Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The James C. Hogancamp Obituary


The common theme is to not speak ill of the dead. But this individual was the Pied Piper of smoking crack cocaine and marijuana.

He refused to support 6 kids, stole from his ½ brother and contributed to the closing of a Stafford Springs, Connecticut, pawnshop to fuel his addiction for drugs and sex with young boys and girls. Hogancamp was possibly only in his late 50’s and possibly died of liver failure. Others think it may have been complications of advanced HIV, AIDS, and or a combination with Hepatitis C.

He got many kids addicted, and turned Peter Coukos owner of 3 and 5 Church St, Stafford Springs, CT, onto crack causing Pete to become addicted, according to Peter Coukos, to go to ALANON and/or Narcotics Anonymous in Boston Massachusetts.

Hogancamp lured many young teens into sex and addiction by talking to them and hanging out with them playing video games at his half-brother's pawn shop in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

I found out drugs were being sold and that Hogancamp’s allegedly HIV infected girlfriend, and prostitute, prostituted herself for crack cocaine, according to Peter Coukos who either hired Vicky Tomaro, hired her for sex for cash, or crack cocaine.

It is hard to imagine to take such risks with your life, but I don’t know what it is like to suck on the end of a glass pipe, sucking in toxic fumes of crack cocaine lit by a blowtorch.

Hogancamp trafficked in stolen goods, sold drugs, and prostituted those he helped get addicted.

James C. Hogancamp had lost touch with his 6 kids and died alone and was found after 2 days stinking up an apartment he probably didn't even pay rent for. Vicky Tamaro and 'Jimmy' were famous for getting in living arrangements, campgrounds, and apartments, not paying rent and ripping off all they could.

That piece of shit was fostered by Connecticut Official Policies.

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