Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mardi Gras, Bourbon St., New Orleans, Louisiana

I was on Bourbon St. this past Saturday.

I’ve been to many cities all over the US, in Canada, the Bahamas, Denmark, Poland, England, France, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

New Orleans rates very high with me, and for me it far out does Paris, France, and I have love for the people there as much as I do in Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania; Riga, Latvia; and the city that looks like a child’s illustrated fairy tale on castles containing circular roofs and cobblestone streets where there was only enough room for knights in shining armor to pass each other, one going each way …

Ok, ok, too much reminiscing, I haven’t had a bad meal anywhere in New Orleans, Metairie, and all surrounding Louisiana towns and cities.

Even Sushi in Louisiana is done well, Cajun is beyond excellent, steak is excellent. I have yet to even have just an above average meal anywhere in Louisiana. I could eat and eat and eat.

There are drink specials, 2 for 1, 3 for 1, even on Bourbon St. You can carry your drinks along Bourbon St and politely say hello to the New Orleans Police, or the New York City Mounted Police, if they are still there on watch.

Getting right in and having dinner and drinks on a balcony, even on Bourbon St., isn’t a one to two hour wait, if you can even get in after 9PM and especially on weekends. The Piano Bar, Pat O’Brian’s is a must see. You won’t hear it, but if shop owners think you’re a local, they may let slip that Katrina may have done a little flushing out of waste … (No comment on my end)

The Streets in New Orleans have been sanitized, there aren’t out of control crowds and there isn’t the perception if you walk off somewhere off the beaten track that you are going to get jumped and robbed.

There were no ‘icky’ street prostitutes and I saw no drug dealers or drug deals going down anywhere I was. That is a first in downtown anywhere USA. Well, I give Mobil, Alabama good marks, as I do most of Mississippi along the Gulf Coast, Louisiana. Well, everywhere seems clean, great, wonderful, just plain peachy as compared to most of Connecticut, especially downtown areas in Connecticut.

Yeah, those that know me, know I would have somehow blasted Connecticut somehow in just about any of my posts on any blog.


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