Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cops and Courts Ripping Families Apart for Fun and Profit


The Phil Inkel family has been up against it since Phil Inkel witnessed police brutality up close and personal, seeing what happens to black suspects when being questioned, and beaten, by Connecticut police as Phil Inkel witnessed.

Trying to see justice done has cost the Inkel family dearly. Connecticut Police Officers allegedly arranged for hit men to hit Inkel on his bike, make it look like a hit and run accident with a stolen car, to retaliate against Inkel for having a big mouth and preventing him from further exposing rampant Connecticut Police Misconduct.

The Inkels have suffered attacks of officials trying to split them from their 6 kids, and even trying to break them up as a couple. What is so disgusting about this story is that the Inkel story in Connecticut is not the exception, but is the rule.

The Inkels' lawsuit


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