Thursday, March 23, 2006

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?


Enfield Connecticut Judge Howard Scheinblum

Judge Scheinblum went before the Judicial Committee to be reappointed amid all sorts of accusations of improper, and Unconstitutional behavior as a Judge. There are hundreds of stories in newspapers and other publications critical of the Enfield Connecticut Superior Court Judge.

Even with accusations of serious breaches of the law, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc., the panel reconfirmed Scheinblum for another 8 year term. What!!!???

Chris Kennedy says he had proof that the Judge committed perjury under oath at the March 21 hearing at the Capitol in Hartford.

If that Judge can be confirmed there is on bottom to Connecticut cesspool of sleaze and corruption.

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Chris Kennedy of Ellington, Connecticut, stood alone against a judge that in my opinion, is one of the most blatantly arrogant, acting illegally, Unconstitutionally, and is helping retaliate against whistleblowers that try to expose Judicial, Prosecutorial, and Police Misconduct.

It is a shame that Chris Kennedy had to stand alone on your behalf, March 6, 2006, at the Judicial Hearing, Room 2C, at the Hartford State Capitol, for the whole State of Connecticut.

Chris’ email:

(For a link to a partial rendering of the transcripts of March 6, scroll to bottom)

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Connecticut: In The News

OPED: ‘War on Drugs’ Not Meant to Be Won
Norwich Bulletin; June 4 2005
Chris Powell

With remarks to a civic group in Enfield recently, Superior Court Judge Howard Scheinblum engaged in what is seldom forgiven in Connecticut’s public life: candor.

The judge asserted what can neither be denied nor acknowledged — that public policy on drugs doesn’t work. Speaking from his 15 years of experience on the bench, Scheinblum estimated 90 percent of criminal cases in Connecticut are connected in some way to the pursuit of illegal drugs, and he asserted that society would be far better off to let users of such drugs obtain them by prescription and to be charged for them according to their ability to pay. More

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My Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut

Police are often too arrogant and lazy in Connecticut to do their jobs regarding helping with quality of life issues for those living in mostly downtown areas. Minorities and those that are deemed worthless, “White Trash”, or what have you, don’t get police protection and service.

The three or more important families in a Connecticut town depend on certain people being kept in their place. Putting minority kids on the right track would mean intact families and less Federal dollars for processing, arresting, and throwing the Elitists’ unwanted citizens away to prisons. Breaking up families, especially those with kids that can be labeled, “Special Needs” is another boon for Connecticut to break up families and keep unwanted citizens, down and out.

If Connecticut wasn’t making a big profit on the drug trade in taxing it as a business in confiscated assets, property, and cash of middlemen, drugs wouldn’t be selling as they now are in the criminal breeding grounds, downtown Connecticut.

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added April 30, 2006, 5:12 PM EST:

The Connecticut Judiciary Committee re-appointed Judge Howard Scheinblum even though they had been informed of what is in the transcripts below. Is that conspiracy and obstruction of justice? Should members of the committee be arrested with the exception of Rep. Green?

A link with some of the Judicial Hearing Transcripts, March 6, 2006, at the Hartford Capitol Building in the Legislative Section, Room 2C.

Smoking Gun Text: My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested


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