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The tactics of the out of hand Connecticut State Police

The below story eludes to police misconduct. Were any officers actually punished or fired? There are countless citizens and minority and other police officers victimized by the coalition of White Officers to obstruct justice and harass other officers and citizens that dare question questionable police practices.

Connecticut State Police Misconduct is rampant. The New York State Police Internal Affairs unit looking into Connecticut’s is biased crap. It is just more police covering up for police crimes, thefts, and obstruction of justice. Cops that are disgusted with the system are afraid for themselves and their families if they actually try to act for the public good and morality. Possibly the worst lying, abusive, sociopaths are within the ranks of the Connecticut State Police.

I have not seen a more arrogant and rude police force anywhere in the world. There are good Connecticut Police Officers, maybe there are more good officers than bad ones, but the good ones are afraid, and awfully silent.

I contacted the New York State Police about their investigation of Connecticut State Police. I was told they weren’t investigating citizen complaints, just Officer’s complaints. Well, if Officers can’t even get a fair shake when they expose police misconduct of other police, citizens don’t stand a chance.

Informing on police crimes means a citizen will be harassed, threatened, falsely arrested and may end up in prison. I got mouthy about police misconduct in newspapers and to elected officials. The result is I was harassed and threatened by police, falsely arrested, and falsely imprisoned losing my small business and $500,000 in Connecticut real estate.

There are two many bastards in law enforcement and the courts in Connecticut that are absolute sleazebag bent on ruining anyone that gets in the way of their profiteering and ruling the state, legislating over the elected officials.

I was threatened by Connecticut State Police Internal Affairs. I then complained to the Governor's office and Carol Amino, a staffer, seemed to threaten me with more arrests and prison, if I persisted in complaining and didn't leave the State of Connecticut. What!!!???

Where is our real representation?

-Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas

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State Upgrades State Police Job Boyle Intends To Make Change In Troubled Internal Affairs Unit
May 16, 2006 By TRACY GORDON FOX, Hartford Courant Staff Writer

The state legislature passed a bill this past session that will provide a third lieutenant colonel for the state police, a precursor to a report expected to be released soon by the New York State Police on the department's troubled internal affairs unit.

The new lieutenant colonel would head the unit. "It is my intention to make that change, although I strongly believe that will be a recommendation of the New York report," Public Safety Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle said Monday.

The New York agency has conducted hundreds of interviews and reviewed more than 40 cases as part of the broad inquiry into allegations of questionable tactics by members of the internal affairs unit. Boyle asked New York to step in after receiving complaints about the unit.

The probe involves allegations of tampering with investigations and claims that some troopers were punished while others were excused for the same offenses, sources close to the inquiry have said. In some cases, troopers have alleged that top managers in the department were directing or influencing the outcome of internal affairs inquiries.

The report is expected to be released to Connecticut authorities late this month or in early June. Connecticut State Police Union President David LeBlanc said it was premature to be making promotions before the report comes out, but said "if that is going to alleviate or prevent some of the problems, that would be a good thing."

"I personally feel the whole unit needs a total revamping," LeBlanc said.

"I would hope they don't make this the first and only change."

The staffing changes had to be made before the legislative session ended, but will not go into effect until after the report comes out, Boyle said.

Rep. Stephen Dargan, D-West Haven, co-chair of the public safety committee, said Boyle made the request for the change "because he thought it would be better for personnel." Dargan said Boyle did not get into specifics, but said the cost would be minimal.

In Connecticut, a lieutenant has led the internal affairs unit. The New York State Police have a colonel in charge of its corresponding unit. In the Connecticut state police, a lieutenant colonel is the second-highest sworn rank within the department, just below colonel. Troopers in both ranks answer to the commissioner, who is a civilian.

"I think it raises the profile of internal affairs, it emphasizes to all the members of the department the importance of the work that is done there to maintain our standards," Boyle said of the creation of the new lieutenant colonel's position.

"And it helps to ensure that no one will try to influence internal affairs."

As part of the legislation, lawmakers also reduced the number of majors from eight to seven, Boyle said. He said he had never filled the eighth major's position, and did not feel it was necessary.

LeBlanc said how the department responds to fixing problems in internal affairs is important for union members as well as the public trust."I expect there will be some significant changes in internal affairs and how they conduct investigations," he said.

"It has to be the right person in that position."

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Dear Connecticut State Police Commissioner, Leonard C. Boyle:
my open letter to Boyle

Erickson letter to Connecticut Attorney General
Nov. 12, 2003

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Can cops rape, rob, beat, and murder with immunity?
(pictures of young adults brutalized by Hartford Police, a 1978 L-82 Corvette, and the White Victorian I lost to police and judicial corruption)

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added May 24, 2006, 2:30 PM EST:



COINTELPRO is an acronym for a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents. Although covert operations have been employed throughout FBI history, the formal COINTELPRO's of 1956-1971 were broadly targeted against radical political organizations. In the early 1950s, the Communist Party was illegal in the United States.

The Senate and House of Representatives each set up investigating committees to prosecute communists and publicly expose them. (The House Committee on Un-American Activities and the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, led by Senator Joseph McCarthy).

When a series of Supreme Court rulings in 1956 and 1957 challenged these committees and questioned the constitutionality of Smith Act prosecutions and Subversive Activities Control Board hearings, the FBI's response was COINTELPRO, a program designed to "neutralize" those who could no longer be prosecuted. (translation: killing off minorities and other undesirables)

Over the years, similar programs were created to neutralize civil rights, anti-war, and many other groups, many of which were said to be "communist front organizations." As J. Edgar Hoover, longtime Director of the FBI, put it

The forces which are most anxious to weaken our internal security are not always
easy to identify. Communists have been trained in deceit and secretly work
toward the day when they hope to replace our American way of life with a
Communist dictatorship. They utilize cleverly camouflaged movements, such as
peace groups and civil rights groups to achieve their sinister purposes. While
they as individuals are difficult to identify, the Communist party line is
clear. Its first concern is the advancement of Soviet Russia and the godless
Communist cause. It is important to learn to know the enemies of the American
way of life.

The FBI conducted more than 2000 COINTELPRO operations before the the programs were officially discontinued in April of 1971, after public exposure, in order to "afford additional security to [their] sensitive techniques and operations."

from the Church Committee reports*

Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, Book II

I. Introduction and Summary

II. The Growth of Domestic Intelligence: 1936 to 1976

III. Findings

(A) Violating and Ignoring the Law

(B) Overbreadth of Domestic Intelligence Activity

(C) Excessive Use of Intrusive Techniques

(D) Using Covert Action to Disrupt and Discredit Domestic Groups

(E) Political Abuse of Intelligence Information

(F) Inadequate Controls on Dissemination and Retention

(G) Deficiencies in Control and Accountability

IV. Conclusions and Recommendations

Supplementary Detailed Staff Reports, Book III
COINTELPRO: The FBI's Covert Action Programs Against American Citizens

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Case StudyThe FBI's Covert Action Program to Destroy the Black Panther Party

The Use of Informants in FBI Intelligence Investigations

Warrantless FBI Electronic Surveillance

Warrantless Surreptitious Entries: FBI "Black Bag" Break-ins And Microphone Installations

The Development of FBI Domestic Intelligence Investigations

Domestic CIA and FBI Mail Opening

CIA Intelligence Collection About Americans: CHAOS Program And The Office of Security

National Security Agency Surveillance Affecting Americans

Improper Surveillance of Private Citizens By The Military

The Internal Revenue Service: An Intelligence Resource and CollectorNational Security, Civil Liberties, And The Collection of Intelligence: A Report On The Huston Plan
* Books II and III of the Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities of the United States Senate, 94th Congress, 2nd Session, 1976

Communist Party, USA - Smith Act prosecutions, Security Index, "disillusioned comrades," development of anonymous mailing technique, use of Socialist Workers Party against, use of La Cosa Nostra against, IRS investigations of members, Teamsters, Howard Fast, William Z. Foster.

Socialist Workers Party creating disputes with Communist Party, followers of Malcolm X, anonymous letters to newspaper editors, NAACP, UAW-CIO, peace groups, employers, open letter to Trotskyites, Armageddon News, Notes from the Sand Castle, Fly United, CAMD, YSA, Morris Starsky, campaigns to discredit political candidates: John Clarence Franklin, Sam Jordan, Clifton DeBerry, George Weissman, Berta Green, Barbara Taplin, Howard Wallace, Fred Halstead, Ralph Levitt, Paul Boutelle, Nelson Rockefeller's anti- Judy White bill.

New Left Students for a Democratic Society, MOBE, NMC, LNS, REP, National Lawyers Guild, Columbia University, Princeton University, anonymous letters to students' parents, university officials, members of state legislatures, press, use of drug charges against, BPP informants create rift, split with YSA and SWP, FBI use of astrology and mysticism, Kaleidoscope, Key Activists, Tom Hayden, David Dellinger, Jane Fonda, John Lennon, Jean Seberg, David Herreshoff, David Simpson.

COMINFIL -- SCLC blackmailing Martin Luther King with tape.

Black Nationalist Hate Groups "prevent the rise of a black messiah," use of Jewish Defense League against, use of La Cosa Nostra against, cartoons, "Blackboard", Rabbi Kahane, William O'Neal, and numerous victims including: Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Revolutionary Action Movement, the Deacons for Defense and Justice, Congress of Racial Equality, SNCC, Nation of Islam, Poor People's Campaign, Republic of New Africa, US organization, Black Liberators, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, H. "Rap" Brown, Elijah Muhammad, Maxwell Stanford, Dick Gregory, Huey Newton, David Hilliard, Ron Karenga, Charles Koen, Sylvester Bell, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Geronimo Pratt, John William Washington, Richard Henry, Muhammed Kenyatta, Jeff Fort.

White Hate Groups Ku Klux Klan, National States Rights Party, National Committee for Domestic Tranquility (cover org), "The Black Klan," anonymous postcards to Klansmen.

Groups Seeking Independence for Puerto Rico Juan Mari Bras, MPIPR, FUPI, FEPI, APU, mass media program, anonymous mailings of cartoons.

Border Coverage Program Communist Party of Mexico (PCM) Cuban Matters (none) Violence-Prone Yugoslav Emigres (none)

Counterintelligence and Special Operations establishment of local intelligence cover organizations, falsification of photos and documents, CIA Chaos program, Revolutionary Union. Espionage (none) Misc CACTUS cryptonym, use of Vietnamese informant, use of COINTELPRO caption discontinued, COINTELPRO Composite.


bibliography with links to online resources


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