Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No Confidence

Violence Draws Attention

Gov. M. Jodi Rell held a closed-door meeting at the Capitol Tuesday with more than a dozen mayors, including her two major challengers, on how to curb urban violence

When Police enforce ‘Jim Crow’ unwritten laws in Connecticut, when cops can be abuse, rude, racist liars and perjurers, when an informant system is designed to keep ‘riffraff and niggers’ in their place, to keep them from integrating into the white, suburban neighborhoods, why ask why?

Try filming an African American driving into Wethersfield or West Hartford from Hartford, Connecticut and see a pattern. An invisible fence exists around the white, upper class, suburban neighborhoods.

Could an African American suspect be chased down by a white officer in any other state where the white officer stands on the African American back and fires a round into the suspect’s back and the white officer gets a one year suspended sentence for the murder/execution of a minority suspect on Appeal.

The informant system is meant, not to help white trash, minorities, and riffraff, it is meant to lower the quality of life in the containment areas and label these people felons, robbed of their vote, their voice, and their way up and out.

Shame on you, you Connecticut Blue Blood Bastards!

The slave ship Amistad was not seized for any revulsion to the institution of Slavery it was just an early indication how much Connecticut corrupt officials enjoyed taking other people’s shit and thumbing their noses at any other authority.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?


Police in the USA concentrate on Revenue Collection Areas, not Crime Areas

Urban Violence Drawing Attention Rell Meets With Mayors, Including Political Challengers

February 15, 2006 By MARK PAZNIOKAS, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

Gov. M. Jodi Rell sat at one end of a long table. Her Democratic challengers, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and Stamford Mayor Dannel P. Malloy, sat on opposite sides at the other end.

The topic Tuesday at Rell's closed-door meeting at the Capitol with more than a dozen mayors was how to curb urban violence. Participants said the tone was polite and the conversation direct, even with three major gubernatorial candidates seated at the table.

"We all agree this is something we have to work on together," Rell said after the meeting, as Malloy peered over her shoulder and DeStefano stood to the side.

"It is not about politics. It is about doing something to protect our children."

The Republican governor said she was open to revising her proposed budget to respond to mayoral concerns, including a complaint by DeStefano that her budget would provide $750,000 in new anti-crime funds, yet end an effective $850,000 youth program.

"I think he brings up a good point," Rell said.

"Maybe we will go back and take a look."

The Democrats said the meeting was an appreciated gesture, but Rell's budget will be a better measure of her commitment to fighting urban crime, especially involving the young.

"I appreciate the meeting, but the direction and vision of the state gets shaped in the budget, and it wasn't there," DeStefano said.Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez handed Rell a petition from civic leaders in Hartford who are asking Rell for more resources to fight a recent spate of shootings. Rev. Cornell Lewis and other activists marched to the Capitol to present the petitions.

Before the meeting, Malloy and DeStefano each released similarly named anti-crime plans directed at keeping young people from trouble.

With his "Connecticut Youth Action Plan," DeStefano would use expanded youth employment and counseling to attack teen violence.

Malloy issued a "Connecticut Youth Development Initiative" that focused on mentoring, youth employment and partnerships with community organizations.

The two mayors called for the passage of legislation that would require the reporting by gun owners of lost or stolen guns, a measure that Perez asked Rell to endorse during their meeting.

Rell said she would study the measure, but sounded a skeptical note:

"Most of the guns [traced to violent crimes] are not necessarily falling in the category of lost or stolen guns."

In separate interviews, DeStefano and Malloy said that Rell missed the point of the legislation, which they say is intended to strip criminals of a defense when their guns are traced to crimes.

"The reality is they currently have a defense," Malloy said.

"Their defense is, `Oops, I lost it.' What we want to do is cut that line of retreat off."

"She didn't get it," DeStefano said.

Rell said the meeting Tuesday marked the beginning of a dialogue with the mayors.

"This is not an issue that is going to be solved in one meeting, on one day with one press release," Rell said.

"We need to continue this dialogue."

Her dialogue eventually will include a series of gubernatorial debates with either Malloy or DeStefano, but Rell said the candidates ignored the politics for the day.

Rell insisted that talking policy with her opponents presented no awkwardness.

"I think it was fine working with them," she said. Then glancing over her shoulder, she added, "I hope."

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Fax to Rell's office at 11:54 AM EST:

To Governor M. Jodi Rell and Staff: February 15, 2006

I saw a Hartford Courant piece asking what can be done about urban violence in Connecticut. Well, maybe if there was even a small hint of ethics in Connecticut government, with police, and in the Courts, there would be less, a lot less.

Judge Howard Scheinblum can tell minority defendents to take a deal, guilty or not, or really suffer serious consequences without a lawyer present. That is unconstitutional. The same Judge seems to be able to rent out a Court House for a lawyer’s retirement party charging admission. Doesn’t seem improper that prosecutors, judges, and defense lawyers meet this way? Is it ethical?

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan can bring up a person’s race and gloat, banter with glee about taking their kids away. Two individuals, including myself, have faced malicious investigations, false arrests, and faced prison for upsetting Kaplan. Chris Kennedy faced a $500,000 bond and 30 years in prison for retaliation. How do his 3 kids and Connecticut benefit? Why should there be political prisoners being held in Connecticut prisons?

Crime is down, child abuse is down, and the population is either stagnant or down in Corruptikut. Why is there a Rowland style corruption machine effort to keep building more and more prison and mental hospital beds for children and adults? Are they more and more for individuals that complain about official abuse and corruption? Are kids and adults to be put in prison to defraud Federal Taxpayers, not for other reasons?

DCF is such an embarrassing mess, it needs to be under federal control. Official lying, perjury, and manufacturing is basically not enforced against any Connecticut official, elected or unelected.

The Connecticut State Police can’t run their own Internal Affairs department, it goes to New York. I was printed in the Courant yesterday in the Letter to Editor section regarding that issue. Gay bashing, racism, and sexism is more the rule than not.

The informant system is meant to keep ‘uppity’ minorities and white trash in their place. The Connecticut police tax the drug delivery system as a business. Informants can continue to rob, do drugs, sell drugs, prostitute, pimp, and commit other crimes with police knowledge to collect as much revenue as is possible. Confiscation of cash and assets of middlemen does not solve the problem. Why should criminals be allowed to keep half the drugs and money in illegal narcotics transactions when they ARE WORKING FOR POLICE? Should police get away with arranging ‘hits’ on those that lodge complaints against them? Abuse in prisons is not investigated, I can attest.

Nailing minorities, riffraff, and white trash for felonies, not for entry level crimes and fixing a social problem, allows Connecticut to have ‘Jim Crow’ style ghettos that are separate and unequal. Those that are labeled felons don’t get the better jobs, homes, and have no voice. The education system is separate and unequal.

Too many liars, perjurers, and criminals that are elected and unelected officials, their families, and cronies are still under the impression they can plunder and abuse at will.
More on, so this is my answer why there is so much urban violence, ‘Official Abuse.’

-Steven G. Erickson Fax 504-324-0585

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