Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Email Received

from the author of actionlyme.org posted here April 27, 2006, 8:20 PM EST:
(downloads require a fast Internet connection or download times could be extremely long)

Now on ActionLyme Free Home PC Science Theatre:

References over which DCF & DMHAS flipped out:http://actionlyme.org/SCIENTIFIC_JOURNAL_ARTICLES_PSYCHOTROPICS_INDUCED_BRAIN_DAMAGE.htm

VIDEO I- Scientific Validity and Yale's FRAUD on Lyme:http://actionlyme.org/CLINTON_1.wmv

VIDEO II- Markers of Illness, which DCF said meant I was insane:http://actionlyme.org/CLINTON_CONF_II_MARKERS_OF_DISEASE.wmv

VIDEO IIA- Mark Klempner's MS HLA haplotype which isa dot guv secret (Shhhh!!!): http://actionlyme.org/Klempner-0602.wmv

---Please distribute because this is Corrupticut and people should do everything possible to stay out of the state.

Because "law enforcement" is as insane as DMHAS and DCF.
Kathleen M. Dickson

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