Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Representative Kenneth P. Green


House Democrat Kenneth P. Green webpage

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The below emailed to

To Representative Kenneth P. Green, CT House Democrat, April 26, 2006
I testified at the Judiciary Committee meeting in Hartford, Connecticut, March 21, 2006.

You are the only one I noticed on the committee that wasn’t one of the rubber stamp people, we need more of you. There is blanket corruption in Connecticut in all 3 branches of government and within all departments. What can you do to help change this?

I complained about heroin and crack cocaine being sold off and near my Stafford Springs, Connecticut rental properties.

Police aligned with the criminals to take me down. There are designated areas for Connecticut’s unwanted, minorities and “White Trash.”

Children are getting addicted and becoming lifetime criminal parasites in these areas.

The State gets Federal Tax Dollars for breaking up families to the tune of about $90,000 to 150k for a special needs kids, to process, arrest, and incarcerate.

There wouldn’t be the corruption and abuse of citizens if there wasn’t a complicit and totally corrupt Judicial Branch. Legislators have to live in fear as do Connecticut citizens, as retaliation is the rule not the exception.

John Julian the former selectman told me that he kept riffraff and [racial slurs snipped], by going after landlords and businesses that cater to them. I proposed laws to legislators to make officials accountable to the people and to ensure they acted in the best interest of the public and obey laws. For this, I was falsely arrested, Connecticut State Police Officers Amaral and Langlois committed perjury, and Judge Jonathan Kaplan knowingly allowed and helped with the railroading and I lost everything to go to prison. My non-intact family and I have suffered severely ever since for no legitimate reason.

Drugs are allowed to be sold, and other crimes committed, and police protect criminals until they are no longer of use as informants, to commit crimes, or for illicit sex.

Police and the courts use criminals to help take down and set-up whistleblowers and ruin the non-connected to eliminate business competition and to covertly enforce “Jim Crow.”

The plea bargain arrangement is a way of disposing of cases and to label as many minorities and others as criminals to keep them down and out, and separate.

Connecticut might just be the most racist and Unconstitutionally operated State in the Nation. What do you intend on doing about it?

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson, PO Box 730, Enfield, CT 06083
Email:, I’m going to post this letter on and

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Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

Smoking Gun Text: My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut Video downloads

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