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Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested


I had a contracting business, 3 work vans and a High Performance Collector’s Edition 1978, 4sp Chevrolet Corvette registered and insured, and was current on 3 mortgage payments for 3 houses containing 9 Apartments. click for post with pics and more info

I installed replacement window/doors, roofed residential commercial and church roofs, installed vinyl siding, painted interior and exterior of houses, installed aluminum coil on all sorts of properties, including an Airforce Base. I was productive and produced, paid taxes, and was an asset to society.

Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut Courts bypassed so many criminals to target me at your Federal Tax Dollar Expense. I was a consumer of goods and services.

I lost everything I had ever worked for, my home, my dog and other pets, family unity, most of my possessions retirement, credit, health insurance, investment properties, and my small business, because the Commercial Elite in Connecticut saw fit to ruin me and take all they could for my Free Speech complaining about them.

You paid to abuse and ruin me, you paid for my stay as a Political Prison in a Connecticut Prison.

Connecticut authorities saw fit to falsely arrest, imprison, and threaten me with more prison for trying to expose corrupt criminal officials, proposing laws police and the judiciary didn’t like to elected officials, and for being so vocal about police and court policies that would encourage good kids to go bad, get addicted, and die, protecting heroin and crack cocaine dealers and other criminals to take “non-connected” residents businesses and property.

The scumbags are the offspring of the original Criminal Commercial Elite.

* * * *

My letter to First Lady, Laura Bush

Would Jeffrey Yeaw been terrorized into running from a trial, or would he ever have been targeted by DCF, had he not lodged complaints against DCF with DCF in Connecticut?

America's Hidden Shame

Does CT Gov. M. Jodi Rell care about undoing the Gov. Rowland Corruption Damage?

West Hartford Connecticut Attorney Jim Brewer, was he retaliated for defending cops that turned in bad Connecticut cops for Police Misconduct?

Chris Kennedy of Ellington Connecticut has cost taxpayers millions in Connecticut's retaliation scheme to illegally take away his kids, trials, and malicious investigations

Don Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, CT, a Connecticut landlord got mouthy about police misconduct and ended up facing a year in prison for getting slapped from behind by an Enfield Connecticut Police Officer's 16 year old prostitute girlfriend.

John Dibiase, Jr. one of the hardest working advocates for Father's Rights and for Non-custodial parents

Assassination of the American Male, Assassination of the American Father

Build a million dollar concrete foundation business, be a productive citizen, and after a Connecticut Divorce face possible poverty and prison, the Bill Mulready story Bill asserts that Connecticut courts have not been following Federal ADA laws for a decade and a half or so. That means Connecticut courts have been, and are, acting illegally.

* * * *

added April 19, 2006, 9:15 PM EST:

Faxed to Rep. Christopher Smith (R-4) Fax: 202-225-7768

April 19, 2006

Representative Christopher Smith, Republican New Jersey

From: Steven G. Erickson, blogger on (don’t forget www) and,

Text: I watched you on C-Span today talking about gendercide and Global Human Rights abuses as you are the Subcommittee chairman.

I see and hear where you talk about the abuses in China, forced organ donation, and the corruption of selling organs and other abuses of Human Rights. I hear about torture and the holding of Political Prisoners.

We should clean up our own act in America, before we condemn other nations that do as we do, and do as we have done in America.

If you speak out about the Commercial Elite, and abusive upper crust of America, before we are a country, property was taken, those speaking out were imprisoned or killed, families were broken up. The spoils of corruption and abuse of Human Rights in America have gone to the Commercial Elite.

There is no one in which to complain when Americans’ Civil Rights are abused if they aren’t of a vocal protected group. Please check my blogs as for examples, accounts, and names. It has gone on far too long and there is nobody for Americans to go to for help.

If an average American complains about a corrupt official and proposes legislation to hold officials, police, and members of the judiciary accountable for their actions the citizens can face police harassment, threats, physical abuse, police arranging a “hit”, malicious investigations/prosecutions, and citizens being held as political prisoners.

Please see that we practice what we preach in America, before we go condemning others for copying our disgraceful, immoral methods and secret policies.

Please look into the abuses of Americans in which I detail, the arrests, the corrupt practices of officials, the fixed trials, the lies, the perjury, manufacturing and withholding of evidence, the intimidation of witnesses, obstruction of justice, jury tampering, and the failing of officials to follow any rules.

The nomination and confirmation of judges involves who you know and who’ll you’ll owe favor to. The corrupt officials have immunity as do other officials breaking laws. Citizens and those within the system that blow the whistle are then railroaded to prison.

Other, average Americans, are harvested in various way to defraud Federal Taxpayers, and the American Family and America as a whole suffer.

* * * *

I also sent the above to 3 Fax numbers from this webpage from the Chinese Embassy

Note: is down at this time of this addition to this post. It seems that computer crashing and website crashing has to do this subjects of what I post, and then they come down when they are the most damning to the subjects profiled.

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added April 26, 2006, 12:07 AM EST:

My fax to the US Committee on Government Reform


Anonymous Anonymous said...

April 25, 2006 Fax to: 202 225 3974

To Whom It May Concern on the Committee of Government Reform:

I watched C-Span today.

I heard how y’all spouted off on all the corruption in Iraq and how bad that is.

Well, what about corruption in the US, namely in Connecticut?

There has been corruption allegations that is implied in a Hartford Courant piece today regarding withholding information in order that a new Chief Supreme Connecticut Court Justice nominee could seek a top spot by pulling the wool over the eyes of a Legislative Judiciary Committee, with a Governor possibly implicated in the wrongdoing.

Based on sworn testimony, and my allegations, at a Judiciary Committee Hearing, March 21, 2006, where I make various serious allegations, I was not questioned. If anyone makes a statement that is false, a false allegation, it is a very serious criminal offense, there is much noise and questions and an arrest should follow.

Not one of the legislators even questioned my allegations. Judge Howard Scheinblum was confirmed. There are no checks and balances in Connecticut, just corruption. If one “t” was not crossed, or “i” not dotted in my testimony, I should be arrested, prosecuted, and the key thrown away to my prison cell. Not, a question was raised, for good reason, my accusations are right on.

Well, if there are 3 corrupt branches of government in a US State, how are we the people, to fare?

There is no one to complain to in Connecticut if all 3 branches of government in the State are corrupt.

If one school girl couldn’t go to school because of her race in a segregated school, and the National Guard was called in, what are you going to do when it regards a whole state of citizens abused by all 3 branches of government and all the departments and all their “royal” servants?

If you are the Committee on Government Reform, what are you going to do about this? Is it business as usual, nothing but excuses and a Whistleblower BBQ?

If the Committee is more than just an excuse to waste taxpayer dollars, please do something.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
PO Box 730, Enfield, CT 08083 Email:
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