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My interview with Chris Kennedy, Part 1

When citizens are retaliated upon by corrupt judges in a corrupt court system, you the Federal Taxpayer, pay and pay and pay and citizens such as Chris Kennedy suffer. That is just outright abuse.

Children cry and it is official abuse when they are wrongly separated from their parents.

Audio Interview Part1:

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Audio Interview Part 2

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added May 17, 2006, at 3:41 AM EST:

Why move to Corruptikut?

Why trust them with your family, children, your marriage, your money, small business, or anything for that matter? I moved there and the selectman of the town told me to sell the rental properties at a loss, "Or else" then the Connecticut Police started harassing me and following me around. I really turned up the heat when I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police as a Representative?s aid said I had gone to far redressing grievances to elected officials and my use of Free Speech exposing corruption and tyranny.

The ripping off of those without political power became so rampant and accepted that Eminent Domain became policy in Connecticut and is now policy in All of America. The rest of America has even more reason to have disgust with Connecticut.

Officials don?t police themselves and go after whistleblowers. If you like your job, home, family, a quality of life, and the pursuit of happiness don?t stay in Connecticut and don?t move there. They may just rip you off, arrest you, and railroad you if you dare complain.

-Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

Power, Intimidation, and the Threat of Death or Serious Injury

An email into the Connecticut State Police telling them why they suck

A letter I wrote to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland for his first day of Federal Prison
Warning: contains adult language and content

One Connecticut Judge actually gets punished for lying, obstructing justice, and taking bribes

Connecticut's cop run 'Nigger-free' radio

My favorite links and contact information

Added May 17, 2006, 3:06 AM EST:

Cop Currency

Underage girls, prostitutes, mistresses, strippers, civilians’ wives, cop groupies, and cops wives all play a role in cop currency.

White male officers have their own private club. The club extends into the judiciary, the legislature, to attorneys, a State’s executive branch, child protective services, department of retardation, prison guards, and other officials and branches.

“Popping cherries” is something many downtown cops pride themselves on.

There isn’t the stigma for most CT cops, there is often bragging and pride for such a feat, even if the officer has a wife and a daughter the same age at home.

Cops that have these sexual exploits to hide, will not act against other officers committing crimes, helping frame whistleblowers, possibly covering for crimes even murders, as not to risk being exposed to family and the public. Drug use and sex often happens in cruisers. Cops sometimes pay for sex using confiscated drugs and even cash. Police informants, male and female can be allowed to keep half their drugs and cash when “working” for cops.

Would you like to know a cruiser bought with your tax dollars could test positive for semen, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, tobacco, and if there is a test for residual alcohol use going on inside of cruisers, it may also test positive for that.

Officers may only be getting second hand smoke of drugs. Some may even help a junkie shoot up if a blowjob is involved. Underage drinking might even be encouraged inside of a cruiser. If non-corrupt Feds outside of Connecticut, wanted to sting cops it could involve underage girls as bait, and hookers wired for officers expecting sex, pay-offs, and a cut of the drugs.

Hits are arranged using prostitutes and other wayward women. These women can be used to set up an official or civilian or put him in harms way for a beating or a hit. Again, a prostitute could go to an officer that is worried about being exposed, may incriminate himself of tape, and may even offer money or drugs to set up or kill the civilian with the Big Mouth.

Cop murder/suicides can mean that the cop just can't or won't expose friends, where he got a large amount of money, cop hits/murders of civilians, and his knowlege about the State's Mafia tactics and scams to defraud State and Federal Taxpayers.

Allegedly Masonic Temples, American Legions, Rectories, benches in churches after hours, Donut shops, the backroom of a liquor store, a bagel/pastry shop, an Irish, Jewish, or Italian Mafia bar, attorney’s office after hours, vacant commercial space, etc, are used for cop liaisons, torturing of suspects, and the watching of “get wet” girls that a group of men watches have sex with each other.

Married cops on third shift would meet their prostitutes that owed them payoffs in the dairy cooler of 24 hour convenience stores, drop their pants, the prostitute would reveal her breasts and start a knob a bobbing. They don’t even necessarily even talk to each other, just do the deed, and go on their merry way.

Underage girls have to worry about being held naked at DCF for days on suicide watch if they threaten to expose the officer or official that raped or had consensual sex with them. Runaway girls can be provided for sex for guards and others. DCF can be used against the groupie or mistress, threatening of having her children taken away, to continue to “service” the officer or official and to keep her mouth shut (or open for sex).

A former Mayor of Waterbury thought nothing of calling his regular prostitute to supply him with 9 and 11 year old girls for sex. A former Governor allegedly used to beat his wife when she found out he was out “catting around” and police covered up the domestic assaults to later be owed favors.

Cops can get lavish apartments or houses for a $1 a month rent. Vast amounts of cash and confiscated drugs allows vast amounts of cash fuel a lifestyle of the rich and famous, and it rarely gets noticed or investigated if an officer or official live way beyond their means. Too many are doing it, and too many have something to hide.

Prosecutors, Judges, US Attorneys, US States Attorneys, defense attorneys, FBI, Feds, town hall officials, and others can be caught up in this currency, and if they are gay or lesbian, exposing them might also be currency. Private parties and gatherings go on all the time and don’t always involve sex.

A cop’s bar can exclude minorities and white officers can bring and interact with their mistresses. Illegal gambling machines and other confiscated items can end up in a cop’s bar. Win on a machine and you can even get a payoff from the cop bar bartender in front the gambling task force officers getting a buzz on in their bar.

The old way to get rid of a pain in the ass, “Big Mouth”, “snitch that drops dimes on cops”, that made a police misconduct allegation, or proposes a cut in a cop budget and manpower or that proposes laws to elected officials was to hang the man or woman on chains in a slaughter house or deli. Pain can go on for many days and unimaginable torture can go on, nothing that causes severe pain and distress is held back. Then the individual was either canned as pet food or ended up being a ground up meat product such as sausage to be sold in a bad section of town or ethnic neighborhood grocer’s shop.

Telling the average person this, and they won’t believe this is going on. It is, and if all the persons that were engaged in the above mentioned crimes, or at least know it’s going on, at least 75% of Judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, DCF workers, police officers, Feds, FBI, US Attorneys, and others would have to resign in Connecticut. Other states might have a much lower percentage.

So if a Civilian Oversight committee had control of taping and audio devices, that couldn’t be tampered with or erased by cops, in cruisers, holding cells, prisons, booking rooms, court rooms, including the Judge’s and Prosecutor’s chambers, records rooms, evidence holding lock-ups, toxicology labs, hospital rooms where an officer bring in a torture victim for more torture and threatening, town halls, fire houses, EMT garages, etc. crime and child exploitation would go down about 75 percent immediately and taxes could go down, more families, small business, rental property owners, and others can keep themselves, their families, their homes, their lives, and their possessions, intact.

All the above text is either my opinion or to my best belief and knowledge.

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas




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