Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Live Call in to WRKO 680 AM Radio Boston

WRKO's De Petro webpage

I called into the radio station's 617 266 6868 #.

I was able to say live that I had bought boarded up rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and that you have to be ‘important’ to own rental properties.

I told how 5 families owned everything in town and that my problems began after refusing to sell my properties from the building inspector and police.

I claimed I was arrested and sent to prison for being attacked on my property and then De Petro said that is a little far or something to that effect and ended the live call.

Text of email to Mr. De Petro:

Mr. Depetro,

I'm the caller in frmo Stafford Springs, CT, today at about 11 AM to your show.

I called in from my cell phone 617 [snipped].

My friend Herb in Portsmouth NH called me here in New Orleans Louisiana where I have been working as a claims adjuster also doing video documentation of flood damage for the insurance company in case of mass civil suits.

I bought boarded up rental properties in Stafford Springs, CT, and didn't sell my properties at a loss under threat.

Police allowed prostitutes and crack cocaine and heroin to be sold off my property. I was told if I called Connecticut State Police for any reason, I would be arrested not the criminals calling in.

I spent years of hard labor and 100's of thousands to improve the qualtity of life and fixing those boarded up rental properties.

Pictures and story:

or try googling "What is prison really like?"

I got a year in prison, 3 years probation to serve in North Attleboro Massachusetts, for being beaten at night during a robbery attempt in my dark driveway.

There are facts that are easy to prove and witnesses.

If you want me to slowly and calmly explain this, I will. There is not a politician or police officer in Connecticut that does not know my name. Republican US Congressman Simmons office staffer Betty Wagner of the Norwich Connecticut office had a Simmons' letter mailed to CT Atty Gen.

Blumenthal asking him just to read my Rockville Connecticut trial transcripts.

Blumenthal refused to return calls to the Congressman's office, nor did he write a response to the letter. There are other victims of this exact scenario, including police officers abused by their own when they spoke out about the corruption and abuse in Connecticut.

Thank you,Steven G. Erickson

cell 617 [snipped]

* * * *

* * * *

My picture near New Orleans, Louisiana, when I was working as an insurance adjuster also in charge of video documentation of Hurricane Katrina and flood damage, and started the first time ever converting of mini VHS tapes to CDs to include the video clip, paper documents scanned into RTF format, and isolating stills from the video to be used by adjusters to more efficiently process claims without the need to actually visit the site of the damage themselves.

The insurance company now has complete 'get out of lawsuits free card' on multiple hard drives to be accessed with a few key strokes.

I may or may not have changed how catastrophe and disaster claims are done, permanently.

* * * *

Is the State of Connecticut Defrauding the I.R.S. and Federal Taxpayers? More

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