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A 50 State Guide to Republican Liars

A 50 State Guide to Republican LiarsI'm baaaaack...well, momentarily, anyway. One of the nice people over at Democratic Underground has spent the last 2 months compiling a list of Republican Corruption and Scandals and has made a state-by-state list.

It's almost unbelievably long, so I'll post it in installments...AlabamaInvestigation: Sen. Richard ShelbyDisposition: received contributions from Abramoff

Investigation: Gov. Robert RileyDisposition: received contributions from Abramoff, received contributions from DeLay's ARMPAC, linked to Abramoff Investigation: Republican Legislative Committee Disposition: financing of a Republican flier that accused a Democratic candidate of supporting same-sex marriage because she failed to sign a pledge against it. Republican committee did not file a report 5 days before the election showing who paid for the ad, as required by state law.

Read: Alabama Dems Seek Investigation Into Financing of Anti-Gay Flier

AlaskaInvestigation: Senate President Ben Stevens (son of US Senate Pro Tem President Ted Stevens) Disposition: probed for accepting consulting fees from oil services firm Veco. Subject to a recall petition.

Investigation: Sen. Ted Stevens Disposition: received contributions from Abramoff Arkansas Investigation: Arkansas Republican Party Disposition: received contributions from DeLay's ARMPAC, linked to Abramoff Investigation: Joshua Dickens, Republican Constable of Faulkner County Disposition: Severely beat, burned, handcuffed and kidnapped woman he was in a relationship with. Sentenced 5 years, could be released within 1 year. After the trial, a 16-year-old girl also made accusations to the police that she had been sexually assaulted by the young man.

Read: Good Words for CriminalsArizonaInvestigation: Rep. J.D. Hayworth Disposition: received contributions from Abramoff Investigation: Jan Brewer, Arizona Secretary of State Disposition: William (Bill) Risner, Esq. on behalf of Tom Ryan, Ph.D. of Arizona Citizens for Fair Elections, is suing the Secretary of State, Jan Brewer because of her failure to set standards to decertify faulty voting machines in Arizona. Brewer is scheduled to appear in Pima County Superior Court in Tucson on Tuesday morning (tentative) to explain why she has not complied with Arizona law that requires adoption of voting system decertification standards.

Read: Secretary of State Jan Brewer Ordered to Appear in Court for Failure to Perform Duty to Adopt Voting Equipment Decertification Standards

and Arizona: Vote Machine Suit Designed to Protect Election Process

Investigation: Gov. Evan MechamDisposition: impeached in 1988, after he was convicted of obstructing an investigation into a death threat allegedly made by an aide. He also failed to report $350,000 from a contributor to his campaign for governor as required by campaign laws; loaned himself $80,000 of public money to help his failing car dealership; allegations of covering up a death threat by one of his appointees to a government employee. Was the first US governor to face removal from office by 3 means simultaneously: impeachment by legislature, a scheduled recall election, and a criminal indictment.

Read: Evan Mecham and Taft Vows to Stay, but Other Governors Have Walked Away

Investigation: Governor Fife SymingtonDisposition: resigned after being convicted of bank fraud charges. Conviction overturned due to improper dismissal fo a juror during deliberations.

Pardoned by Clinton, probably so he would stop wasting the federal government's time and money investigating him.

Read: Fife Symington III Investigation: Nathan Sproul, Sproul & Associates. Launched voter registration drives in at least 8 states, most of them swing states Disposition: under investigation for allegedly destroying voter registration cards signed by Democrats

Read: RNC-Funded Firm Sproul & Associates Stands Accused of Lying, Cheating, and Even Destroying Democratic Voter Registration Forms to Get More Republicans to the Polls

and Election Fraud: Team Bush Paid $8 Million for Dirty Tricks to Suppress Votes--and Tried to Hide it

and Republican Dirty Tricks

Investigation: State Rep. David Burnell Smith. The Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission ordered Smith to resign after concluding that he violated spending limits in the 2004 primary election he agreed to in order to receive public campaign money under the Clean Elections Law.

Disposition: Smith contends that he made accounting mistakes and overpaid a political consultant, but did not violate the law.

Read: Smith, Critic Debate on Removal Order.

and Smith Tells District 7 GOP He'll Fight Clean Elections

Next up: California, Colorado, Connecticut & Delaware


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