Thursday, May 04, 2006

Andy Quinn

I first met Andy in the early 90’s in Southern Florida. He is a laid back, unofficial ambassador of the UK. He used to split his time between London and America, having to leave not being a US citizen, at intervals.

He explored South America, living there for a while. Tall and enchanting to the ladies, he knew how to play the field, usually with fine Scotch on ice to his lips, and a lit cigarette hanging from his fingers, Andy just oozed upper-class, a jetsetter.

I tried to look him up whenever I found myself in London, but he was always back in the States.

Andy finally settled down got married about 3 months ago having given up Scotch and cigarettes sometime earlier opting for his more tranquil style, something loomed on his horizon.

Andy found most of his organs are now filled with cancer just weeks ago.

Andy is 44 …


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