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The Grand Maul, Official, Police, Judge Post to Eat Sh*t and go F themselves Letter:

Disclaimer: I don’t advocate violence against any authorities, I don’t advocate breaking any laws, I believe that non-violent, legal uses of Free Speech, and keeping on elected officials, and in the courts by more Americans, can put positive changes into place.

I worked in Mississippi and Louisiana as a disaster relieve worker for well over half a year. I met State and local police officers from the above two states. I hung out with South Dakota Native American Reservation Police. I talked with National Guardsmen, New Orleans Officers that stayed on, to New York City mounted police that were on horseback in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I had hundreds of sightings of cops, I’m aware of hundreds of interactions. I don’t know of any improper or even disrespectful treatment of citizens or those of us that were working, regarding ANY police that were here anytime during the whole Katrina aftermath. I saw what was going on. Again, I’ll repeat, I give those police officers from around the country an A+, thumbs up, and I would love to thank all of them, one by one. They are honorable men and women, respectful, hard working and effective. Again to those cops, “Great Job!”
-Steven G. Erickson

The below picture is of "Big Mouth Man Walking", a Connecticut Corrupt Official's and Police Officer's Worst Nightmare, Steven G. Erickson a.k.a. blogger Vikingas

Steven G. Erickson in Exile in New Orleans, Louisiana. I speak in a quick video download here
I also blog on

The above is the Steven G. Erickson Mugshot (taken Oct. 2001), former Political Prisoner, People's Republik of Corruptikut Inmate # 305662

The History of Corrupt Town Halls

There has always been some sort of corruption, even in a prairie town with four or five families with a combination school house, town hall, saloon, grocery mart, and public gathering and eating place.

Modern day corruption came in with the Irish immigrants. Irish Mafia centers were at all the major rail stops. The Irish were the first “minority” group to integrate and be an organized power force based on family and business ties, legitimate and criminal. The Irish Elite, Criminal Syndicate, first got police officer jobs, then started to infiltrate the courts and town halls.

Medieval methods imported from the castle fortress prisons and local butcher and the hanging of the outspoken on meat hooks connected to chains on pulleys. Much information can be extracted and fear instilled in all the lower captains and lieutenants in the Commercial Elite/Ethnic Mafias/Blue Blood Ruling class could keep people in line. Your son could be pulled out of a school and put in a “Reformatory for boys” and your son would be held to terrorize families into their silence and compliance. Your daughter could be pulled out of school to be prostituted out, and to become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

DCF workers are now the conduit to criminal enterprises, Mafia, Government, Judiciary, and Law enforcement. DCF workers such as in Hartford Connecticut enforce drug dealer territories, and Mafia Slumlord and Commercial Property Cartels.

Welfare mothers are terrorized into passing on messages, threatening others in mostly downtown areas with death, a beating, prison, or losing ones kids. The drug delivery system is an official business.

Cops are paid in drugs, cash, and sex.

Cops can pimp out their whores and use their stash of drugs to set others up. Many law enforcement recruits are lured into the Mafia/Cop morphing with their abuse of steroids. Cops get illegal steroids from the drug dealers they protect.

Children are currency in the Mafia/Court/Law Enforcement cartels. They can be used and then thrown away. Having downtowns set up as criminal breeding grounds/factories allows a State Mafia to defraud Federal and State Taxpayers by taking away, confining, “processing”, “treating”, special education, imprisoning, and running through the courts a mass of citizens/slaves. The “Heroin Town” label for Willimantic Connecticut shows that there has been a conspiracy of Criminals, all 3 branches of State Government, all State departments, and Commercial Elite for such a social problem to exist on the same streets approaching on a century of the racket, unabated.

Drugs and Crime fuel Connecticut.

Follow family trees from the mid-1800’s put up a flow chart, post business owners, those that ran “puppet owners”, who was police chief, judge, prosecutor, town works head, and even who ran the garbage removal services, and you might start to get an ideal the spider web dynamics of how these descendents of the behind the scenes powerbrokers now operate and how families are connected.

During Prohibition, Irish cops were the stereotype cops on the take when the Jewish and Italian Mafias ran the Speak Easies, Whore Houses, and Oriental Opium Dens.

Irish Mafia King Pins, such as Joseph Kennedy were the “corporate” style criminals that brought the assembly line to crime and bootlegging. It is ironic that John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy bit the hand that fed them and put them in power.

Heads of religious institution were also forms of gathering information, enforcing codes of silence, directing business opportunities for an area, influencing who would win a “free and fair election”, and setting people up for prison or for being killed.

Public works projects and various departments don’t go to the lowest bidder, but go to Politicians Cronies to defraud the State and Federal Taxpayers. Study Official Jackass 101, and you’ll understand exactly how the whole system works today, it is just slicker, and they have computer databases and a secret army to enforce their hold on everything that makes money, legal and illegal.

In Hartford Connecticut, Boston Massachusetts, New York City New York and other cities nationwide had Mafia Kingpins, usually of Irish, Jewish, or Italian decent install “puppet owners” that would own strings of bars, whore houses, restaurants, commercial space, and downtown office and business centers. Prostitution, drug dealing, enslaving orphans, alcohol distribution, etc were at the permission of a boss behind the scenes. Territories and “Burroughs” were enforced who did what and who would pay who.

The “Muscle” would come out of families that did public works projects, were public contractors, worked the docks, and/or arranged transportation starting with the Railroad Robber Barons, then trucking, and still involve International Freight Forwarders.

There were thin lines often blurred on who was State Government, Commercial Elite, Law Enforcement, members of the Judiciary.

Understand the above and you’ll know why the powers that be discovered how to use “secret” and “sealed” prosecutions and investigations when children are involved, so the abused are “gagged” and punished for exposing abuse. Authorities got to like operating how they please, when they please, so Supreme Court Justices, such as William Sullivan look to stack the courts by having judges retire and remain on the bench, about making proceeding and ethical and Constitutional checks and balances not to exist, the courts to operate in secret, and where the criminal commercial and corporate elite can prosecutor and judge shop for desired results. Prosecutors and Judges can be shopped for to prevent a defense attorney from defending citizens marked for silencing and abuse.

The Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs is used to terrorize and retaliate against officers that expose police misconduct. See this video exposing how the Police Internal Affairs and reporting police misconduct system actually works.

I have talked to countless cops on duty, retired cops, fired cops, disgruntled cops, prosecutors, attorneys, selectmen, Mafia members, criminals, drug dealers, teen delinquents, prostitutes,“town” preferred business owners, and countless victims of the system, their children, political families in the former USSR for investigating similar methods used in the USA, and countless professionals and academics.

So, if you can follow the process of the above, believe it exists, you’ll know why those in power will do everything they can to operate in secret, suck up more people to live on the taxpayer dollar, and eliminate accountability, checks and balances, and the punishing of any media or individual testing Free Speech to expose the Across the Board Citizen Abuse.

The above is to the best believe and knowledge, and I will refuse to give up anyone one of the countless hundreds of individuals that talked to me regarding the above synopsis of how the American Government/Corporate system actually works and why many in the rest of the world hate and dispise the USA, and think of Americans as Fat, Lazy, Corrupt, Immoral, Arrogant, Disgusting, Greedy Heathens.

So with the above paragraph, you authorities out there need not make up a scenario, get Connecticut State Police Officers to follow me around, threaten who I may be dating into not seeing me, police aligning with criminals to silence me, I simply won’t give up my sources, and I see that even “official” journalist don’t have Freedom of the Press and Free Speech protections. You could just label me a terrorist, and there would be no need for a hearing, scheduling a release date, or in letting the public know if I am alive or dead, or in the process of some medieval torture as other political prisoners, as those that are either labeled “Muslin Extremists” or simply a “Big Mouth Troublemaker” with no affiliations of any kind.

There is no need to throw me in with an unsupervised prison shower with inmates that are chained to a metal slab 23 and ½ hours a day with halogen spot lights trained on them all day and night, where pulling on their restraints makes them to have ripped and cut, muscled bodies to see if they’ll kill me.

There is no need to threaten me with more prison to shut me up. I won’t shut up.

If I am railroaded to prison again based on police perjury, and rigged trial, to go out and collect trash on a roadway, where police could just drive a hundred yards away from me and shoot me for trying to escape.

There is no need for police to hire hit men to run me down on a bicycle to make it look like a hit and run involving a drunk driver in a stolen car, or have a hooded teen delinquent run up behind me and start stabbing me, and if I wake up in the hospital to charge me with disturbing the peace, breach of peace, or assault for attacking another man’s knife with my back.

If you officials out there want me dead, just tell me what street corner to stand on, and I’ll make it easy for you. But, you’d prove me right, dead right.

Thank you and have a Happy Holiday,

Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas.

P.S. there are many small communities in the USA that do not operate as above. There are countless cops and officials that are honorable and by far out number the bad. But there are concentrations of abusers, just look at all the cities and downtowns that had a bustling train station from the late 1800’s. Estranged Spouses, children in crisis, drug addicted and alcoholic cops and officials, those involved in family and business feuds, vendettas, and are on their deathbeds are sources that could unravel the whole American Criminal Multi Facet, Commercial/Corporate Elite Mafia/Syndicate.

What do I mean with the above? The audio Interviews that I have posted in this post, and are listed to the right contain almost all of the audio interiews and posts I refer to with what I infer toward with the above.

The tell all video of why all Police need to have Civilian Oversight

* * * *

* * * *

Steve Murzin Interview 22 May 06 Steve talks about police setting him up to get stabbed 13 times, his arrest when he woke up in the hospital not dead, and about the felon police encouraged to stab him not getting any prison time for stabbing 3 people, attempted murder and murder is ok if done or encouraged by Connecticut Police.

Woman’s Baby ripped from her arms at Hospital Meredith Inkel talks about her kids being officially kidnapped by DCF. Police Officers in Connecticut hired hit men to run Phil down on his bicycle, make it look like a hit and run involving a drunk driver in a stolen car. I'll post documents and/or interviews to prove this. The Feds in Connecticut refused to pursue charges even with overwhelming evidence on police misconduct and crimes committed by police.

The US Constitution in Exile, Connecticut

Hopefully Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney Christopher Morano isn’t reappointed, I hope he is indicted

Chris Kennedy and I attempt to have Judge Howard Scheinblum removed

My Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut

My open letter to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Nov. 12, 2003

A link with some of the Judicial Hearing Transcripts, March 6, 2006, at the Hartford Capitol Building in the Legislative Section, Room 2C.

The Psychological Torture of Jeffrey Yeaw and his kids crying tears for him

The Rich living off the blood of the poor, A Supreme Court Precedent of Evil out of Connecticut

The Ski-Doo snowmobile theft ring that Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell knew nothing about?

Whistleblower and Public Protector or “No Bid Contract Boy” at obstruction of Justice Central, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal?

A State Begging for Federal Intervention

A letter placed on former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland’s bunk for his first day of Federal Prison for taking bribes and for corruption, telling him to eat [S- snipped] and go [F- snipped] himself- PRICELESS

Pat Snyder complained when connected Connecticut Mafiosi wannabes wanted to take her properties with the official version of the five finger discount. Pat complained, was arrested, and faced prison. Ms. Snyder wrangled, got a version of scrapes and bruises, and left for Arizona, and Connecticut authorities tried to invent crimes to have her arrested in Arizona. Arizona US Senator McCain stepped in and saved the day. More

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

The reasons for my angst, a webpage for a quick video download

Donald Christmas Interview 22 May 06 Enfield Connecticut Landlord abused by Police and Courts. Police Officers encouraged his wife to make false statement, and police went to where he worked to get him fired for his complaining about abusive, rude Enfield Police Officers. Enfield PD misconduct is legendary. Back ground to the Christmas story (click)

Smoking Gun TextMy Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

My Sept. 15, 2001 Letter to George W. Bush foreshadowing the police retaliation and false imprisonment for testing Free Speech

This post allows anonymous comments. To share this post with others, click on white envelope below. If you want to share your story either anonymously or "on the record" please email me at or if you just want to name an individual that I should do my own research on. Please forward me interesting photos and story links.


* * * *

added May 30, 2006, 9:15 PM EST:

From the Crime and Federalism blog:

Prosecutors to Defendant: Take Down Your Website and Move Out of Town
I get at least a couple of really kooky e-mails a week. Each time, it's some person writing to tell me that his case is the next Constitutional Right Case of the Twentieth Century. It never is.

In any event, today I receieved what I thought would be yet another kooky e-mail, with the sender writing: "Please get involved, the time is right and there needs to be someone brave enough to join me. Rosa Parks was a lightning rod, I feel the same way." Self-comparisons to civil rights heroes is almost dispositive evidence that the sender is a kook. But this time I'm not so sure...

The sender of the most-recent e-mail attached a proposed plea agreement that was purpodedly drafted by Hawaii prosecutor Marc E. Guyot. I took a look. The attached document was, as they say, very, very interesting.

In the plea agreement, the prosecutor agrees to dismiss all charges against the defendant if the defendant will, among other things, take down his website (which is critical of local police) and move out of town. No community service, no probation. Shut up and move out of town and prosecutors will kick the case.

Has anyone heard of such a proposed deal? It seems pretty bizarre to me, and does have the smell of some home cooking. Thoughts?

(The proposed plea agreement is here; the defendant's website is here.)

UPDATE: I'm slammed with work right now, but I do intend to blog more about the case. The defendant seems to be getting a raw deal. My tentative conclusion is that the police and prosecutors, tired of his being a gadfly, have charged him under very questionable circumstances.

His site is well worth checking out.

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So, what were the charges to begin with? The plea bargain seems to amount to: don't sue us, stop criticizing us, apologize, and get out of town, but there's not one hint of anything that's a crime.

Posted by: markm May 25, 2006 9:11:27 AM

It's a bit more - also, "waive the statute of limitations, so we can charge you if you ever come back."

According to his website, the first set of charges were impersonating a public servant and two counts of harassment, the second set were terroristic threatening in the first degree and intimidating a witness (the officer from the first incident), and the third set were DUI, open container, resisting arrest, criminal property damage, and two counts of assault in the first degree against two Kauai police officers.

Apparently for the third incident he was sleeping in his truck at the side of a road when somebody, curiously identified in the dispatcher's records as "Anonymous Pinkerton", called in to state that it looked like a truck had gone off the road.

The materials he obtained from the police department cast an interesting light on the events and charges. The plea bargain suggests that the screen grabs are authentic. The defendant asks, for example, how his name could be attached to that supposedly anonymous report of a vehicle that went off the road.

Posted by: Aaron May 25, 2006 1:24:56 PM

Aaron, you are much more sophisticated and diplomatic than I. I was literally about to answer markm's question thusly: "Basically, the charges against the guy are bullshit."

Posted by: Mike May 25, 2006 1:58:38 PM

The defendent is my son. Yes, the charges are bullshit. Please read all the info on his site. He has gone to great lengths to present his case to anyone who will listen. I am encouraged that NOW maybe someone besides the KPD will take an active interest in his case and put some pressure on "the powers that be".
Thank you for careing.
Richard N. Pinkerton

Posted by: Richard N. Pinkerton May 25, 2006 2:15:09 PM

Even if the charges were 100% true, WTF? As if he can't blog from any other town?

Posted by: mythago May 27, 2006 1:09:41 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"DCF workers are now the conduit to criminal enterprises, Mafia, Government, Judiciary, and Law enforcement. DCF workers such as in Hartford Connecticut enforce drug dealer territories, and Mafia Slumlord and Commercial Property Cartels"

In Hartford, all of thee above scratch each others backs.
They do anything and everything just to keep the "Code of Silence"
and they don't care how they tramatize you and your kids.

Monday, May 29, 2006 10:58:00 PM  

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