Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Connecticut Chief State's Attorney Christopher Morano

Connecticut Chief States Attorney Christopher L. Morano

I talked with Chief State’s Attorney Christopher L. Morano yesterday night at the Capitol in Hartford.

I asked to speak to him and he pulled me out into the hallway outside room 2C of the Legislative Section of the Capitol.

I asked him why he wasn’t going to criminally prosecute any of Rell’s staff for election campaign actions where there were fines of $500 for improper campaign collections of donations during taxpayer paid hours worked.

That is theft and also encompasses a realm of impropriety and stinks of corruption. After Rowland was sent to federal prison for corruption related charges, his former staff, commissioners, and others should have known better.

Something stinks and I think the Chief State’s Attorney and others need to be federally investigated, and the federal investigators should not be from offices in Connecticut where everyone knows each other, socializes with each other, and works together to silence whistleblowers from within and also barbecue anyone out in the public that dare say, “boo.”

It is my opinion that Morano owes favors and is so entwined in the backroom deals, back scratching, and covering up for others, the people of Connecticut will have to suffer and pay for all the illegal acts and waste of a government out of control which includes all 3 branches and every department in the state.


Anonymous Dylan said...

I'm not sure if you're mentally challenged or just really stupid. Read in to this a little more and you will see how Rell's inner circle expelled him from office for investigating the conditions of her rise to office.

Sunday, October 13, 2013 1:18:00 AM  

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