Thursday, April 13, 2006

Connecticut needs to update its "Most Wanted to Shut up" Posters


Picture of Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Testing the First Amendment in the US is Dangerous

In America, you can complain about good kids going bad, getting addicted, and dying, because of police and court policies that are for revenue collection, not criminal correction. I complained about heroin and crack cocaine being sold and used on and near my property in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police thought they were above serving downtown residents that weren’t connected and in being forced to deal with youth crime.

I was attacked on my property at night from behind. The culprit admitted threatening my life and demanding money before the altercation where I was forced to defend myself. For this, the criminal was given immunity, to prosecute me for defending myself which is not legal in Connecticut.

In America you can lose your family unity, job, home, credit, retirement, pets, and all you ever worked for after being a CRIME VICTIM on your own property, especially if you propose legislation to elected officials holding law enforcement and the judiciary accountable for their action and get mouthy to newspaper reporters about officials involved in corruption and not acting in the Public’s Best Interest.

Prosecutor John Panone told me I could not be “unarrested” after it was found out I was the victim and he refused to prosecute the criminal. I was offered no deals, just a year and a half in prison. Connecticut Troopers, Amaral and Langlois, committed perjury to cover up for police misconduct. My attorney, Michael H. Agranoff, was threatened by Judge Jonathan Kaplan if I was defended, and a videotape of how to find me guilty, buy nothing about reasonable doubt or innocence. Taxpayers again were forced to pay for ruining a family, taking a taxpayer/consumer offline and the keeping of a political prisoner.

This is B.S. and you’re still paying for it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, put all of our pictures up!!! "The Corrupticut Whistleblowers Hit List."
Phil Inkel
Murzin's boys
Jim Brewer
Ritt Goldstein
Don Christmas
Chris Kennedy
Heather Specyalski
The Saraceno boy
Mary Ann Mierzwa

And interview the Lyme Disease Foundation ( and find out how they were stalked and harassed by NIH's "Wacko" Edward McSweegan.

The US Attorney's Office in Corrupticut is Corrupt (Mrs. US Attorney O'Connor is a DCF-Rowlandgator criminal), as is Morano's office and staff, as is the DOJ in DC, and the CT and US "legislators" are all Mr. Staypuffed Marshmallowmen. All air and pretense but DO NOTHING.

Funny, Steve. Keep up the excellent national spoof of "Justice." Put all us whistleblowers and victims of Corrupticut's peculiar insanity on a Wanted Poster.

Friday, April 14, 2006 12:05:00 PM  

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