Thursday, April 13, 2006

America's Hidden Shame


Woman's Baby ripped from her arms at Hospital
My interview with her today, a 6.3 megabyte, 16 min, 37 seconds download here
DCF and Connecticut authorities are reportedly the perps. Documents and proof that Connecticut intentionally breaks up families, tries to put poorer or minority parents in prison, kidnapping their kids, to pig up as many Federal Tax Dollars as possible, making all of America pay.
A very quick, no sound, video clip of Meredith Inkel, bouncing her baby on her knee, another possible victim of DCF. (143 kb download) +/- 30 seconds

This blogger’s email:
note: recording mistakenly stated as 04-25-06, but today’s date is 04-05-06

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Brittney Spears
Brittney is from and lives in Louisiana. You can get a 6 shot frozen strawberry daiquiri handed inside your vehicle at a gas station that has that service. It isn’t considered illegal until you stick the straw in the cup and drink it while driving. So I was surprised to hear of her problems with DCF given her star status, the accusations, and the fact that she is in an American State, Louisiana.

So, seeing DCF go after Brittney Spears the way they do average folks regarding anyway they can hassle and wreck your life, might expose the tactics of DCF when they prove to be worse than an itchy bleeding hemorrhoid, to those that aren’t always paying attention to what is really going on in America.

Note: I’ve never had DCF up my ass, nor have I had hemorrhoids in that place either.

Drugging Children


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