Monday, May 15, 2006

Riding a Bike in the South outside the IRON CURTAIN- Connecticut


Riding a Bike in the South outside the IRON CURTAIN- Connecticut

... something I wouldn't do in Connecticut.

Police were and probably still are out to further retaliate for my having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police and for the crap I wrote in newspapers about their tactics, police misconduct, and about the corruption of the courts and other officials in Connecticut.

I'm not paranoid, but all those that I know of that got mouthy about police misconduct, that proposed Civilian Oversight, and that lodged complaints against a judge, prosecutor, or police for misconduct, suffered a similar fate.

The above are photos about the Quality of Life, I did not find in Connecticut.

There is quality of life for those that are corrupt and powerfully rich, INSIDE CONNECTICUT.

I am not afraid to walk and hang out where I might become alligator food OUTSIDE CONNECTICUT, but I am afraid to be INSIDE the borders of Connecticut, especially out walking or riding a bike.

Phil Inkel, a Connecticut citizen that likes to ride a bike, had cops agree to pay hit men to run Phil down on his bike to shut him up on his police Misconduct Complaint. Steve Murzin (audio here) was nearly killed by a police informant hired to kill him, being stabbed 13 times, for seeing Phil Inkel being beaten by police, as Steve, made a complaint against police for misconduct, relating to the beating of Inkel ...

Do you see a pattern?

Trigger Happy Cops

(click here) for a story on "Connecticut Red Squad" that is out to contain and rid the State of "White Trash", Minorities, and others that the Commercial Elite want to rid Connecticut of.

I think the new "Corporate Elite" are the old Commercial Elite

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