Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

The text of a fax I just faxed to Blumenthal, asking him if he is a friend or foe to the US Constitution, below.

Find fax numbers, etc. of a State’s Atty Gen here.

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February 8, 2006
CONNECTICUT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
55 Elm Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106
(860) 808-5318 fax (860) 808-5387

Is an Attorney General of a State responsible for upholding laws and the US Constitution or is he/she responsible for obstruction of justice, retaliation against whistleblowers, and aiding malicious investigations/prosecutions and the holding of political prisoners in mental hospitals and Connecticut Prisons?

Please check out the accusations that I have made on and regarding Connecticut officials defrauding the IRS (Federal Taxpayers) and acting as a corrupt organization/syndicate.

Is there a reason that you allegedly won’t call back or write back to US Congressman Simmons’ office when they made a simple request that you just read over my Rockville Connecticut Court transcripts, docket # CR01-0074672?

If you are about enforcing laws and bringing relief to the legally abused, please look into abuse and court dockets of myself, Christopher Kennedy, Phil Inkel, former Hartford Narcotics Detective Richard Murzin and his sons, Kathleen Dickson, Donald Christmas, the woman who was thrown through the windshield of a Rowland crony’s windshield where the State Police investigation was changed due to the pressure/insistence of an influential family, Jeffrey Yeaw, and others.

Is there special harassment, the strictest conditions, and the harshest sentences doled out to those that propose unpopular legislation with legal officials to elected officials, those that lodge complaints of officials, those that get ‘mouthy’ to reporters regarding official corruption, those that threaten to sue Connecticut or police for Civil Rights abuse, are competition for a politically powerful official’s crony’s business, are targets of official abuse/vendettas/retaliation, piss off a thin-skinned official, and/or are deemed an ‘official pain in the ass’?

Are a target’s dates of court played with for additional harassment and intimidation? Are targets made to think they have no possible way of winning in a ‘fixed trial’ to be intimidated into becoming a fugitive from justice?

Is the general interpretation of anyone that has been through the Connecticut Court System, both State and Federal, to be unfair, based on race, and/or a political influence/popularity contest, not actually real legal, legal proceedings?

Should Connecticut be used as an example of what goes wrong when basic human nature takes over in the absence of accountability and oversight? Should Connecticut be the best example of how abusive and unfair all of America will become when the rest of official America uses Connecticut tactics with abuse of the Patriot Act?

Members of the Judiciary and law enforcement can commit perjury, make false statements, claim a suspect ‘confessed’ when there was no confession, manufacture evidence, violate citizen’s rights, file false official documents, lie, cheat, rip-off, assault, threaten, rape, and/or murder with almost immunity from arrests and prosecution.

Connecticut officials seem to have secret ability to investigate and abuse citizens, before and after, a citizen is to make or makes legitimate complaints regarding the illegal behavior of officials.

How is Connecticut to look like a legally run state if officials such as former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada can file false logs regarding a daily log, being out golfing, instead of working, and still not having to pay back for the theft and/or fraudulent practices and not get arrested for breaking laws?

How come an African American politician gets arrested and faces multiple years in prison, when a white politician, the former Governor of the State didn’t face arrest, and faces only one year after being one of the biggest rip off/con artists in Connecticut history? Rowland seemed to have been over a 1000x as sleazy, where’s justice?

Why can a Judge such as Jonathan Kaplan ridicule a person based on his/her race or country of origin, use racial stereotypes as a basis of a ruling, and then take away a citizen’s kids based on that citizen lodging complaints?

Why can a Judge, such as Scheinblaum, tell mostly poor and minority defendants in open court to take a deal, guilty or not, without the consultation of a lawyer to take a deal or face dire consequences. What!!!???

This goes on openly. When is the US Constitution going to actually apply in the Constitution State of Connecticut?

Are you a friend to the public’s best interest or foe?

Please either further illegally abuse me by falsely throwing me in prison for the rest of my life or go after and actually prosecute the official criminals that are lowering the quality of life for all and ripping us all off blind.

Why not start today and actually foster faith in Government in Connecticut, by actually doing something?

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson,, Fax 504-324-0585

P.S. For more information please google “Arthur L. Spada”


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