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Exposing Collusion and Illegal Acts of the Official Connecticut Mafia


Steven G. Erickson in Exile in New Orleans, Louisiana. I speak in a quick video download here
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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (The Hartford Courant)
Zarella Nomination Proves Contentious
April 29, 2006

In response to the April 25 Associated Press article "Zarella Wants Rell To Withdraw His Nomination For Chief Justice" []:

There is black and white in this story; no gray.

The article reported that former Connecticut Supreme Court Chief Justice William Sullivan "held up the release of a court ruling that said the judicial branch has the right to deny public access to certain documents that track the status and history of legal cases.

"Is the judicial branch saying it can hide its own book of rules and its own critique of its private performances?

Foul, foul, foul. And, considering the state Supreme Court's recent decision on eminent domain, these star chamber, out-of-touch-with- the-Constitution miscreants should not be allowed to (do) any more damage to America.

The judicial branch needs a strong, clean flushing.

Steven G. Erickson, Enfield (Connecticut)

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AP STATE WIRE (Connecticut)
Zarella wants Rell to withdraw his nomination for chief justice
April 25, 2006 Associated Press (Hartford Courant)

HARTFORD, Conn. -- State Supreme Court Justice Peter T. Zarella asked Gov. M. Jodi Rell on Monday to pull his nomination for the chief justice position, hours after the former chief justice acknowledged he purposely delayed the release of a court ruling in an attempt to help secure Zarella's confirmation.

Zarella said it was apparent that lawmakers would not hold a public hearing on his nomination this legislative session, which ends May 3. That would mean his nomination would not receive final action during the session.

But Zarella, a West Hartford Republican, did not rule out being a possible nominee after the session ends.

"I am confident that, given a public hearing and public airing, I will be able to justify your confidence in me," Zarella wrote in a letter to Rell, a Republican.

Rell, who said she believes Zarella is "a man of integrity and outstanding judicial ability," said she is troubled that revelations about former Chief Justice William Sullivan delaying the release of a court ruling has overshadowed the nomination.

"The next step must be to get answers to everyone's questions. Once I am satisfied that all relevant questions are answered and concerns addressed, I will proceed with the nominating process," Rell said in a written statement.

Rell could nominate Zarella or someone else for an interim appointment for chief justice after the legislature adjourns. The General Assembly's Judiciary Committee could then hold a public hearing and vote to confirm the nominee until January, when the full legislature returns for the 2007 session and could vote on a permanent appointment.

Earlier Monday, Judiciary Committee members were surprised to learn in an unusual letter from Justice David M. Borden that Sullivan held up the release of a court ruling that said the Judicial Branch has the right to deny public access to certain documents that track the status and history of legal cases.

Sullivan placed a hold on the court decision on March 14, three days before Rell announced that Sullivan was retiring and she was nominating Zarella. The legal decision was ultimately made available on April 21.

Sullivan later admitted to Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, co-chairman of committee, that he did so to help Zarella's chances to be confirmed by the legislature, McDonald said. Both Sullivan and Zarella voted with the majority in the ruling."The intent and effect of Chief Justice Sullivan's conduct was to deprive the legislature of the timely knowledge of Justice Zarella's vote in that case," Borden wrote, adding that he believed it was his duty to inform the legislature.

Borden's letter provided a rare glimpse into the cloistered world of the state Supreme Court, which normally tries to stay out of the political fray.Sullivan wrote a letter to lawyers involved in the case, acknowledging that he held up ruling's release but denying that he violated the Code of Judicial Conduct. Sullivan also wrote that others on the court believe he should recuse himself, be replaced by another judge and that the oral arguments be reheard.

Republican legislators credited Zarella for stepping aside during such a politically contentious situation.

"The fact of the matter is, Justice Zarella is a class act," said Rep. Robert Farr, R-West Hartford, ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee.

"All he ever sought was a fair hearing on this matter."

Farr said Zarella is very attuned to the historical precedence of the legislature not holding a public hearing on a governor's nominee for chief justice. Democrats, who control the Judiciary Committee, said there wasn't enough time in the session to hold a hearing on Zarella - especially given the news about Sullivan's actions.

Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven, the other committee co-chairman, said that if Rell plans to nominate Zarella again, she should wait until after an investigation of Sullivan's actions. Lawlor said he expects his committee will look into the matter.

"I certainly think it's appropriate that he withdraws at this point," Lawlor said.

"I hope that the governor, before she submits another nomination, whether it's Justice Zarella or someone else, considers ahead of time all the pros and cons. It's clear to us that she hadn't given any thought to the concerns about Justice Zarella."

McDonald said he expects either his committee or the Judicial Review Council will hold hearings on Sullivan's delaying the release of the court ruling.

"The withdrawal of Justice Zarella's nomination isn't going to forestall the responsibility we have now to further investigate the circumstances of the nomination's submission and the fact is that it appears that Chief Justice Sullivan manipulated the court's procedures and did so with the intention of misleading the legislature about the judicial record of Justice Zarella," McDonald said.

"Those are extraordinarily serious allegations."

Much of Monday was filled with news of dueling letters between Borden and Zarella.

At one point, Borden challenged statements Zarella had made in his letter as "inaccurate."

Borden wrote that Zarella did not initially agree to inform the Judiciary Committee of Sullivan's actions. Borden also said Zarella did not think Sullivan violated the Code of Judicial Conduct or that the matter warranted a review by the Judicial Review Committee.

House Minority Leader Robert M. Ward, R-North Branford, called Borden's letter "fairly petty" and said it was unseemly for court justices to make such exchanges public.

Sullivan retired on April 15 and is currently a senior justice, someone who can be called upon to assist the high court. Senate President Pro Tem Donald E. Williams Jr., D-Brooklyn, said Sullivan should step down from the Judicial Branch entirely.


Associated Press Writer Cara Rubinsky contributed to this report.

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