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Smoking Gun Text

My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

I think some of what I said was not printed and was declared “[inaudible]”, more was lost “changing tapes”, yeah right …

There are two people sitting in front of the taping system, there are places for numerous tapes to be in a ready to go. There is no need to be any great gaps.

There are typing and other mistakes. I bought 3 Connecticut rental properties, 2 of them boarded up, fixing them up, I had not “won” them as printed.

Below, the text of my testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee, March 21, 2006, Room 2C Legislative section of The Capitol Building, Hartford, Connecticut.

The State Senators and Representatives seem to be under pressure to help hold the line, and act in other officials’ best interest in not being prosecuted in crimes committed than any thing to do with actually serving the public. Elected officials can face malicious prosecutions and retaliation just as any citizen can. At minimum, an “Uppity” legislator might be taken off a meaningful committee to one that may choose the State Cookie.

Relevant Links:
Connecticut Police Officers weren’t getting a fair shake when they complained to internal affairs, and there are inconsistencies in punishments and the hiding of racist policies and gay bashing within the ranks. The New York State Police Internal Affairs was called in to safeguard officers in Connecticut. The public doesn’t rate.

Ritt Goldstein, a prominent small business owning citizen, a rising star in the Democrat party, fled to Sweden after proposing Civilian Oversight of Police in Connecticut. He felt police were out to kill him and/or set him up for false imprisonment.

Connecticut’s little shop of whore-rers, does Chief State’s Attorney Christopher Morano not take citizen complaints about himself? When citizens complain to Morano, as like many departments, if you complain about the top commissioner, or head, you are complaining directly to him/her about him/her, what???!!!

Pic of Morano with his thumb near his nose.

Phil Inkel watched in horror as police officers beat a suspect. Connecticut cops were caught when the criminals they hired or intimidated into trying to kill Inkel, turned on the cops. Federal agents, part of Connecticut’s corruption, helped keep the cops from being arrested and prosecuted, after probable cause was established. Phil Inkel vs. George W. Bush

The Connecticut Authorities are so arrogant and sloppy they weren’t able to make numerous allegations stick, so they took away kids, and put him in prison for contempt of court. When they get sick of setting up falls, the courts use the old standby, contempt of court. Phil’s wife,

Meredith is facing contempt of court charges, tomorrow in Middletown Connecticut Court. You the Federal Taxpayer are paying for the harassment of the Inkels and ultimately may pay for 7 children and 2 adults to be abused for their testing of Free Speech in abuse your family, screw the US Constitution, “The Constitution State”, Connecticut.

Meredith Inkel speaks, a link to my interview with her.

Corruption and Racism

There was a time in America where you had to be associated or approved of by the Ku Klux Klan to be elected to any office, hold any official position, and what was printed in newspapers had to pass Klan censorship. There is a Klan-like behind the scenes style secret society now in power and now doing all it can to remain secret, using retaliation, intimidation, murder, or any means necessary to not to be exposed and to remain in power to keep the biggest pieces of pie on their plates where the average citizen is told to eat shit and like it.

Text of a letter to Former Governor of Connecticut, John G. Rowland, for his first day in Federal Prison for taking bribes. Warning: adult language

Pic and story of Enfield Connecticut Superior Court Judge Howard Scheinblum


REP. LAWLOR: Any other questions? If not, thank you very much your Honor. And I assume you’re going to stay around for a little while?


REP. LAWLOR: Thank you, Sir. We have two signup sheets regarding the Public Hearing on the judicial nominations. First is for agency heads, state officials and first on that list and first in our hearts, of course, Senator Biagio Ciotto.

Tell him I said something nice about him will you. Are Senator Godfrey, Lieutenant Governor Sullivan or Representative Irvin present? Members of the public?

The members of the public who have signed up, we’ll just see who is here, first. First is Steven Erickson. Is Mr. Erickson here?

Okay, come on up Mr. Erickson. Is Ellen Nurse still here? Kathleen Dickson? Is Ms. Dickson still here? How about Sylvia Reid?

Is Sylvia Reid still here? Yes, she’s here, fine. Chris Kennedy? Mr. Kennedy still here? Joe Mulready? Is there anyone else that is planning on testifying? Okay, please go ahead, Sir.

STEVEN ERICKSON: Yes, I’ve read lots of articles regarding Scheinblum and I’ve seen where hundreds of them have been negative showing unconstitutional and illegal behavior.

And it’s unbecoming of a judge, in my opinion. To rent out the courthouse for $12 a head for people that work there, lawyers, prosecutors. It just seems inappropriate.

It’s come to my attention that Judge Scheinblum may have come across prosecutorial, judicial and police misconduct instead of reporting it and doing something about it, he may have helped cover it up.

In the case of Chris Kennedy. If a prosecutor and judge have contradictory statements in transcripts it means that one or the other is lying.

And to find that type of abuse, and then to continue to abuse the person who blows the whistle is just plain wrong. Don Christmas, a landlord in Enfield Connecticut told he came in front of Scheinblum regarding being assaulted on his own property by a 16-year-old prostitute girlfriend of a police officer.

He faced a year-and-a-half in prison, no deals. He’d been outspoken about the police. In Connecticut if you oppose laws, such as the oversight of police or try and have a judge removed, you can be arrested.

And you can face malicious prosecution and prison. And it’s happened to a number of Connecticut individuals that have proposed [inaudible] oversight of police.

You get arrested and you face prison. At the CHR [inaudible] meeting April 14, here in the Capital, people within the system, all departments were complaining about being [inaudible] against the blowing the whistle.

[inaudible] the judicial, and all branches of government. If a Legislator or anybody within the system reports abuse, they’re retaliated against.

And judges are the first line of defense. It would not be [inaudible] corruption if the judges in this state did not retaliate against people who blow the whistle.

I won three properties. I [inaudible] of police. I tried to have Judge Jonathan Captain removed. I was attacked on my property. I was arrested for being at the scene of the crime.

When it was found out that I was the victim of the crime, the charges were still not dropped against me, I had no record. I lost three properties and I went to prison.

A year in prison, three years probation for using pepper spray. $500 thousand of property gone and the taxpayer foot the bill for malicious prosecutions.

Judge Scheinblum is a sign of what’s wrong with the system. If a judge that bad does not get removed it’s just a bad thing.

If he’s guilty of obstruction of justice by allowing crimes to be committed and going after whistle blowers, the judge should be arrested and face federal prosecution for obstruction of justice. Thank you.

REP. LAWLOR: Are there any questions? Representative Green.

REP. GREEN: I don’t know if I heard you say this, have you ever been before Judge Scheinblum?


REP. GREEN: You have not.

STEVEN ERICKSON: I understand that he helps hide judicial corruption [inaudible]--

REP. GREEN: I just had one question, thank you.

REP. LAWLOR: Senator Handley.

SEN. HANDLEY: Thank you. You’re making some very serious charges here, very serious. And I’m wondering, have you pursued these charges with the State’s Attorney, with the Attorney General with the federal attorneys?

STEVEN ERICKSON: U.S. Congressman Simmons requested that Blumenthal’s office just read my trial transcripts and he won’t get a call back, or a letter back concerning that letter and call according to Congressman Simmons office.

SEN. HANDLEY: Well I am concerned that what you are saying, are very charges. And I think that it is imperative that you go, it would seem to me to, personally, to the appropriate legal folks. I don’t know who they are.

But I think the charges you’re making are very serious and they should not be left to the political system but to the judicial system. And I would urge you to proceed.

I don’t think this is the forum in which to do this. But I think you need to take those charges, and to the appropriate forum. They are very serious and I think we should, I think you should take them seriously.

STEVEN ERICKSON: If the courts are unfair and [inaudible], you are the only body, you are the elected officials. And if we the people propose laws which [inaudible] are against, then that nullifies any of your work.

And just by being a rubber stamp on inappropriate behavior, you’re just showing that the judges are the ones that legislate and more of us [inaudible] with whatever they do.

REP. LAWLOR: Just to clarify, Sir, do you have any firsthand information to back up the things you’ve said? Have you ever observed Judge Scheinblum in the courtroom?

STEVEN ERICKSON: No, I’ve read his trial transcripts though.

REP. LAWLOR: Okay, and is there a particular one that you’d like to provide us with?

STEVEN ERICKSON: I’m sure Chris Kennedy would.


STEVEN ERICKSON: I’ve read them, but I’m not in possession of his paperwork.

REP. LAWLOR: Any other questions? Senator Kissel.

SEN. KISSEL: I appreciate your being patient coming here and in regards to the Civilian Oversight Board, I know that you talk about if you bring this up as retaliation.

But in the years that I’ve been on this Committee, and for those folks who may have served on here longer. I think it was a number of years where we actually had proposed legislation regarding the Civilian Oversight Board.

Yes, Senator Roraback is nodding his head. So I think about two or three years, maybe five or six years ago, we had that bill out here. It didn’t have enough support to get out of the Committee, but I don’t recall anybody being discouraged, or retaliated.

I mean I don’t think there was any retaliation. I don’t think there was any disparagement. It was a motion, and I think there are some other states that have similar bodies, it just didn’t seem to be accepted or to have support in the State of Connecticut. So that’s A.

On the referral to the Attorney General Blumenthal, give a call back to Congressman Simmons. If they’re not getting a response, I’m sure Congressman Simmons will follow up.

But I think what I heard Senator Handley saying is that you feel that the state level is not affording you due process and protections, try to get an appointment with the U.S. Attorneys Office.

You talked about former Governor Rowland. Well, clearly former Governor Rowland was investigated by federal authorities and it led to a plea.

And there are certainly many, many other instances of individuals that have betrayed the public trust, which ended up being pursued by federal authorities.

So if you feel that you’re not getting a proper response on the state level, and there’s always a federal institutions that you could pursue as well. That’s without making a judgment. I’ve gotten your emails, [Gap in testimony. Changing from Tape 5A to Tape 5B.]

--There are plenty of avenues, plenty of legitimate avenues to pursue this. And you’re within your rights to come and speak to us as well.

STEVEN ERICKSON: Representative Mort Mordasky’s former aid, Rosemary told me that the police liaison to Legislators had reviewed what I proposed for legislation and I was going to be retaliated against.

I called Carol Amino of Governor Rowland’s office and she kind of made the offhand comment that if I didn’t want to get arrested and go to prison again, quit complaining.

SEN. KISSEL: I would just say that if submitting a bill proposal would open you up to retaliation, then many of us would be in trouble given--

STEVEN ERICKSON: Rick Goldstein.

SEN. KISSEL: We throw out ideas all the time and sometimes they just crash and burn. But I mean that’s what this, that’s what this Legislature is all about.

Put ideas out there, have a full fair debate and then maybe they’ll move forward. So, I really, I don’t want anybody to walk away from this evening’s hearing thinking that if you have a proposal, no matter.

I mean we have state cookies out there and nobody is retaliating. If you think there needs to be oversight, change the Ethics Commission, different kind of police setup, different kind of oversight for judges, no one is going to retaliate against you. Everyone’s opinions are welcome.

STEVEN ERICKSON: Rick Goldstein, [inaudible] Police, he sought political asylum in Sweden. Because he was arrested and through the courts, abused. And it’s happened to everyone that I’m aware of that proposed [inaudible] oversight to police.

REP. LAWLOR: Any other questions? If not, thank you very much. Next is Ellen Nurse.

Link to Complete Testimony of March 21, 2006

More links to more testimony

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Chris Kennedy’s and William “Bill” Mulready’s testimonies:

REP. LAWLOR: Next is Chris Kennedy.

CHRIS KENNEDY: I appreciate your patience tonight. My name is Chris Kennedy of Allington, Connecticut, and I represent the Connecticut Civil Rights Council. And I have two-and-a-half years of experience of going before Judge Scheinblum in the last two-and-a-half years.
My issue was custodial interference. I was arrested for refusing to return my children to a mother who was gone for the night with her boyfriend.

I was in a police record. I came before Judge Scheinblum. He called it a family matter and he delayed my case for several months and then he issued a protective order against me. And then continued to delay my case for a good two-and-a-half years.

My first attorney, when I asked to go to trial, my attorney requested to be removed from the case and Judge Scheinblum removed him, as he did with my second attorney as well.
The issue I guess that comes to the forefront here, the last hearing Judge Scheinblum testified that I insisted on representing myself on being pro se.

Well, that goes against the transcripts. That in removing two of my attorneys in which I argued extensively not to leave me defenseless. I find that concerning that a judge, under oath, would tell the Judicial Committee something that contradicts the very transcripts I’ve supplied you.
He’s also testified that, well he’s testified that 16 and 17 year olds that he tries to help, at the same time he’s denying these articles about el stupido comments.

I can personally verify Judge Scheinblum’s demeanor. As far as referring to Hispanics, he frequently el comprehende, is a common one. Audio is another. It’s just very frustrating to see someone treat defendants that way.

And I would say that I could believe that defense attorneys might support this judge. But it’s the people who don’t have defense attorneys.

The thousands of people who go before him that don’t have any attorney to represent them. And he openly bargains with them off the bench. As I understood, he said that he stopped that business in 1999.

Well, October 18, 2005 he ordered Kevin Brown out of the courthouse. Kevin Brown thought he was pleading guilty to probable cause. The Judge gave him an offer, Kevin refused and he told him to leave the courthouse and come back when you want to accept my plea. You can read his transcript.

There’s a Mr. Robinson who asked to have his case reopened. He had two cases, apparently he missed a court date. Well he was told by Judge Scheinblum that I’ll open your case if you plead guilty to one.

He said I have to move these cases along. So the person pled guilty to one of the charges and proceeded [inaudible]. But I watched him intimidate these people who come before him.

What’s most frustrating is Chris Peraculus lying to Judge Scheinblum about Jonathan Kaplan calling him and Teresa Wasinburg calling him, both of Rockville Court. And telling him not to nolle in my case as he intended, but to prosecute me.

And this is the Administrative Judge of Rockville. And Judge Scheinblum knew exactly what this judge was doing. I provided him with the transcripts, I provided him with the transcript of Chris Peraculus denying this.

And I provided him with a response to a grievance that Chris Peraculus himself then stated that yes, he did agree to nolleing it, and yes Judge Kaplan had called him not once but twice.

And Teresa Wasinburg also contacted him. So I find it very frustrating for a judge to come before you, deny things that contradict transcripts. To read into the record, a prosecutor lying to a judge and for you to.

I don’t understand why no one is questioning these. You have the documents, you have these records, and no one is asking why is he allowing a prosecutor to lie to a judge. Why was I arrested when I gave him the documents?

Why is Judge Kaplan allowed to have [inaudible] in Hartford or remove documents from one court to the next for my arrest or fabricate documents? Judge Scheinblum knew exactly what Judge Kaplan was doing.

And I think it is clear to say that delaying my case two-a-half years is a pretty clear statement. I have three children. I don’t have three children because of Judge Scheinblum conspiring with Judge Kaplan and Chris Peraculus.

And you also have another document of another prosecutor arrested for sexual assault who bartered with his attorney and Judge Solomon to go in front of Judge Scheinblum to dispose of his case when that same prosecutor was trying cases in front of Judge Scheinblum.

So if the judicial branch is going to change, it’s going to have to come from the Legislators. Because they will not change. I’ve gone through every court in the state.

The Governor has asked for an investigation two weeks after I was arrested. These issues have to be dealt with. I can see by the lack of the public support here, perhaps they’re in jail, I don’t know.

But it is very frustrating to me to read article after article of Judge Scheinblum abusing clients. And I will say abusing clients. Personally, I like Judge Scheinblum too.

He’s a very funny person. But I don’t think it’s appropriate to be giving people criminal records regardless of their sentence just for the sake of pushing cases through court.

I think that’s not what the court system is about, is how many cases you can resolve. I bet if you removed everybody’s rights you could resolve more than he’s doing now.

But that’s not what the justice system is about. So I would just ask you to read those articles. I’ll ask you if there is some question, go look up these transcripts. He said he stopped it, but he didn’t. And the transcripts will show you.

Kevin Brown will show you. And this is wrong. There are no consequences for judges in this state. And it is not going to change and you’re going to continue to have the crime waves that you have until you hold judges accountable.

And the last thing I want to draw attention to, of most concern, you have defense attorneys or people coming to support Judge Scheinblum. And I’ve given you the notice that was posted in his courtroom where he’s asking for $12 a person to come to a retirement party, and attorneys only.

How appropriate is it for a judge to be soliciting money from the officers of the court or from defense attorneys. How come I can’t go to the party? That’s all I have to say.

REP. LAWLOR: Thank you. Are there questions? Yes, Representative.

REP. HOVEY: [inaudible - microphone not on] Thank you, Mr. Kennedy. You testified before us. As you probably know or don’t know, I’ve answered several of your emails that you sent to me. I am a supporter of, sorry, it won’t stay hooked.

I am a supporter of father’s rights. And in the information though that you’ve provided to us here. It’s, there’s a lot of missing data. There are pages that are missing.

I personally, wanting to take your case as seriously as I thought I should try to go through all of the information that you presented to us.

And, wanting to take your accusations seriously, because I think your accusations are very serious and I personally do not want to be party to something that is being considered some sort of conspiracy.

And would be offended to have you portray as being a part of that conspiracy. So I tried to go through your file that you provided us. And what I found was that you had taken the luxury of censorship on yourself.

And when I tried to then further pursue the case to find out all of the details and idiosyncrasies of this, what I find is that you’ve been before nine judges.

All of those judges have found against you. The information that I was trying to get to because I believe that a father should have the right to have a relationship with his children and I was trying to get at the heart of that piece of the case, irrespective of Judge Scheinblum or anyone else.

Trying to figure out what was the catalyst for your being denied access to your children. I could not find that information. I could not find where DCF supervised visitation had occurred because of your censorship of that file, Sir.

So what I would say to you is that if you would like this body to take your accusations seriously, you need to be much more candid than you’ve been.

CHRIS KENNEDY: I guess in response to that, I can’t afford the copies of four years of transcripts. I’ve spent numerous amounts of money on it.

I’ll gladly provide you with anything, the full transcripts, whatever you want. And it clearly shows that the statements such as Judge Klaczak that were never investigated.

Granting a restraining order because I filed a complaint against Judge Kaplan. And I’ve supplied you with those documents. Yes, I’ve censored them, only because of the volume of papers.

I’ll gladly provide you with transcripts. It’s very difficult to get anybody to listen to it. You can’t find any reason for taking away my children because they will give none.

It wasn’t DCF, it was Rockville Court. It was Judge Kaplan, followed by Judge Klaczak, followed by now Judge Schwartz who will not clarify why I can’t see my children.

And the frustrating part of this case with Judge Scheinblum carrying it of for two-and-a-half years, why. Why would he not bring it to trial?

Why was I being processed through the system for not leaving my children home alone? Or not abandoning them at their mother’s house. It doesn’t make any sense. And I think you’re hitting on the tip of the iceberg here.

I would gladly share these documents. I have bookcases full of them. But it’s frustrating going through the Appellate Court, the Supreme Court. I had my son arrested. I’ve been arrested three times.

I’ve supplied them, but Judge Klaczak just made it through without any question. And that’s very concerning. I found that very concerning to me. That a judge would issue a blank restraining order.

I can provide you with a blank and I have. I blank restraining that lists no children, no abuse and it was granted specifically in his judgment.

Because you filed a complaint against Judge Kaplan, and all of these documents are supplied to the court in Enfield before Judge Scheinblum.

They were tossed out, they were considered frivolous, along with my motions for jury trial, motions for a speedy trial. If I’ve censored things inappropriately, I apologize.

It gets to the point where I’m not. How do you censor these volumes. Volumes. And why is no one reacting. You talk about serious charges.

I have a transcript. I have affidavits from prosecutors in Hartford of Judge Kaplan driving down there and supplying them with false documents from y arrest.

And I’ve supplied you, I’ve E-mailed you. I’ve bombarded you with emails. To anyone, to get anyone just to listen to this case. But they won’t.

And for two years I go on not seeing my children, children growing up without their father.

Why? Why, because I file complaints against a judge. That was Judge Klaczak’s ruling. Why?

Why will Judge Scheinblum not react to a prosecutor lying to him? He read it right into the record. I’ve given you the transcripts. Yes, I can supply you with Chris Peraculus response. It’s 18 pages long.

Honestly, in all honesty, I cannot afford to provide every person here with 300 pages, or whatever it takes. I’m surprised that you read through it. I certainly appreciate that.

And I would welcome sitting down with anyone and going through this and really getting a handle on how the judicial branch handles cases. And judges like Scheinblum, yes he flies off the cuff, he insults people, to some extent I can understand that.

But depriving people of their rights to an attorney, and bartering with them with the threat of jail if they don’t take the prosecutor’s plea, I think that’s wrong. And it’s inappropriate and it needs to be looked into.

For defense attorneys, [inaudible] don’t have a problem, because he treats them with respect. Those who can’t afford an attorney, he does not.

But I would gladly, gladly welcome sitting down and bringing you every document I can, or try to minimize it to where it is somewhat, will fit into a luggage rack or something.

REP. HOVEY: Thank you. What I would do is I would be happy to help you go through that file. But based on the information that I do have, you are in full knowledge, I’m sure, that the restraining order was against you originally because of the aggressive situation with your wife.

And then the second one was an aggressive situation with your son. So I have to question whether or not there is a problem here with you understanding the ramifications of your behaviors and how those are going to impact on you from a legal perspective.

And I will go through your file with you. But specifically, you know from what I can see here, your attorneys have tried to give you what they believe to be their best insight, their best insight or their best call on your situation.

And you’ve not been willing to listen to the advice that they’ve been giving you. And therefore, they basically dump you.

And you know, based on, as a private practitioner, if my clients not going to listen to the advice that I give them, with the respect that I have an expertise that they don’t have, then I let them go find some other practitioner that will better serve their needs.

So you know. I will be happy to go through your file with you to help you understand how the global system works. But to pick out a judge and blame all of this paperwork and your troubles on that one judge, I’m not sure is appropriate.

CHRIS KENNEDY: The first issue as far as the restraining orders go, there is no restraining order against my wife. Judge Kaplan was very specific about that.

There is a computer glitch at Rockville that issued not one, but two restraining orders against me stating that I was restrained from my wife. I addressed it with the judge.

He recognized it with the clerk’s office that it was a computer glitch. He stated that he would not fix it. He then took those documents down to Hartford to facilitate my arrest, knowing that they were false.

As far as the incident with my son, not only did my son testify that there was no assault or any abuse involved, but Judge Kaplan decided that because he didn’t like my parenting rules he then went into my Irish heritage.

But because of the conflict in Ireland, I should resolve the conflict in my family like Ireland needs to resolve the conflict in their country.

I think that’s inappropriate. My religion. He went into several other issues. I was shocked by it. There is certainly more than one witness.

Witnesses of his meeting with the attorney telling her how she is going to rule, how he is going to rule in the case. But I can gladly show you these documents and go through it.

And that’s what I’ve been asking for is an investigation by this Committee. And I’m not blaming judge Scheinblum for all of my problems. I’m blaming Judge Scheinblum for dragging my case out for two-and-a-half years.

For having knowledge of a prosecutor violating his oath and abusing his process, and using it against me to retaliate because of my complaints against Judge Kaplan. He’s fully knowledgeable about this.

SEN. MCDONALD: Are there any other questions for Mr. Kennedy? If not, thank you for your testimony, Sir.


SEN. MCDONALD: Next is Bill Mulready. Is there anybody after Mr. Mulready who would like to testify at the public hearing? Good evening, Sir.

BILL MULREADY: Good evening. I didn’t really expect to be talking but I have not appeared in front of Judge Scheinblum but I was in courtroom on two occasions this past summer.

SEN. MCDONALD: Could you please move the microphone a little closer to you? There you go, thank you.

BILL MULREADY: To repeat, I was not ever in front of Judge Scheinblum. But I was in his courtroom on two occasions this past summer. And I witnessed something on the second occasion.

I did provide a letter of what that was. Basically a haring impaired person was identified to the Judge by this man’s attorney. And the Judge proclaimed words to other affect that not in my courtroom and proceeded to yell his proceedings to this individual. That’s discrimination, I’m sorry.

And if that gentleman, that defendant was effectively denied participation in his proceedings. The next person in line wasn’t paying attention could have changed his mind that how he wanted he or she wanted to proceed.

I don’t, Judge Scheinblum prior to that had a brief from Mr. Kennedy on the disability rights from two weeks prior that’s why we were in the court room that day, well part of the reason. So it’s not complete ignorance.

I think I more echo Sylvia Reid. Because again I don’t have a lot of personal experience I guess. I got one. [inaudible]. I was there as a civic partaker and I was later denied the transcripts.

I can’t provide you with transcripts because I was denied access to the transcripts. In answer to, I’m going to shift gears a little bit but the same subject, disability.

In answer to your questions to Mr. Kennedy, his kids were taken from him because the Judge on February 4, 2004, I believe, couldn’t understand Chris Kennedy. Chris Kennedy has attention deficit disorder, a communication thing.

The purpose for me speaking is for me to inform you and whoever that we had disability discrimination in our courts. Some of it is direct. Most of it is indirect, which is just as bad.

I’ve been able to identify six areas, of barriers. And in earlier proceedings the people were talking about disparity. And this will have to take serious [inaudible] report, educated report.

But I don’t know how concrete it is that one in every 166 children born today are born with autism or become autistic. You have to be prepared at least family issues.

SEN. MCDONALD: Thank you very much for your testimony. Are there any questions for Mr. Mulready? If not, I thank you for your time, Sir. The Chair will recognize Senator Kissel.

SEN. KISSEL: Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman--

SEN. MCDONALD: I’m sorry, Senator. I should just ask one more time. Are there any other members of the public who would like to testify either on Judge Scheinblum’s re-nomination or on the nominations of any of the other seven nominees that were before us today? Okay. Sorry, Senator Kissel.

SEN. KISSEL: Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. Just to have this read into the record. Last evening between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. Mr. Patrick Crowley who is a democratic member of the Enfield Town Council and a Judicial Marshall in GA 13 dropped off this statement.

I wanted to read it into the record. It says, statement in support of the reappointment of the Honorable Howard Scheinblum, and it’s also submitted by many folks that are constituents of mine.
We, the following members of the State of Connecticut Defense Bar, would like to offer our words of support for the reappointment of the Honorable Howard Scheinblum.
On behalf of our clients, we have appeared before Judge Scheinblum on numerous occasions in the various courts he has presided.

His Honor has consistently exhibited a profound respect for the Constitutional rights of our clients regardless of their ethnic, religious, or economic backgrounds.

Further, the sentences that Judge Scheinblum has imposed on various criminal and motor vehicle matters can only be described as eminently fair, highlighted by measures of appropriate punishment balanced with compassion and understanding.

In short, Judge Howard Scheinblum is a valuable asset to this state’s judiciary. Respectfully submitted Phillip Armentano, Walter Bass, Michael Blaney, Rob Britt, Christopher Bromson, John Cerrato, Michael Devlin, Charles Hines, Richard O’Neil, T.R. Paulding, Hubert Santos, Peter Solesby, James Sulik, Robert Swartout, Mary Bergamini, Annemarie Alexander, Russel Tyler, Thomas Tyler, John O’Brien, David Kritzman, Jeffrey Kline, and Timothy Manion, all attorneys that practice in North central Connecticut.

SEN. MCDONALD: Thank you, Senator Kissel. If there are no other comments from Members of the Committee, I do believe it would be appropriate to offer Judge Scheinblum an opportunity to make any closing comments he would like to the Committee in response to the questions we’ve either posed or to make any clarifications in your prior testimony or to respond to any of the other comments made by members of the public.

JUDGE HOWARD SCHEINBLUM: Thank you, Senator McDonald for the opportunity. The hour is late. I only wish to conclude by telling you I am proud of the 16 years that I’ve been on the bench in this state.

I think I have served the citizens of Connecticut well. And I hope that you will show your trust of me and reappoint me for another eight years. Thank you very much.

SEN. MCDONALD: Thank you, Judge. If there is no further business before the public hearing, I will declare the public hearing closed. We will take a short break and I believe that we are going to try and have a caucus--

[Whereupon, the public hearing was adjourned.]
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added April 30, 2006, 4:30 PM EST:

Exposing Collusion and Illegal Acts of the Official Connecticut Mafia


A link with some of the Judicial Hearing Transcripts, March 6, 2006, at the Hartford Capitol Building in the Legislative Section, Room 2C.

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