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The Steven G. Erickson Mugshot

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The above is the Steven G. Erickson Mugshot (taken Oct. 2001), former Political Prisoner, People's Republik of Corruptikut Inmate # 305662

I pepper sprayed an attempted mugger, a felon who attacked me from behind in my dark driveway admitting on the record to demanding money from me, telling me he'd kill me if I did not. Brian Caldwell was given immunity to prosecute me for defending myself with pepper spray. Self-defense is not legal in Connecticut. I was sentenced to a year in prison, 3 years probation based on Connecticut State Troopers, Amaral and Langlois, perjury.
Steve Murzin, a former Marine, came home to see Phil Inkel being assaulted by Colchester Connecticut Police Officers. Reporting police misconduct caused he and his brother to be arrested and beaten at the police station. His father a Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective was forced out of his job and faced felony charges for having gone home for lunch during his authorized lunch period, a common cop thing to do.
Phil Inkel had been assaulted by police because he had seen another police beating of a suspect and was being beaten by police for making a police misconduct complaint. There is video, audio, and documents that prove that police officers arranged a hit on Inkel, for having made complaints against police officers.
* * * *
Audio Interviews, May 22, 2006

Donald Christmas Interview 22 May 06 Enfield Connecticut Landlord abused by Police and Courts. Police Officers encouraged his wife to make false statement, and police went to where he worked to get him fired for his complaining about abusive, rude Enfield Police Officers. Enfield PD misconduct is legendary. Background for the Christmas story (click)

Steve Murzin Interview 22 May 06 Steve talks about police setting him up to get stabbed 13 times, his arrest when he woke up in the hospital not dead, and about the felon police encouraged to stab him not getting any prison time for stabbing 3 people, attempted murder and murder is ok if done or encouraged by Connecticut Police.

Some unbelievable actions of officials, made believable in these audios:
WALRRADIO interview with Phil Inkel and Steve Murzin from Friday: download here approx 2.8 Megs
My May 11, interview with Steve Murzin here

A letter placed on former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland’s bunk for his first day of Federal Prison for taking bribes and for corruption, telling him to eat [S- snipped] and go [F- snipped] himself- PRICELESS

Pat Snyder complained when connected Connecticut Mafiosi wannabes wanted to take her properties with the official version of the five finger discount. Pat complained, was arrested, and faced prison. Ms. Snyder wrangled, got a version of scrapes and bruises, and left for Arizona, and Connecticut authorities tried to invent crimes to have her arrested in Arizona. Arizona US Senator McCain stepped in and saved the day. More

Liberty Taken, Free Speech Tested

The reasons for my angst, a webpage for a quick video download

Woman’s Baby ripped from her arms at Hospital Meredith Inkel talks about her kids being officially kidnapped by DCF.

Smoking Gun Text My Testimony March 21, 2006, in front of the Judiciary Committee, Hartford Connecticut

My yet to be responded to letter to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Nov. 13, 2003

My Sept. 15, 2001 Letter to George W. Bush foreshadowing the police retaliation and false imprisonment for testing Free Speech

* * * * * * * *
It is 4:50 AM Central time, May 23, 2006. I just found the comment below on a Connecticut Official forum on MySpace. Big Al ,age 37, left this comment, below this text, regarding the interviews posted above:
Very interesting stuff Steve. There is nothing new in what you have posted. You are telling stories of what goes on in Korrupticut. Welcome to the real world dude.

Let me say a few things here… I have seen quite a bit of training literature and it is all a lie. I remember reading some training materials on interviews and probable cause. The material was not actually teaching officers anything, but how to lie and manipulate. It claimed it was to help in understanding how to determine probable cause, but that wasn’t what I saw inside of this so called helpful information. It seemed to concentrate more on how to create or conceal probable cause, instead of teaching the officer the true meaning. Manipulating the victim’s statements and pressuring them to give information.

I have also seen training material for major crime scenes and how not to corrupt the evidence.
That wasn’t was it really meant. It really taught them how to fabricate or tamper with evidence and get away wth it. These new tools are nothing like the conventional training that used to be out there. I looked twice to see if it had been written in Britain instead.... j/k. I know it was really written in the USA, but it definately scared me. It even went into details as to convincing suspects to give I.D. and to consent to searches. It had seemed to represent the attitude that everyone is guilty of something, but some more than others. Sick things… What have we become?

Do not be shocked Steve by what you see and hear. This has been going on for many years, but is only getting worse, especially with what these cops are traimed to do and think.
* * * *
Cop Currency
Underage girls, prostitutes, mistresses, strippers, civilians’ wives, cop groupies, and cops wives all play a role in cop currency.

White male officers have their own private club. The club extends into the judiciary, the legislature, to attorneys, a State’s executive branch, child protective services, department of retardation, prison guards, and other officials and branches.

“Popping cherries” is something many downtown cops pride themselves on.
* * * *
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only ones that can do something about the corruption in Connecticut is Washington. So where are they? Oh yeah too busy cleaning up their own mess!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 9:04:00 AM  

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