Sunday, April 09, 2006

Getting Wet in Front of the White House


April 7, 2006, in the AM

The Secret Service gets high marks on their courteous and diligent efforts in guarding the President at the White House.

Politeness and courtesy go a long way.

It was a marked departure from what I experienced at the Capitol in Hartford Connecticut, March 21, before and after I spoke to weigh in on the Judge Howard Scheinblum, Judiciary Committee Scandal. I was followed around stared at, and made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

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Steven G. Erickson Video

I speak candidly in a Windows Media Player download (click)

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A meat grinder from the 1700's displayed at the DAR Museum, Washington, DC

Defraud You, Inc., and their preference for kidnapping White Babies

There are judges that have gone on the record claiming that the Judiciary should not be involved in DCF, Probation, Parole, Special Programs, and aligned in direct co-operation with law enforcement. The reason is conflict of interest and in covering up for Police, Prosecutorial, DCF, Judicial, official misconduct and obstruction of justice.

A State gets money to kidnap children, processing citizens, and in adopting children out in Federal Dollars, dollars you worked hard for, everywhere in the US goes to Connecticut, and other like corrupt state systems. It pays in Federal Dollars for a State to throw as many citizens in prison and in continuing to revolve them through the system, guilty or not.

White children are easier to sell after kidnapping according to those familiar or in the organized criminal syndicate.

A confidential informant keeping an eye on Enfield, CT, Superior Court and Judge Howard Scheinblum recently sentenced a teen who had given birth a little over two weeks ago that had resulted in pregnancy from a consensual relationship with a younger teen boy. The ages are such that they fell into the illegal area.

The baby was taken away and awarded to the state of Connecticut. The girl will get 2 years hard time. Unlike Male Jails, Female Prisons have an extremely high rate of infectious diseases as most women are in those prisons for serious drug use and prostitution.

She will endure possibly daily strip searches and “probe searches” where sadistic guards wear rubber gloves. Hardened, dangerous, career criminal women will seek to subduing her will and her body. How is this acting in the best interest of society?

There are murder for hire schemes unlatched by Connecticut Police covered up by Connecticut FBI agents which even involved putting alleged unsuccessful hit out on a Wall Street power player to keep him from spilling the beans. They arrange accidents and other explain away deaths. Others end up in prison or mental hospitals to keep the “mouthy” silent.
Witness tampering, intimidation, perjury, manufacturing evidence, withholding evidence, false arrests, railroading whistleblowers and troublemakers to prison, wrecking families, and the rich stealing the offspring and property of the less fortunate is a Connecticut Art Form being passed on as Precedent to the rest of America.

Official Kidnapper and Obstruction of Justice Positions pay highly and are offered out like candy to the powerfully connected. The DCF, the Judiciary, and Law Enforcement will continue to grow, get more daring and blatant in their criminal activity in Connecticut until they’re stopped from ripping YOU OFF and wrecking America and the American Family.

Woman’s Baby ripped from her arms at Hospital

Mr. No Bid Contract Boy, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal


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