Sunday, April 30, 2006

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Connecticut Commentary: Red Notes from a Blue State

Zarella in the Dock
The nomination of Judge Peter Zarella as Chief Justice of Connecticut’s Supreme Court was seriously compromised when retiring Chief Justice William Sullivan held up the publication of a decision the release of which, Sullivan apparently thought, might harm Zarella’s prospects. The case itself meandered through the usual judicial maze before the Supreme Court rendered an en-banc decision that some case information should not be made available to the media through Freedom of Information petitions.

It should be noted that the media does have a dog in this fight. The champions of open government cannot be expected to approve final court decisions that authorize the withholding of information. In calling upon Governor Jodi Rell to nominate someone else – anyone else but Judge Zarella -- for the post of Chief Justice, a Hartford newspaper advised that the governor should promote someone who “has an unwavering commitment to open government.”

This is an argument for degrading all the justices who supported the court’s majority decision – not just Zarella. And it is a somewhat contradictory position for an institution to take that would rather have its employees serve time in jail than surrender information concerning reporter’s sources and raw notes to courts that need the information to render just decisions during trials.

Big media recently lauded Senator Chris Dodd for writing a bill exempting reporters from the obligations of ordinary citizens to give relevant and necessary testimony at trial, an extraordinary privilege that should be opposed by the entire judiciary, even though their opposition would not be effective. Judges are not in the position of providing good press for senators, and professional politicians like Dodd certainly know what side their bread is buttered on. Having delivered such a boon to the media, how can anyone trust the grateful recipients of such a favor to report unfavorably on their beneficiary? More

Why Toccogate Matters by Colin McEnroe

Chief Justice Sullivan needs to be arrested and handcuffed and hauled away in a squad car with the lights flashing in front of his neighbors and family.

Then these justices might pay attention to laws and the Constitution themselves.

The Constitution in Exile, Connecticut, is how it now is.

Officials have no fear of breaking laws and retaliating against whistleblowers, they fear retaliation if they break ranks and actually acting in the publics best interest.

A lawyer that defends his/her client against the wish of the judge can face arrest, disbarment, and prison.

A former State Police Officer had all sorts of unexplained cash, possibly 100’s of thousands of dollars. When faced with being exposed and having to inform on his buddies involved in the same crimes. The officer shot his wife and then himself.

All 3 branches of government in Connecticut are so corrupt they need to be flushed out clean. All departments are equally is bad.

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

Mass Corruption of the US’s Destruction

An open email to Representative Kenneth P. Green on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee

My Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut
If the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court is notified of Judges and others breaking the law, is he obstructing justice and guilty of other crimes for not acting on the tips and not passing it on to the proper authorities for investigation?

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