Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Cable and DSL Internet Addiction


Something sinister may loom on the horizon, something seemingly innocent.

Microsoft is allegedly coming up with a new operating system called Longhorn.

It is Big Brother’s wet dream. You need to be online to use it and you need not even have a hard drive. Your files and all aspects of your life are stored out of your reach, out of your control.

Video viewing devices also have the ability to back feed images like a camera, and speakers also can be used as microphones even while they’re pumping out loud tracks.

Infinite storage capacity will lead to a time when every moment of your life is online and under observation. Controlling and tweaking your life will not even involve a single key stroke, just the will of the Commercial Elite. Eliminating the keyboard, view screen, and speakers are not too far off, babies many eventually have integrated processors and cell phone chips installed at birth.

Prisons walls are dictated by satellite. Freedom of movement and any possessions need only be willed away by ruling class.

Slavery will be more pervasive and more complete than any time in the past.

Look at the Roman Empire, human nature hasn’t changed at all in two millennia and the Pathetic Sheep that make up the masses haven’t changed either.

Fighting to keep every little aspect and tool a government has to control and own us has to be fought now, as there is a, too late, and the too late, may have already come.

World domination and abuse of all may come out of the most powerful nation there is, and that is US.


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