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Official Lying and Perjury

Should officials that are caught lying to obstruct justice or to keep from being prosecuted, face prosecution, no matter how far up the food chain they are? Anonymous comments for this question are allowed below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Faxed all over the known universe today, including the USDOJ, Senate, and the UN in Geneva Switzerland:

Michael Lawlor 10 April 06
Andrew McDonald
CT Legislative Judiciary Committee
Legislative Office Building, RM 2500
Hartford, CT

I am writing on behalf of an individual who was illegally put under a gag order by “judge” Carl Taylor. The Statute 17a-28 clearly states that anyone who is being abused by DCF may speak to whoever they want about their “case:”

“Such records, of any person may only be disclosed, in whole or in part, to any individual, agency, corporation, or organization or as provided with the consent of the person or as provided in this section.

That means I may also report the criminal behavior of the CT DCF to anyone I want, which I did. I reported their criminal behavior to the USDOJ. The DCF lies to everyone their you, their victim knows, to get them to come and perjure themselves about you, their victim, when, in fact, DCF can be used as a weapon because false allegations are never prosecuted. DCF is all too happy to remove children, regardless of the legitimacy of the complaints, because the DCF is SO STUPID, they think their only job is kidnapping and placing children with dangerous people, as is what happened to my children.

The “judge,” Carl Taylor, should be arrested for breaking the law for ordering an illegal gag order, and for issuing a charge of contempt of court to Meredith Inkel. Meredith Inkel was not given legal representation in her DCF “case” because that was intended to assure her that she lost her complaint against the DCF for taking her son 4 years ago, and never giving her a hearing or a trial as regards that child’s removal.

The child was removed because Meredith asked for help with her son, as regards his behavior. I too asked for help, and was helped to the removal of my kids, a false arrest, and then an illegal gag order not to “criticize the government.”

I am an analytical chemist from Pfizer, and I filed a scientific fraud and racketeering complaint with the assinine US Attorney Kevin O’Connor, who only got his job because Mrs. O’Connor worked in Rowland’s legal office during the Rowlandgate crimes, which involved DCF.


Judge Carl Taylor broke the law.
DCF’s Jessica Gauvin broke the law.
DCF’s Susan Wax broke the law.
State Prosecutor Chris Parakilas broke the law.
DCF’s Valerie Miles broke the law.
DCF’s and Yale’s Patricia Leebens broke the law and “left the country.“
The druggie DCF social worker who was caught with drugs and a gun on school grounds to our knowledge was not charged and got to keep her kid.
Numerous Yale people committed perjury against me; I was falsely arrested, numerous other people perjured themselves against me to avoid being sued, including the Stonington School staff; and the Stonington police are incompetent MORONS, as is everyone else associated with the State of Corrupticut.

You have a real rebellion on your hands, and we will continue to expose your incompetence to the press and to the public to assure NO ONE EVER MOVES TO THIS STATE for fear of their very lives, since you provide no protection against lawbreaking by State employees, and YOU NEVER RETURN PHONE CALLS.

Who do you legislators think you are?

You aren’t scientists.

Imagine what I think of you?

I am not impressed with lawyers, or legislators, or Richard Blumenthal or anyone who works for any department or agency in the State of Connecticut. No one has a brain in their heads in this entire state, and worse, there is no accountability from any office in the State, and worse still, no one has the courage and strength of character to stand up for what is right.

How do you expect accountability and a sense of responsibility for one’s actions from children or the underprivileged, or the so-called “criminals,” or Black youths, or Latinos, or poor white youths, or the undereducated for any reason, if there is no role model from you people “elected” to represent us in Hartford?

How can you subject the constituency of this state to such utter hopelessness?

You airheaded incompetent “legislators” and this entire state are an abomination. This is the wealthiest state in the wealthiest country in the world, it is supposed to be a “democracy,” and none of you can even pick up the phone.

This has been going on for years, now. Why did I have to tell the FDA and the USDOJ that Yale committed the biggest medical fraud in human history with their bogus Lyme vaccine and their bogus definition of “Lyme disease?”

Why do we pay any of the State staff, or the FDA, or the NIH, or the DHHS, or the salaries of any US Congressman or Senator when not a one of you EVER calls us back or looks into our complaints?

This entire country sucks.

What are you people smoking? You most be smoking something because you all act stoned. A drunk or a poor has more going on upstairs than you people. How DARE you all sit in judgment of us, and decide we constituents are not worth your time?

If each one of us was wealthy enough to take 100% care of ourselves, we would all own our own little
islands, and not need a government. Get it? This is supposed to be a country of people who work together
to provide for the general welfare and for our posterity – our children -, but not a one of you incompetent
bastards in Hartford EVER picks up the Goddamned phone.

Who the HELL do you think you are?

Kathleen M. Dickson
23 Garden Street
Pawcatuck, CT 06379

Monday, April 10, 2006 6:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Department of Children and Families Citizen’s Review Board 07 April 06

Rocky Hill, CT Fax 860-563-3961

CC: Legislative Judicial Committee

Andrew McDonald, Michael Lawlor, Edward Meyer

United States Department of Justice:

Criminal Division, Civil Rights Division, Criminal Section

ADA Division

Washington, DC

US Attorney Kevin O’Connor (for what is it is worth)

157 Church Street

New Haven CT

“Judge” John C. Driscoll

“Judge” Carmen Espinosa

Superior Court for Juvenile Matters, Middletown, Waterford

AG Richard Blumenthal

Stonington Police

US Senate, House Ways and Means

Office of the Child Advocate, Jeanne Milstein

Hartford Courant

How DCF, State and local police, and state “prosecutors” could improve


All DCF “trials” should be open to the public so all could see what outrageously liars and frauds the DCF staff are and to counter the perjury orchestrated by DCF.

Until that happens, the public must and will eventually know all of DCF’s illegal tactics, regardless of the competence of the CT State Legislators. I will assure that the whole world knows about all of the DCF’s illegal behavior, like the fact that DCF bugs their victims’ phones, stalks their victims, follows their victims around in their cars, and goes through their garbage, and informs everyone the DCF’s victims know, illegally, of all of the DCF’s lying nonsense so that everyone will be happy to come and perjure themselves on behalf of the State.

Everyone in this state, should- and will- know, that 90% of removals are fraudulent, and that this is a State and national statistic. In that way, everyone will know that when DCF investigates someone, someone else has filed false allegations with a 90% probability, and that the DCF’s victims should be assisted, possibly to leave the State as soon as possible.

I will advise everyone in this State, that first and foremost, until DCF is completely GONE, completely non-existent, that if DCF knocks on their door, they should leave the State immediately and that they should not use their-phone to notify friends and relatives that they are leaving the State. DCF’s victims should be aware that they should leave no evidence trail of where they have moved to.

DCF’s victims should also know to use only a pay phone or a friend’s phone, once the criminally insane DCF is up their butts..

I will be continuing to expose all of DCF’s illegal tactics to the entire world because their behavior is chronically criminal. All they do is torture people, scare the hell out of kids, and their failure rate is at best 80%. That is, 80% of children end up more traumatized by DCF’s abuse and kidnapping (“removals”) than they ever could be by their parents. Most of DCF’s victims end up in the jails due to illegal drug use and alcoholism, because these former children victims of DCF often turn to self-medicating.

The actual figure is that “separation from parents” has the highest correlate in long term, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Van Der Kolk).


There should be a minimum IQ and educational level to even be hired by any of these State entities. These State employees should all be told that it is not acceptable to lie if they are too stupid to read or understand modern English.

This is my biggest complaint.

I find it amazing that there are so many STUPID State employees. Stupidity and excessive LYING is currently the State employee hiring REQUIREMENT.

I am still in shock that there could be this many STUPID people in the State of Connecticut, let alone that they have jobs and we have to pay them.

A degree in “social work” is meaningless, as we learned last summer when the infant died because the DCF only hires morons, and no one knew how to clean the infant’s breathing tube. Sociology degrees are famous for being the biggest NO BRAINER degrees.


DCF could stop committing crimes and lying to everyone, especially the press. It makes no sense for DCF to do nothing but lie in all their “records.” When I got my “records,” I was in total shock. Unless there was someone watching the DCF, every single thing they wrote in their notes about me was a lie. The only time they did not lie in their records was when the children’s Ad Litem was present.

I am a scientist- a former analytical chemist for Pfizer. Imagine my shock to read the DCF’s lying ridiculous “records.” Imagine if all employees of BigPharma did nothing but lie in all their records.

DCF staff should at least have a high school education. They should be able to spell. If I say a word like “Neuroborreliosis” (causes Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and Dementia), DCF should not write in their “records,” “perp does bizarre talking.”

DCF are the stupidest people I have ever met. The press and the public will know about all their crimes.


The press and the public will be made aware that the Statute 17a-28 allows any of their victims to talk about their “cases” to anyone they want. It is the DCF who is gagged and who is to be prosecuted for talking about their victims’ “cases” to anyone, and especially LYING to everyone you know, so that that all their victims’ former acquaintances are willing to come and perjure themselves on behalf of the DCF.

In my “case,” the Principal of Pawcatuck Middle School perjured herself numerous times. It appeared DCF told her what lies to state. Her name is Jane Guilini. The State refuse to give me my transcripts so I can sue all the perjurers. Her husband is the Chief of Police for the Town of Groton, Bruce Guilini. Perhaps she thinks because her husband is a cop, she can get away with perjury.

The Stonington Schools did not want to be sued for not instituting my daughter’s 504 Special Education Plan. She still is not attending school in criminally insane father’s “care,” nor is she seeing an Infectious Diseases Specialist despite having Lyme disease and Ehrlichiosis.

The Statute 17a-28 states: “Such records of any person may only be disclosed, in whole or in part, to any individual, agency, corporation, or organization with the consent of the person, or as provided in this section.”

Everyone in the State of Connecticut should know that their cases are public if they so choose, and that is advisable to scan in all of the DCF’s ridiculous lying nonsense into their websites (free websites are available, such as People should broadcast all about all of their DCF abuse to all the newsgroups, and show everyone they know, all their DCF records, and demonstrate how stupid they are and that all the DCF does is record LIES in their records.

In other words, everyone should make every attempt to exonerate themselves because the “trials” are closed, and all the DCF does is lie, defraud the court, write bogus orders of custody, and all the State judges are morons.

I was present for the last judicial committee approval hearings. Some people are approved as judges who have ZERO trial experience.


DCF and “Judge” John Driscoll - who is the stupidest judge I have ever met - refused 7 times to let me have the transcripts. This is illegal, and I hope this judge is prosecuted.

All judges should be prosecuted for lawbreaking, especially judges who order people, illegally, not to discuss their “cases” with the media and friends, since this is clearly illegal. This would also include Judge Carl Taylor, for telling one of DCF’s victims that they can’t discuss their case, but would not put that in writing, and now has charged the victim with contempt of court, when it is Judge Carl Taylor who is in contempt of court.

For my false criminal charges, I was not allowed to speak to the court, by Judge Carmen Espinosa, which is also illegal. There should be a forum through which judges are prosecuted and held accountable.


AAG Jessica Gauvin invented for me with her nitwitnesses Kenneth Marcus, “MD” (“Medical Director” of DMHAS), and the amazingly incompetent James Phillips, “MD” right in the “courtroom,” that I have “command hallucinations to kill,” (because I said she would rot in hell, which is true), and that I am a “dangerously intelligent” “chemist,” “like Ted Kaszynski” (the Unibomber), and then she falsely accused me of saying that myself, when I was actually reporting Gauvin’s criminally insane behavior to the US Attorney, Kevin O’Connor.

Lyme is a brain disease- a delirium. James Phillips, MD is a moron. I gave Phillips a ton of information about Lyme disease, and the websites of the world’s expert psychiatrists on Lyme disease- Brian Fallon at Columbia, and Robert Bransfield in New Jersey. Those websites are and But much to my surprise, this idiot Phillips never looked at ANY of the data I gave him.

If I am a chemist and worked for Pfizer, perhaps I know a few things about Science and Medicine. I assumed Phillips could read something other than about Freud and sex, but I was much mistaken. Phillips diagnosed me with High Functioning Autism (which explains my “very superior” Performance IQ or visual spatial abilities) but later perjured himself about that to avoid a malpractice lawsuit. I have two blood relatives with High Functioning Autism, and two with Neurofibromatosis. These two genetic abnormalities co-confer 150 times more often than if they were independent genetic events. This is in all the Psychiatry textbooks. (Amazingly, you can occasionally find a fact every now and then in one of their publications.)

The DCF-lying-moron-trainer, Laura Lustig, also reported to the “court” the complete opposite of me. She reported that I have a low Performance IQ and am not athletic, despite being given the evidence that the opposite was true. I was an athlete my whole life, and played on Milford’s Foran High School’s Varsity basketball, softball, and volleyball teams.

Lustig should be prosecuted for deliberately lying to the “court,” and I will never let up – I will never stop reporting her criminally insane and incompetent behavior until she is criminally prosecuted, because the public must be protected. The public must be informed until then, to stay away from her, so that no one pays her for any of her incompetent and criminal behavior.

Lustig owns The New Learning Center, 1200 Boston Post Road, Westport, CT, and her second-in- command is a former DCF Commissioner Mark Marcus, which could be a violation of the State’s revolving door policy. Since the Chief State’s Attorney, Christopher Morano, is also a criminal (See my website- the Saraceno case), my reporting of this to him, did not result in Lustig’s and Mark Marcus’arrest and prosecution.

People who have Lyme disease or any kind of genetic learning disability should stay away from Lustig, especially. I had to explain to Lustig the difference between Aspergers’s and High Functioning Autism. Autism and Asperger’s are the complete opposites in cognitive profile.


There should be a public board to whom we can file complaints about DCF staff’s criminal behavior. These complaints should be available to the public to read about, onloine, so that all residents of the State of Corrupticut can be informed of DCF’s tactics. The day I faxed a motion for an Administrative Review, requesting law enforcement to be present to arrest AAG Jessica Gauvin (March 25, 2004), Gauvin ordered my false arrest. She criminally charged me with the very same insanity she invented for me right in the “courtroom.”

Lyme disease is a brain disease, and despite the mountain of scientific journal articles I gave to the DCF staff in person, and despite all the scientific journal articles scanned or linked into my website,, which show that Lyme borreliosis is a borreliosis – a permanent brain infection – the idiots of the DCF could not read any of it. They later, after my false arrest, had all Yale staff perjure themselves in order to continue to prescribe brain damaging psychotropic medications to persons who have Lyme. The American Psychiatric Associations’ guidelines on the treatment of a delirium- which Lyme borreliosis is, and is demonstrable by brain imaging-imaging records which in my “case” were given to the moronjudge John Driscoll- state that: “Medications for psychiatric disorders can be both the cause of delirium and exacerbate or contribute to delirium from other causes.”

If Phillips was not such a moron, he could have looked at the records I gave him that showed by brain SPECT scan imaging, that I have a valid delirium- reduced blood flow to the brain caused by Lyme disease. It’s hard to believe that if you give a doctor your medical records, they won’t look at them, but all residents of the State of CT should be aware of the fact that they should periodically test their physician’s knowledge.

DCF’s Principal Attorney (Principal Moron), Sarah Gibson, gave all the scientific articles I gave her about Lyme, psychotropics-induced brain damage, and Autism, to the Commission on Human Rights as evidence that I am insane.

According to the DCF, “science equals insanity.” DCF should be cut off from all federal funding over this one issue alone.


Persons who file false allegations should be arrested and prosecuted. DCF Middletown court told me no one had ever been prosecuted for false allegations and they did not know whose job it was to prosecute false allegations. I got the same response from the Milford State Prosecutor’s Office

How in the world can the State of CT be that stupid? If the whole State knows anyone can file false allegations and never be prosecuted, what is to stop DCF from being used as a weapon? DCF is not interested in helping anyone. They think- and I use the term loosely- that their job is to do nothing but kidnap children.

My children were told by DCF that if they complained about their abusive placement with the known child abuser and wife-beater, Donald G. Dickson, they would be kidnapped again and placed in separate foster homes. Note that Donald Dickson has a very long history of domestic violence and was diagnosed as a sociopath. Donald Dickson fraudulently told DCF I was going to drive my children into a lake, that I hit them with hammers, that I beat their butts until they are red, and that I poke them in the faces with sticks…

My children have Lyme disease; I have Lyme disease; Donald Dickson was diagnosed as a sociopath; is a lifelong alcoholic; only recently stopped drinking; has no regard for his children; has never helped the children with Lyme disease, nor are they now seeing an Infectious Diseases Specialist for Lyme and Ehrlichiosis.

DCF should be criminally prosecuted for placing children in dangerous circumstances and threatening the children not to complain of their abusive treatment and I will never let up until they are.

Children who DCF has kidnapped should be informed that they may talk to the press and anyone they like about their abusive treatment by DCF and should be encouraged to do so to validate their DCF- induced traumas.

No psychiatrists who work for the State of CT knows the first thing about brains. I have not met one yet, who does. The public must understand that psychiatrists just make it all up as they go along and they assert that their victims are “projecting” or do “transference” when, in fact, it is the psychiatrists who do this. It is impossible not to subjectively interpret what another person says or does.

According to James Phillips:

“In concluding this review I would like to summarize what I consider the major features of a hermeneutic orientation in psychiatry. (1) A hermeneutic approach will focus on those conditions, and those aspects of any condition, that call for an interpretation of the meaning structures that play a significant role in the condition. It will also evince a sensitivity to the boundaries between meaning-oriented and other explanatory modalities. (2) This approach will emphasize the historicity of any theoretical point of view, any diagnostic system, and any therapeutic modality in psychiatry. This involves a recognition that there is no value-free or presuppositionless orientation in this field. One of the challenges of the hermeneutic effort is to promote "conversation" among the differing approaches, both at theoretical level and at the level of treatment of the individual patient. (3) The hermeneutic approach will subordinate the universal to the particular--that is, theory takes second place to the understanding and care of the individual patient. Psychiatric knowledge is thus practical and organized for treatment of the individual patient. (4) Finally, as a practical discipline, directed toward the care of the individual patient and allowing an inevitable plurality of perspectives in the provision of that care, psychiatric knowledge is finite, limited, and subject to ongoing revision.”—James Phillips.

Meaning, they simply invent other peoples’ motivations and according to James Phillips - since he is a Freudian and sex-obsessed - no other matters are brain matters except penis matters.


Penises have ZERO to do with female brains. I miss my penis as much as I miss not being born with a third arm. I get along fine without a penis. In fact, since I don’t have a penis to obsess over, I can concentrate on more important matters like brains. ‘Especially children’s brains. ‘Especially the brains of children who have Lyme disease, since my kids have congenital Lyme. I never think about penises. The only time I think about penises is when I think about James Phillips. I think it must be sickening to have no other topics besides “Mr. Penis,” while also pretending to be a religious person, but we have all seen this before: Catholic Priests. Penises don’t do anything especially interesting except when they don’t do what their owners want, and then there is Viagra. Viagra is a source of no end of entertainment, and of course, for Pfizer investors, Viagra and penis problems are a source of income.

This is a sickening topic, but we must talk about it, because DCF is also fond of penis matters and believe penises have a priority in children’s lives, as we learned from Kristine Ragaglia and DCF-Rowlandgate, and the behavior of AAG Jessica Gauvin. If penises are more important than children’s brains, according to DCF and DMHAS, DCF and DMHAS should so state on their websites so people can know to avoid them at all costs. Phillips is a forensic psychiatrist for the State of CT. What if Phillips suddenly decides to invent for the perjury-record-of-the-court that someone went insane because they did not have a penis. This is what Freud believed, and Phillips is a Freudian. Anyone can see how dangerous it is for such a person to be a forensic psychiatrist for the State of Corrupticut.


I have requested from the US Department of Justice that they send us someone like Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate the corruption in the State of CT, because the US Attorney Kevin O’Connor’s wife worked in Rowland’s legal office during the Rowlandgate crimes. Mrs. US Attorney Kevin O’Connor also worked on Rowland’s re-election campaign; DCF-Rowlandgate was about a “national string of prisons and juvenile detention centers,” and DCF-Ragaglia was all too happy to provide the bodies, being a writer of the bills that increased the terminations of parental rights.


ALL PSYCHOTROPICS ARE BRAIN DAMAGING, and when I provided these scientific journal articles to a DCF Lying Moron trainer, Laura Lustig of the New Learning Center, Westport, my kids were kidnapped 5 days later through an order written by DCF’s Chief Psychotropics Prescriber and Brain Damager of Children, Yale’s Patricia Leebens.

I will be faxing these scientific journal articles to you. If you like, I will come and give a seminar on the specific mechanisms of psychotropics-induced brain damage. That is, I will explain the history of psychotropics development and the fact that the accident of methylene blue, a antimicrobial stain and substance that caused microbial paralysis, was the origin of the entire world of psychotropics. They are all simply brain anesthetics. Thorazine is a derivative of methylene blue- a phenothiazine dye. All psychotropics (except lithium) are simply brain anesthetics- receptor or transporter blockers. All cause brain cell loss and neurotransmitter dysregulation. No one is ever cured by psychiatry or their “drugs.” All of psychiatry’s victims are only made worse. Psychiatrist blame the victims of abuse, by diagnosing the victim, instead of their abuser.

You can see how, in the old days, a person who was “insane” was thought to be possessed by the devil, when in fact, the most evil people – for example, the DCF and DMHAS – are too clever to be diagnosed as insane. For instance, DCF and DMHAS now want to merge. Evil is in charge. Persons with epilepsy who were in medieval times considered to be possessed by demons, are in fact, medically ill. There is nothing “psychiatric” about it, but all of neurology was corrupted by psychiatry. Now, over 100 years later, since the birth of this non-medical practice, instead of valid brain imaging and cognitive testing, someone who is a “doctor” can totally invent out of thin air, what is wrong with a person. What is truly crazy is now the “expertise.” Inventing what another person does or says is, by definition, delusional, or is a form of psychosis.

These facts irritate the DCF and DMHAS the most, because DCF does nothing but kidnap and kid-drug, and they hate accountability. DCF does not want to give up their practice of lies-as-records, and the same is true for psychiatry. This is why in the past 2 years, DMHAS and DCF have tried to merge. If they have no valid case of abuse or neglect against a parent, they can always invent that the parent is insane, especially by inventing what the parent did or said- and especially by their techniques of driving parents crazy, all of which I will be publishing. 1) They lie to everyone you know; 2) they send you on wild goose-chases; 3) they say you can meet your kidnapped children at one place and time, and then when you get there they tell you the children are not there, so you can go berserk, and then they write in their records that you went berserk and therefore are a bad parent; 4) they destroy all your relationships; 5) they modus operandi is to divide and conquer…

Satan is the “Father of all lies,” and the DCF is the most diabolical entity to have ever reared its horned head on this earth. I will be exposing all of their tactics for the benefit of public safety.

Kathleen M. Dickson

23 Garden Street

Pawcatuck, CT 06379


Monday, April 10, 2006 6:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay i laugh at this.
My mom was the commisioner for DCF for a while. I learned actually alot. WTF do you think they are?? super heros??? they cant help everysingle person. they do their absoulute best. my mom worked everyday from 7 to 7. seriously!maybe you should go to college...get a degree and see exactly how hard it is

Monday, May 01, 2006 6:40:00 PM  
Anonymous Kathleen M. Dickson said...

You really are a moron. I have a degree in CHEMISTRY, which is a valid science, and I worked for BIGPHARMA, you stupid incompetent fool.

Such stupid statements from a child of a DCF worker-as-a-parent would naturally make such an off-the-charts stupid comment.

There is *no excuse* for such incompetence, lies, false arrests, outright psychosis, and stupidity being in charge of other people's children.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006 12:21:00 AM  

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