documentation of Hurricane Katrina and flood damage, and started the first time ever converting of mini VHS tapes to CDs to include the video clip, paper documents scanned into RTF format, and isolating stills from the video to be used by adjusters to more efficiently process claims without the need to actually visit the site of the damage themselves.

The insurance company now has complete 'get out of lawsuits free card' on multiple hard drives to be accessed with a few key strokes.

I may or may not have changed how catastrophe and disaster claims are done, permanently.

* * * *

Is the State of Connecticut Defrauding the I.R.S. and Federal Taxpayers? More

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My email:

Just one small example of the absolute waste of tax dollars?

A Letter to the Editor printed in the Hartford Courant today:

Police Cruisers Collecting Dust
February 1, 2006

In response to the Jan. 30 article about the state police [Page 1, "Fray Over Fleet; Troopers Union Criticizes Wait For New Cruisers"]:

There are actually two stories in this article: One has to do with poor acquisition practices, the other has to do with poor evaluation of disposal.

In reading the article, one might infer that the police cars are shot at 100,000 miles. Far from being the case, retired police cars are sold at auction as being roadworthy. They are often purchased for livery service, where they continue to run for additional tens or hundreds of thousands of miles.

No doubt, the described procurement of new vehicles that just sit in holding yards is wasteful, but there is not a good case for panicking just because a vehicle hits 100,000 miles. A more commercial approach should be taken to vehicle acquisition and evaluation regarding disposal. I don't think you will find commercial fleets being operated so inefficiently.

Christopher P. Bertellotti
New Britain [Connecticut]

Millions of dollars could be saved by keeping cruisers longer and rebuilding engines and putting in rebuilt transmissions.

The service life could be 300,000 miles.

Taxi company use the same cars and put 500,000 or even up to one million of miles on these cars and get them sometimes in horrendous condition to excellent condition from police departments after 100,000 miles of use and sometimes much more.

The front wheel drive Chevrolet Impala type cars, a mid-size vehicle, gets great mileage, maybe twice that of the gas pig, somewhat unreliable, rear wheel drive, Ford Crown Victoria, a full size vehicle, a more reliable mid-size car could also save taxpayers millions.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Race based courts?

It is on Fox News Network now, live, that Arizona has special felony DUI courts based on one’s race. There are separate courts for Hispanics and other separate courts for Native Americans.

Separate and Unequal is part of our not so proud past. What happened to practicing what you preach in America?

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