Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Your Fed Tax Dollars wasted to abuse those testing Free Speech


Chris Kennedy (story) is again in the Appellate or Supreme Court in Connecticut. His family was broken up and he still can’t see his kids because he dared turn in Judge Jonathan Kaplan and Prosecutor Parekilas for what Kennedy believes is Judicial Misconduct. 100’s of thousands of dollars will continue to be spent of your money in a petty retaliation, without your permission, just on this one case. There are countless victims in Connecticut that might speak out being abused by the Connecticut system of defrauding YOU, the Federal Taxpayer, based on the profitable abuse of children and the family in Connecticut, and there are countless possible whistleblowers that you might be taxed for to silence, maliciously prosecute, imprison, and pay for their children. How many millions of dollars are YOU, the taxpayer, going to pay, before you get pissed off, make a phone call, write a letter, sue, contact YOUR legislators?

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Putting Kids in Boxes for Profit

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Criminal Officials

Criminal Officials don’t like to have their crimes exposed. They’ll intimidate and threaten witnesses and have citizens falsely arrested and imprisoned. The rich in Connecticut can have their cases secret and sealed. Cases involving children are also secret. The Secret Police can do as they please when they please, and the Secret Society gets all the cash, property, and kidnapped children as they please. Most of you are blind to what’s going on. Those of us that are telling this to you and offering you proof, do so at our own risk.

When there are only a few voices, all may suffer in silence. More voices means the official criminals will face discipline for their crimes. It is your money, your family, and your country.

Why don’t you show some guts and actually do something other than just sitting idly by? This interview that I did, with mother that has been wrongly targeted for retaliation may face a prison cell, today, for talking to me, exposing official criminals that kidnap children and that lie to ruin lives. This interview is being used as evidence in a court case, today in Middletown Connecticut.

An Attorney General’s office and the power behind the façade, might be pulling the strings behind the scenes to further abuse the Inkel family of East Haddam Connecticut. Meredith Inkel is under fire and her children, family unity, and future hang in the balance.

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