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Connecticut's Steal Your Property, Wreck Your Life, Mafia

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A Pat Snyder Story

CT media is guilty of condoning government officials who fail to operate in good faith, for the people they serve, and because of this failure by the press, officials are not held accountable to the constituency when they should.

A credibility gap emerges separating, those who manage the affairs of the government, from those who have a stake in this State, the property owners.

Certain CT property owners are becoming targets and subject to abusive, corrupt police powers. Even former candidate for governor, Bill Curry remarked, reported by the Hartford Courant in 2004, he said: Governor Rowland politicized Connecticut police.

Let me explain how this works in Naugatuck, Connecticut and how public officials permit and support an abusive policy that relates to the economic development scheme perpetrated against the private property owners.

In Naugatuck, an alarming trend of police harassment, retaliation, by police against resident property owners has developed

....for speaking at public forums, running for public office, or for just being a good citizen taxpayer…

...because certain property owners, don’t support politriks of the morally depraved and ethically challenged officials and the morally dim, view the resident-taxpayers as obstacles, or adversaries to their own agendas.

Our personal experiences with the local police department of Naugatuck, has been sheer abuse and corruption of power.

The NPD false arrest property owners, favoring known criminals over the public safety of the community. I was false(ly) arrested by false police reports, with bad warrants from a State Court.

My family, and property, were personally under attack after certain members of the Naugatuck Economic Development Commission, and local politicians determined and took action after a feasibility study, indicated our property was vital for? their self-enrichment.

More from Pat Snyder

* * * *

HPD Officer Robert Lawlor, "The Teflon Badge"

The Short Steven G. Erickson, quick download video

Exposing Collusion and Illegal Acts of the Official Connecticut Mafia

The tactics of the out of hand Connecticut State Police

Do you have a story of official abuse, Prosecutorial, Judicial, or Police misconduct? Even if you don't live in Connecticut, I'm interested in hearing your story. If you email me, I can keep you anonymous, and can keep what gets out, if it is to get out, not identifying you as the author or tipster, because I know what it is like when officials and 3 branches of a State Government act in concert to do a Whistleblower BBQ. My email:

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"Boss Tweed"

Some unbelievable actions of officials, made believable in these audios:

WALRRADIO interview with Phil Inkel and Steve Murzin from Friday: download here approx 2.8 Megs

My May 11, interview with Steve Murzin here

* * * *

Smoking Gun Text: My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

The US Constitution in Exile, Connecticut

Hopefully Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney Christopher Morano isn’t reappointed, I hope he is indicted

Chris Kennedy and I attempt to have Judge Howard Scheinblum removed

My Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut

My open letter to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Nov. 12, 2003

A link with some of the Judicial Hearing Transcripts, March 6, 2006, at the Hartford Capitol Building in the Legislative Section, Room 2C.

The Psychological Torture of Jeffrey Yeaw and his kids crying tears for him

The Rich living off the blood of the poor, A Supreme Court Precedent of Evil out of Connecticut

The Ski-Doo snowmobile theft ring that Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell knew nothing about?

Whistleblower and Public Protector or “No Bid Contract Boy” at obstruction of Justice Central, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal?

A State Begging for Federal Intervention

A letter placed on former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland’s bunk for his first day of Federal Prison for taking bribes and for corruption, telling him to eat [S- snipped] and go [F- snipped] himself- PRICELESS

Pat Snyder complained when connected Connecticut Mafiosi wannabes wanted to take her properties with the official version of the five finger discount. Pat complained, was arrested, and faced prison. Ms. Snyder wrangled, got a version of scrapes and bruises, and left for Arizona, and Connecticut authorities tried to invent crimes to have her arrested in Arizona. Arizona US Senator McCain stepped in and saved the day. More

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

The reasons for my angst, a webpage for a quick video download

Woman’s Baby ripped from her arms at Hospital
Meredith Inkel talks about her kids being officially kidnapped by DCF.

Donald Christmas Interview 22 May 06
Enfield Connecticut Landlord abused by Police and Courts. Police Officers encouraged his wife to make false statement, and police went to where he worked to get him fired for his complaining about abusive, rude Enfield Police Officers. Enfield PD misconduct is legendary. Back ground to the Christmas story (click)

Steve Murzin Interview 22 May 06
Steve talks about police setting him up to get stabbed 13 times, his arrest when he woke up in the hospital not dead, and about the felon police encouraged to stab him not getting any prison time for stabbing 3 people, attempted murder and murder is ok if done or encouraged by Connecticut Police.

Smoking Gun Text
My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

My Sept. 15, 2001 Letter to George W. Bush foreshadowing the police retaliation and false imprisonment for testing Free Speech

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The Plot to Kidnap the Elderly to Officially Rip them off

No it isn’t a Twilight Zone episode, it is just the latest example of how far Official Connecticut will go to steal from citizens that don’t have corrupt criminal political clout or aren’t a member of the original Connecticut’s Criminal Commercial Elite’s family tree.
-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas The SRV

A few weeks ago Daniel Gross passed a hastily scrawled note to a visitor.

“I am being incarcerated against my will and I need a good lawyer to represent me,” Gross wrote in the uneasy script of an 86-year-old man slowly slipping away.

In another illustration of our renegade probate court system, Gross - a New York state resident - has been locked in a dismal Waterbury nursing home since last September.

Dan Gross’ money and freedom have been snatched from him. Outside visitors and calls, even from family, are blocked. At times he is heavily medicated, according to his daughter and his own court affidavit.

Is it too much to ask of our probate courts that Gross be allowed to live his last days with a shred of self-respect?

Probate court Judge Thomas P. Brunnock - whose jurisdiction consists of Waterbury, Middlebury and Wolcott - has ordered this retired oil burner repairman from Long Island held against his will since September.

Gross didn’t even know about the hearing at which a couple of local lawyers were handed control of his life.

Click for more

* * * *


Valerie M. Miles returned to work at the Department of Children and Families last week.

Miles is no longer handling abuse and neglect cases. She is currently doing research in the agency's central Hartford office after accepting a reduction in pay, said Gary Kleeblatt, a DCF spokesman.

Miles was making more than $100,000 a year as a DCF supervisor in the Hartford regional office. She was placed on administrative leave when the allegations surfaced on July 7, 2005. The agency conducted an internal investigation and fired her a short time later.

She was arrested by Hartford police on July 28, 2005, and charged with two counts of fabricating evidence and one count of witness tampering.

Police accused Miles of falsely insisting in a sworn affidavit that plastic bags of drugs were found during a raid of a Hartford home that resulted in four children being taken from their parents.

Police said they never found drugs in the home. Police also accused Miles of forcing one of the family's neighbors to provide a false statement supporting her claim about drugs in the home.

The neighbor later told police she felt pressured to lie, according to Miles' arrest affidavit.

Miles received a special form of probation that allowed her to avoid prosecution on the criminal charges. Under this form of probation, she was not found innocent or guilty; her prosecution was suspended pending completion of her probation.

Miles appealed her termination through her union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 4 of New Britain. Kleeblatt said the state labor relations office reviewed the case and decided not to refer the matter to a neutral arbitrator for resolution. Under state labor law, the agency was forced to reverse Miles' termination based on the labor relations' ruling, Kleeblatt said.

People have no idea how much devastation these sociopaths cause! For every lie and manufacture evidence set-up, maybe one out of 10,000 of this absolute official scam and crime against humanity is even investigated, never mind even punished. Hell, these people are trained to lie, manufacture evidence, and how to use the system to abuse.

The above found here on the web

* * * *

It’s my opinion that within the story below of the police officer convicted of rape, I would lay odds and bet it is a minority officer. Because as far as I know it is rare that White Officers get convicted of anything or keep anything on their record, when they rape, rob, murder, and commit other felonies. White Police Officers that troll for little boys for sex do get fired, probably the only exception to the rule. Video and other evidence is usually taken from the scene and destroyed if it is in regards to a White Officer.

Prosecutors and Judges in Connecticut have an unwritten rule of either not prosecuting a case in regards to an official or police officer if they’re White, White Women are sometimes exempt except from being prosecuted, but when they’re out trolling for little boys they don’t always get a free pass. Or if they can’t find a reason or excuse not to prosecute a White Male Police Officer or Official, the Judge and prosecutor will set it up so the case is botched so it can be disposed of on Appeal, or the sentence will allow the charges to be dropped, or it will be an extremely light sentence and conditions.

I have evidence of some pretty horrendous stuff mostly White Police Officers have gotten away with. If you read the Connecticut Newspapers long enough you see a pattern and certain names keep popping up.

The stuff that is real life that is going on in Connecticut is far more alarming and prevalent than anything in the Godfather Mafia movies, with the exception there is rarely any video footage that will survive the Official Obstruct Justice Crew- All 3 Branches of Connecticut Government.

A White Boy Police Officer example click here

Town Police Officer Convicted Of Rape
May 23, 2006 By MONICA POLANCO, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

EAST WINDSOR -- An East Windsor police officer has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending a termination hearing after his conviction Monday of sexual assault, officials said.

A Superior Court jury in New Haven convicted Rafael Crespo Jr. of two counts each of first-degree sexual assault and third-degree assault. Crespo, 30, who is being held with bail set at $500,000, is scheduled to be sentenced July 21.

He faces five to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 for committing sexual assault, a Class B felony. Third-degree assault is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by less than a year of imprisonment.

The termination hearing, run by the town police commission, could be held as early as Wednesday evening. The commission is responsible for hiring and firing officers, but in this case the hearing will be a formality.

"He's been convicted of felonies, which precludes him from working as a police officer," East Windsor Det. Matthew Carl said.

Crespo, a former Marine who was a member of an elite unit that protected diplomats, has been with the department for four years. He was arrested on Feb. 3, 2005, by Yale University police.

Crespo was accused of raping and assaulting his former fiancee, a Yale student, several times while off duty.

A psychiatrist who treated the unidentified woman noted that she was too afraid of Crespo to end the relationship.

The university's officers arrested Crespo as he prepared to begin his 4 p.m. patrol shift in East Windsor. They also charged Crespo with two counts of first-degree kidnapping with a firearm, second-degree unlawful restraint and second-degree threatening, but he was not convicted of those charges. East Windsor police did not participate in the investigation.

Crespo had been on paid administrative leave until Monday.It was a harsh blow for the department, which earlier this month began investigating an incident in which Officer John Scavotto allegedly fired a Taser weapon at another officer's face, injuring him.

But Crespo's marred reputation has no bearing on the department, Chief Edward DeMarco said.

"We are a group of individuals that work within the criminal justice system," DeMarco said Monday evening.

"We believe in the system and the system worked in that a jury of Mr. Crespo's peers has convicted him of these charges, so it's time to move collectively past this."

The department is authorized to employ about 30 officers, but just under 20, including high-ranking ones, report for duty. Some officers are on medical leave, one will leave for a job in Florida next week and another is now on the opposite side of the criminal justice system.

The department is meeting the town's policing needs despite those staffing challenges, DeMarco said.

"We're a very dedicated group of individuals to begin with," he said.

"They're very proud to perform the functions that they perform."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something similar but different happened to me in Wisconsin. The local police showed up without a warrant. Under state law they are not allowed to arrest or serve a warrant for a different jurisdiction unless they are in hot pursuit and are authorized to enforce the law. They said they came because they heard there was a 9 month old warrant for failure to appear in a civil matter, which I was not subpoened for. The warrant was blank where the law was supposed to be and there was no probable cause. The next day I was taken in front of a court clerk, Theresa Owens, who referred to herself as the Court and signed a paper to have me extradited in chains to Colorado Judge Edward Nottingham. It turns out that in 2004 the entire U.S. judiciary had three clerk-magistrates and maybe she was one of them. But I've been turning in records requests for a temporary emergency order of magistrate appointment and none has shown up. And I searched on the docket for the D of Western WI on 5/11/07 and there is no record that I was there or that Theresa Owens appeared in any matter. On the Court web site she is listed as chief clerk. Anyway, even if you are accused of a crime, you are supposed to be tried where you did it. People are only supposed to be extradited to a different state if the governor of the state requests it and states an offense. The Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter apparently didn't request it and Governor Doyle has no record of the required notice. When I was in court I pointed out that the warrant was blank where the law was supposed to be. She was supposed to let me go because no offense was charged. Even the Asst U.S. Attorney said that the government wasn't a part of this. When Judge Edward Nottingham got me 22 days later he said "whoops". Then he said that if I file pleadings in court the defense counsel might ask him to put me back in jail. I think that is Witness Intimidation as described in the U.S. code Section 1512
Kay Sieveding

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Aimee said...

I live in Naugatuck as well. The police force is terrible. One officer pulled my sister over a couple of years ago on John St. because her liscense plate had a clear covering on it that "obstructed the view of the liscense plate". She was heading home from her friends house about one a.m., but the cop wrote it up that she was on Rubber Ave. at eleven, becuase he didn't want to get in trouble for visiting his girlfriend on that side of town while on-duty. So much for "Protect and Serve", right?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 4:53:00 PM  
Anonymous david said...

My name is David Ismail and I currently live at 7 Orchard Terrace in Naugatuck. I'm writing you this letter for help and protection! I moved into my home around mid february with my mother and started to notice strange and unusual activity as time went on. I have been researching online for the past 3 months about what has been going and being done to me in my neighborhood and I've been being "GANG STALKED". People in my neighborhood chanting "MIND FUCK" and using a mind reading device/machine to record and hear my thoughts in voice recording. I'm in constant harrassment 24/7 to the point where there is no more such thing as privacy, even as im typing this they are commenting and reading everything. An argument w/ a neighbor 2 houses down in exchange of words from house to house started the whole thing, and now I'm being followed everywhere I go from work, to the store, friends houses etc. The persons involved bugged my cars and my home, and had cameras in my home since before I moved in for their own "ENTERTAINMENT" The GANG STALKERS possibly 2 houses down have been watching,hearing and commenting on my every move/thought. Possible names are Joe,Ed or Ted,Tony,Maurine,Mary etc. Constant threats of harrassment everyday from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, PRIVACY IS ALL GONE!. The neighbors constantly chanting "MIND FUCK". They follow and stalk me everywhere I go and mock and torment me to the point where i couldn't function at all at work anymore.Their using a mind reading device called MKULTRA, I'm a victim of a mind tortue hate crime. This is a mobb group of gang stalkers are using MKULTRA to record my thoughts and put into voice audio to pile up doctured evidence against my will to use against me in a court of law because "I know too much" They are spreading lies to neighbors etc trying to make myself schizophrenic,mentally ill, institutionalized, or to just ruin my life. I have no idea why this is being done to me and Im an innocent victim of this phsycotic mental torture. Everyday all day constant threats of harassment, physical violence, threats of death, hearing the neighbors repeatedly saying the same things over and over to harass me and try to drive me insane. They might have a policeman involved thats why im writing you this letter, im a Targeted Individual ( known as TI) these people are spreading lies. They use law enforcement to "set up" victims of this assault hoping law enforcement will believe their lies and ignore the victim when they report this psychotic crime. They have been using a lawyer and private investigators to congere up fabrications. They are performing " Street Theatre" in which wherever i walk in the neighborhood im being constantly harassed and cursed at to the point where their hoping I'll have a anxiety or heart attack. I have recorded audio on my phone with these threats and chants that I incur everyday. I'm asking you to look into this for protection and safety.

Saturday, October 29, 2011 4:03:00 AM  

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