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Lying, Bribing, Bopping Prostitutes, Ripping off the Public, and Retaliating


Cops and Hookers, a classic combination
(a Sept. 10, 2005, post)

Politicians, Officials, Judges, Prosecutors, and Law Enforcement that can’t keep it in their pants and their hands out of our pockets, should not have the blanket ability to covertly retaliate against those who know their game, and that try to instill a little ethical instillation into those that want to do even more harm and ripping off of the public in secret.

It is so…oooooo ridiculous that citizens in a poll actually supported the wholesale snooping. What!!!???

Secret = Abuse, just ask any Nazi or KGB victims that are still alive. We don’t need our government, courts, and police to use the same tactics.

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Who's Listening In On Your Calls?
May 13, 2006 By KENNETH R. GOSSELIN, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

Wondering whether your telephone calling habits have come under the watchful eye of the U.S government?

For Connecticut land-line telephone customers, there doesn't seem to be much doubt

AT&T, which owns nearly all the landline telephone business in the state, and Verizon Communications, which serves a small part of Fairfield County, are two of the three major telephone companies that have reportedly turned over data on customer calling patterns to the government. The third is BellSouth, which does not operate in the state.

AT&T has declined to comment on a report in USA Today that it and other telephone companies handed over calling records to the government.

Verizon declined Friday to confirm or deny handing over the records. The company issued a statement saying it provides customer information to a government agency only where authorized by law.

"Verizon does not, and will not, provide any government agency unfettered access to our customers' records or provide information to the government under circumstances that would allow a fishing expedition," the statement said.

It is not yet clear whether the calling records of cellular phones and other wireless devices might be included in the disclosures.

T-Mobile, one of several cellphone providers serving Connecticut, said Friday that it was not a participant "in any NSA program for warrantless surveillance and acquisition of call records.

"Two others - Sprint Nextel and Cingular - said they do not comment on national security issues but did not deny participation. Both said they are committed to protecting their customers' privacy.

None of the three wireless providers would disclose the size of their customer base in Connecticut. A fourth - Verizon Wireless - did not return a call seeking comment.On Friday, the former chief executive of Qwest Communications confirmed that he was approached shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks by government officials but refused to turn over his company's calling records.

Joseph N. Nacchio said he was concerned that giving up the records without a warrant would constitute a violation of privacy guaranteed under federal telecommunications laws.

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The CIA's, Prostitutes and Poker Games?:

Randy “Duke” Cunningham

From the Mahablog:

Through the Foggo

The above links to: Josh Marshall, Mary McCarthy, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo and more.

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Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials, Notice

Jeff Yeaw the cause of an Amber Alert in Connecticut asked me to post this, he's just another Victim of Connecticut CorruptikCourts, DCF, and a State that defrauds Federal Taxpayer of every dollar possible. There's a picture of the kids you paid to officially abuse. click here

Exposing Collusion and Illegal Acts of the Official Connecticut Mafia

Smoking Gun Text: My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

The US Constitution in Exile, Connecticut

Hopefully Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney Christopher Morano isn’t reappointed, I hope he is indicted

Chris Kennedy and I attempt to have Judge Howard Scheinblum removed

My Open Letter to Chief Justice William J. Sullivan of Connecticut

My open letter to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Nov. 12, 2003

A link with some of the Judicial Hearing Transcripts, March 6, 2006, at the Hartford Capitol Building in the Legislative Section, Room 2C.

The Psychological Torture of Jeffrey Yeaw and his kids crying tears for him

The Rich living off the blood of the poor, A Supreme Court Precedent of Evil out of Connecticut

The Ski-Doo snowmobile theft ring that Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell knew nothing about?

Whistleblower and Public Protector or “No Bid Contract Boy” at obstruction of Justice Central, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal?

A State Begging for Federal Intervention

A letter placed on former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland’s bunk for his first day of Federal Prison for taking bribes and for corruption, telling him to eat [S- snipped] and go [F- snipped] himself- PRICELESS

Pat Snyder complained when connected Connecticut Mafiosi wannabes wanted to take her properties with the official version of the five finger discount. Pat complained, was arrested, and faced prison. Ms. Snyder wrangled, got a version of scrapes and bruises, and left for Arizona, and Connecticut authorities tried to invent crimes to have her arrested in Arizona. Arizona US Senator McCain stepped in and saved the day. More

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

The reasons for my angst, a webpage for a quick video download

Woman’s Baby ripped from her arms at Hospital

My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford ConnecticutIf the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court is notified of Judges and others breaking the law, is he obstructing justice, conspiracy, and guilty of other crimes for not acting on the tips and not passing it on to the proper authorities for investigation? Smoking Gun Text

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