Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fear of Going Outside


I didn’t know anyone, while I was in Mississippi and Louisiana the last 6 months that I was there, that was afraid to go out their own front door.

Higher functioning, sane people, are living in fear, here in Connecticut.

The authorities lie, cheat, steal, and are out to hurt and retaliate. Obviously, not 100% of them, but if the majority are good, the good ones fear crossing the bad ones, so what you have is a State of Fear.

There are laws being proposed by legislators to ease restrictions and lessen the accountability of officials. Does this make sense in a climate where the checks and balances aren’t working, and official misconduct is probably at an all time high cycle?

If you complain about a perjury of Police, a Prosecutor, a Judge, or other misconduct nothing is done. Almost 100% of complaints against Judges were either just shredded shortly after being received or just not investigated. Police themselves in Connecticut can’t even fairly investigate crimes and inappropriate behavior when it involves two or more police officers interacting with each other, citizens don’t even rate for even that protection.

If you were to exam all court cases and all arrests in Connecticut you would have to assume 100% are correct, no errors, as there is no process to fix mistakes, misjudgments, and all out illegal official misconduct.

This can wear on an averages person’s sanity. Alcoholism is high in Russia as there is despair. Living in fear with despair has untold effects on families, citizens, children, here in the United States of America.

Torturing and Killing Off of the Elderly in Connecticut?

Winston Churchill's Black Dog (Depression)


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